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Started by Dray, February 13, 2008, 12:58:44 PM

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    Each student of every age lives in a dormitory in the city.
    * Students wake at 5am to roll call.
    * Schedules vary by age group, but classes generally begin at 7am.
    * Students get a half-hour break somewhere between 9am and 10:30am, again specific time pending on age group.
    * Lunches are given in separate sessions from Noon till 2pm.
    * Another half-hour break is given between 4pm to 5:30pm.
    * Classes end by 7pm.

A school day is therefore twelve hours long, and even with breaks it makes for a long day for each student. Classes are 5 days a week, but out-of-class assignments are carefully coordinated by the Academic Dean and the teachers. Most assignments are given for completion during the two "rest days". Usually a student can finish this work in about 8 hours. Out-of-class work is not usually assigned during the week.

From 7pm to curfew, each student is allowed access to the typical public domain of the city of Our-Commons. Any child under 9 however, needs special permission and an escort to leave school grounds. Over 9 years old though, and the confidence of the security and laws set by the government allows a surprising amount of freedom to the student. As long as a student meets the curfew designated by his age, he is allowed to do as he or she pleases in that time period.

Curfews and Rights as follows:

    Age 5 & 6: 8pm (special permission needed to leave school grounds)
    * Age 7 & 8: 9pm (special permission needed to leave school grounds)
    * Age 9 to 11: 10pm (not allowed in Theater District)
    * Age 12 to 15: 11pm
    * Age 16 to 18: 11:30pm

The reason for the late curfew for the older students is due part in fact to the school recognizing that many students work as apprentices to the various guilds throughout the city. Many students use the money earned to buy better gear when they enter the military, and some others save coin to open their own business later in life. There are of course other various reasons but the important note here is that although the children are worked very hard, they are not exploited. It is their choice to work, the money they earn is their own. Many, already instilled with an incredible work ethic from school, decide to take this opportunity to make better lives for themselves down the road.

That being said, this isn't the only path. Some students, about 30%, do other activities around the city. Students can attend theater, they can shop, and even if within reach they can go home to visit parents or friends.

A note thought that loitering is not tolerated in the city, and neither is groups of children gathering without purpose. Therefore The Whisper Gang gathers in secret each night. And although each member usually can't make it to each meeting, the frequent meetings keeps the general mindset of the Gang current.


NOTE: A school clock tower chimes every 15 minutes, and rings the hour every hour between 5am and midnight.


    1 to 15 minutes late gets a
one night detention (7pm to curfew the following school night)and 1 demerit
* 15 to 60 minutes late, gets the week detention. (as above but for 5 nights), and 2 demerits
* 60+ minutes gets detention with school service detention for all week (school chores from 7pm to curfew), and 5 demerits[/list]


    Absent from class without permission gets you a
night detention (as above), and 5 demerits
* Absent from school without permission gets you a week of school service detention (as above), and 10 demerits
* If a Truancy officer is assigned to track you down, you are put in jail, fined up to 10gp and put into school service detention, and 15 demerits[/list]


I a House that attains a set amount of demerits in a given season, all students within that House lose privelages. Naturally, the well behaved kids don't like it when their fun is taken away.


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