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Session 34- Two Books and an Axe to Grind

Started by Wildfire, February 02, 2014, 10:55:26 AM

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Session 34 "Two Books and an Axe to Grind"

Faznar: Chassic
Mirri: Phineas
Zurn: Wildfire

In an effort to help make camp, Belwar went in search of firewood. The rest of the party (Faznar, Mirri, and Zurn) caught curiosity fever!

The party decided to help Belwar find some firewood and simultaneously get a peek at what exactly was housed up in the woods that the gargan feared. We approached the copse of trees and Faznar with his means of invisibility scouted ahead. Mirri and Zurn stayed back to watch the for Faznar to report back. The forest was carpeted in bones and all manner of carcasses. Ever hungry, the monster could smell fresh meat which, unfortunately for Faznar, invisibility doesn't hide. The chase was on!

Faznar weaved through the trees trying to shake the monster. The monster chased Faznar trying to follow his dodgy scent. Mirri had enough of this game of cat and mouse and decided teach this monster the meaning of pain. Zurn followed knowing that healing would certainly be called for but so would dousing the light of Vorntoque! What better way to irritate him than killing his pet?

Coming upon the monster it had a hooked beak, sword-like talons, bad breath, and a nasty disposition. It was a twisted looking vulture creature that fit in nice with Vorntoque's theme. A few hits from Mirri and the Vulturething retreated to it's cave. Not because it was scared...oh no no...but rather because it was cunning. The cave entrance had left and right passages and the Vulturething went down the righthand passage. The party chased it into it's den and Mirri and Faznar followed it to the right, and Zurn went to the left hoping to flank it from behind.

Mirri and Faznar fought with this respectably ferocious beast dealing hits and certainly taking them. As Zurn routed his way around he found another passage that lead to a small antechamber. In the antechamber was contained a chest. With no time to investigate Zurn continued to track around to the fight. Mirri and Faznar fought as heroes, bled like stuck pigs, and made their ancestors proud. Eventually Zurn made his way around the back to see Mirria dn Faznar fighting but withdrawing. All at once Mirri, Faznar, and Zurn struck down the Vulturething and celebrated with a frosty mug of magical healing.

After resting a wee bit, the three decided to check out the chest. Contained in the chest were two books and an axe. One book was written by Stroud Fireforge and details an attempt by the Stonehammers to undermine the Fireforges as a slow coup attempt. The last entry in this book was about 7 months ago. The other book was written by Bardic Stonehammer and details a sympathetic attitude towards orcs and ogres that dwarves of old once had. Bardic wants to rekindle the lost love and alliance.

Also in the chest was an axe of dwarven make. This was the axe that Belwar made for his father, Stroud, and was taken by Urgoth after killing him. Nefarious dealings indeed.

•   5 Gems worth 1,000 GP each
•   5 Gems worth 250 GP each
•   5 Gems worth 50 GP each

After removing all of the contents of the chest Faznar decided to make big potty in the chest as a thank you for the hospitality he was given as a prisoner of Urgoth and The Master.

Belwar returned with firewood to find the party exhausted, beaten, and carrying two books and an all too familiar axe. Belwar drops the firewood.

At the end of this session, when the chasm was actually cleared of evil, the garachi present worked together to bring about an illusion that showed the rest of the garachi leaving the dwarven temple. The Burlar (chief) was shown in this illusion to place the remaining runestone in a tree, and cover up the hole with a mortar of sorts.

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