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Session 8.0 - The Berkshire Games

Started by Dray, April 01, 2006, 05:09:45 PM

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I think that I forwarded it to Dray a couple of years ago. Watch your e-mail, actually :)
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All's the e-mail (which you should have by now).

last! The long-awaited, much-anticipated MSI Session 8.

Please read it, and let me know what changes to make. Needless to say, we're not ready to post, but when the time comes, we need to be ready.


Date Unknown.

This session is takes place immediately after session 7.5, as detailed in the ICDs.

Mel, Elberrin, and Aramil awaken in the Hall of Bones (as it has been dubbed).


We have new weapons (E&A Do, Mel's is his old dwarved dagger, which has been "upgraded").
In addition to their original gear, all three have a new backpack, 4 torches, and 7 days dry rations.
All three have been laid out almost ceremoniously, and have dwarven bones propped against their bodies all around the perimeter of their bodies.
The other bones in the Hall have been piled into two large piles (Northwest corner, and near the center of the room).
There is a large patch of dried blood on the floor of the room. Elberrin spots Mel's footprints in the blood(it appears that the companions had a great battle therein at one time.
Seems as though Garbhan, T'Riad, and Erin must be dead, as this blood must be a mix of theirs and their enemy's).
And, all three have been awarded 1,100 experience points! Level up (to third level).

The room is dark, lighted only by "Hollywood" lighting. Elberrin is somewhat concerned about this, and wishes that he might have some light. Much to our collective surprise, a ball of light appears in the elf's hand!


Talk. We had some strange dreams. Mel describes in sketchy detail his dream, the egg. Elberrin remarks that in his dream he was an assassin. Aramil says that in his dream he was in a war for outpost bay (although it was a city in his dream). Aramil is quiet and forlorn. Even Mel does not want to push it...

However, Elberrin suggests that what they saw were not actual dreams, perse, but a message. Perhaps we are here so that we can prevent the war that Aramil saw? We should get back to outpost bay ASAP and report!

There are four doors in this room. North (through which they came originally), Two on the east wall, and one on the west wall in the south corner.  We can't stay here, so the companions investigate the south west door. While listening, four drow enter from the northern door on the eastern wall. We find this out because they are firing hand crossbows at us. All miss, and the group decides to forgo a slow investigation with running through the door. As they pass through and close the door behind them, they note that the four drow are splitting up: two are coming towards the door while two others are heading towards the northwest corner of the room (either towards that corner, or towards the door in the north wall - it's unclear which.

They find themselves in a corridor heading west. Stop and listen at the door, but hear nothing. Surmise: the drow are likely waiting on the other side of the door; we can't leave them there, so charge through the door ("charge", more like open ponderously, since Mel can't really push the door very fast) - we catch the two drow by surprise and dispatch them surprisingly easy.

Back through the door, the other two drow have somehow circled around us! Another fight ensues, which the companions win surprisingly easily. That said, Mel and Elberrin are both poisoned and fall unconscious.


Elberrin and Mel awaken to find that Aramil has looked over them for an estimated 5 hours. He dragged the two sleeping friends back into the bone room and waited.

LOOT - (4) Masterwork rapiers, 128 IOB copper, 8 doses of sleep poison (2 doses per belt pouch) Break the hand crossbows.

Mel is disappointed to see that his shirt has been "broken". Running his hand along the hole, it mends itself!!!

More weirdness.

Explore the keep.

Many of the doors in this place have barred ventilation vias on top of them. In oder to see through these openings, the companions decide to cast light upon one of the little hand crossbow bolts, tie a length of string to the bolt, and then toss the bolt through the bars while one of the elves looks through.

Exploring on of the passages, they come upon a big, mithral door. Mel tries to pick the lock on this door, but fails. Elberrin tells them that the door is magic; he apparently wanted to know, and *boom* he can see a nimbus glowing upon the door (or was it the lock). Mel sniffs and licks the lock, and confirms that it is magical. They cannot get in, so they move on...

Couple of locked rooms, couple of high-class privies, a training room with more privies, and a couple of storage chambers, one of which houses a huge lizard creature.

Lizard creature?!? Zoinks!! The humanoid beast attacks and a fight ensues.

The companions make short work of the creature, killing it while sustaining very little damage. The beast is carrying a bag that contains a small water skin and an uncounted number of IOB Gold. The water skin contains an odd pink (or orange - I can't recall) bubbling liquid.

There is one unfinished path that leads from this part of the keep up to the bedrooms where we had originally entered the keep.

Having been throughout the keep beyond the west of the bone room, and having found no egress, the companions must then go east. From the Hall of Bones, the go through the more southerly door on the east wall (the Drow had come through the more northerly door). The corridor behind this door leads into was apparently was at one time a small mess hall; the corridor continues on the far side of the hall.

Following the twisting passages, the small group comes upon what is apparently a room used to store smithy equipment (anvils, tongs...). Further along the passage they come upon a closed portcullis. Beyond the portcullis appears to be a mine of some sort (or a passageway to the mines). In the ceiling of this room are three blocked openings - presumably access to the apparatus that controls the portcullis.

After some minor conversation, the two elves carry the anvils from the storage room into this one, and, stacking them, gain access to the chamber above. The mechanism for operating the portcullis is indeed in this room, and there is a bright, shiny pad lock on it.

Mel tries to pick the lock (take a 20 and fail - Blast!). Wait a minnit...this lock tastes magical! Damn it!


The part is tired, and this seems to be as safe a place to rest for the "evening". Rest. In the "morning", Aramil can "learn" "Dispel Magic" and we can try to get into the mithral room (this is Mel's greatest desire...a mithral door must hold some real valuables. Right?

Upon awakening, after Aramil satisfies Corellon, the group goes back down into the corridors. Track around to the mithral door and cast "Dispel Magic". Twice. Damn it!!

From here, they decide to go through the door that the drow came in by. Listen: no sounds from the other side of the door.

On the other side of the door is a corridor. On the other side of the corridor is a derelict dwarven kitchen. In the derelict dwarven kitchen are deteriorated tables, dusty ovens, and four more drow (three guys and an obviously pregnant female). Surprise! At least, *Mel* is surprised. One set of free actions, a surprise round, and a failed fortitude save later, melee ensues (Mel is asleep because of the poison again).

Battle is short and fierce. Opening volley, Elberrin shoots the female in the stomach (bravo!). In the end, the remaining male flees, trying to help the female along with him. Elberrin shoots the evil bastard in the back with...nothing?!? (Elberrin cast his very first Magic Missile). The male drow falls, dead, and Elberrin closes upon the female, ready to kill her as well.

Amy and Elb argue: "Kill the bitch!" "She's pregnant." "With an evil bastard." "Babies are innocent." "Until they taste blood." "I'm going to heal her." "Bah! Elvin fag!"

Aramil and Elbrrin now have a hostage. Or a captive, at any rate. Or two...

The two elves take up Mel and the captive and head back to the fancy privy while Mel sleeps off his lassitude. They deem this as a better place to hide for the interim.

A&E bicker while Mel sleeps. They begin to try to communicate with their hostage; she does not speak any of their languages, but that's ok, because Aramil can cast "Comprehend Languages". Now, they just need to get her to talk.

What ensues is a raucous game of charades. Elberrin poses questions by mime, and she, upon learning that Aramil can understand her, speaks tightly to Aramil.

Eventually, Mel awakens and joins the mime game. Here's what was learned:

The drow are investigating a concussive blast that they heard from their village to the east
That blast was heard about thirty days ago!
        Zoinks! That means that E, A, and M have been "asleep" for thrityish days!
There are no other ways to the surface, except through her village
Lolth has long since abandoned the drow people (here).
There are four scouting parties of drow in the complex.
There are only ~45 drow left. Period. (Oops - that's more like 39 now...)
This one's name is "Clinadia".

In addition to this, we are able to communicate to the "prisoner" that we regrettably killed four additional drow, but they attacked us and we were defending ourselves. She tells us that had we been captured, we would likely have been brought back to her village for questioning. She says that E&A are "of the others" (meaning the other elves, the lawn-mower type); she has never encountered anyone like Mel (but who has?).

In short, the companions determine that this is no evil blood-drinker. They have made a friend, and determine that they should take a chance, letting her lead them back to her village so that they can get back to the outpost. They give her weapons back to her (she is surprised). Elberrin now feels very much like a putz for shooting Clinadia in the tummy.


Lead Clinadia back through the kitchen and let her take the lead. She guides the companions through the complex, continually heading easeterly.  Eventually, we come upon a portcullis room. The room has three hatches in the ceiling, much like the earlier one. Also, much like the earlier one, this one has a *very* nice lock on the portcullis mechanism.

Aramil casts Dispel Magic, successfully, and Mel picks the lock...successfully. Small celebration.

Beyond the portculllis is a corridor that heads dead east (I forget whether it was a finished corridor or not). Clinadia leads us east (not one to go against the grain, apparently...)

The companions travel east for some time (what was it, hours?) when they hear a loud, ubiquitous "NO!" and erupting from the floor of the corridor ahead of them is an odd, stem-eyed creature that blocks the path.

The group steps back a bit. The creature does nothing. One of the eyes on it's several stalks fixes on the group. Hail. Nothing. Wave. No reaction. Aramil notes that the ground beneath the creature is whole – as though the creature moved through the stone, and not..."through" the stone.

Mel steps forward and starts talking to the creature. He sits down within ten feet of it. The creature does not respond.

Mel stands and talks to the creature. The Halfling paces, coming a little closer to the creature as he talks. He is within two feet when the creature reaches out with one of its tentacles and roughly pushes the Halfling back (minimal damage).

Discuss: it seems that this beast is not going to let us pass easily. Not sure whether we can "take" him. However, it didn't really hurt Mel, so it's not, strictly speaking, an adversary. Perhaps it is protecting us from whatever is beyond it? Perhaps it is a servant of Moradin? It might have been Moradin who said "No".

The collective decision is to try to find another way out. None of us wants to fight this thing. Back through the portcullis.

Wandering the keep again, the companions come upon a tavern! It's full only of decayed furniture and three more drow. Clinadia steps forward and makes friends. More exploration.

Come upon a door that the drow say they never go through. They believe it is a sacred place to the dwarves. Mel agrees and opens the door. This room is in fact a dust chapel. It is still being served by three skeleton dwarf priests.

More weirdity...leave this place and vow never to return.

In the south corridors, they come upon three more drow. Again Clinadia steps up and we are now a company of 10! 2 PCs...

It is late. We need to rest again. There are only a few rooms that we have not gotten into. The map room, the office, and the vault. Suggest that we go upstairs to the bedroom areas, where we can be more comfortable. Agreed.

Minor beachstock (more like keepstock). We forge bonds with the drow this night, Elberrin playing his harp, Mel on his recorder and miming a story or two.

Next day, Aramil is full up on Dispel Magic. First stop: map room! Success! This room is full of rolled up parchments that look as though they will fall apart at the lightest touch. There is another map spread out on the table. It too appears extremely fragile. Don't touch anything!

Office: there's nothing of interest here, but on the way into the rear room (presumably the personal chambers of whomever lived here) the statue of Moradin comes alive and attacks. A few quick attacks reveal that fighting this stone golem is not a good idea. Mel dives into the bedchamber (quick look: nothing of value). The statue follows him in. He nimbly evades the monster and leaves the room, whereupon the others close the door. Fast and permanent.

The only thing left is the vault. Aramil is out of DM spells, so it'll have to wait for tomorrow.

Q: How did that lizard thing get down here? Don't know. Aramil has a spell that will allow us to talk to it (or, he could have one tomorrow(. Let's ask. Tomorrow.

Kill the day. Sleep upstairs again.

Vault: Dispel Magic: Success! Pick Lock: Success! Open door: boom, boom, boom, boom...a large, all-mithral golem charges the now-open door. Close the door: Success! Lock the door: Success! WTF?!?!

Well, let's go talk to the dead lizard.

The dead lizard reveals that it came into this complex by falling down crevice around the mines.

Ohhhh...the mines...

Well, we've got one DM left. Let's go there!

In sort order the group finds themselves in the mines, and can see sunlight through a crevice above. Climb out! We are free of the complex! Hugs and kisses. Mel gives Clinadia his broad-rimmed hat; he uses this for protection from rain, but she can use it for protection from the sun. Part ways with the Drow, agreeing to meet here two nights hence. Perhaps an accord can be struck with the drow and the outpost immigrants.

On the way back to the outpost, Aramil, Elberrin, and Mel decide to go by way of the dwarven sanctuary. They look in on their shaft and find that the debris does not fill the shaft all the way to the top. Also, their rope bridge is in good working order. Use it. We can save a lot or time returning to the outpost via the sanctuary instead of going all the way around the ravine.

There has been a mighty battle in the sanctuary. There is much blood and some obvious hobgoblin tracks therein. Rush to crossfire alley.

Wait! Let's take a bath before our triumphant return.

Brilliant! Back down stairs to the sauna. Aramil produces some soap. Mel sits in the bath and triggers the drain. The water drains from the tank after about thirty minutes.

Damn it! Look for other triggers; there must be a way to re-fill it! Find three triggers near the center of the tub. Actuating them all simultaneously doesn't fill the tub, however. Instead, the center piece of the tub lowers down and moves aside, revealing another chamber! There's a door in the wall! Listen: hear nothing except for the sound of the tub piece moving back into place. Ride the piece back up.

Trigger again, the tub piece lowers. Open the door. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom...another golem! Close the door and get me up!!


That's it...I'm sworn off baths from now on!

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