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Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 19, 2006, 12:33:09 AM
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As Ragnor left, Ashe closed and then bolted the door behind him. When he turned, Jarmok's concern was obvious to him.

"I knew when she had complained six hours ago of back pain that she was in trouble. Damn my blood for letting her out the door! I should’ve looked out better for her Jarmok." Ashe said as he made his way back to the bed that Kit lay face down upon. Jarmok stared on quizzically.

"She had stated that it was the result of a horse riding injury, which occurred many days ago." He laid a hand upon Kits' right cheek. "I beg to differ young one." He said kindly to his unconscious patient.

He turned his head to Jarmok, "She is burning up." He nodded towards a bench across the room. "Under that bench is a small covered barrel. Please bring it the bed."

Jarmok sprang into action, concerned for his new friend. Peering under the indicated bench, he did indeed find a small barrel there. It was surprisingly heavy as he pulled it out from under the bench, and by the time he had reached Kit's bedside with it, Ashe had already removed her tunic, and had the undergarment untied.

"Her life is far more important than her modesty. Reach under her thigh there and untie her leather skirt."

Jarmok realized that Ashe was correct. In times when one had to choose between saving a friend’s life and preserving that friend’s modesty, their life was far more important. And Jarmok had precious few real friends. He clumsily felt around where Ashe had indicated and felt a knot of leather. ‘Must be It,’ he thought.

Jarmok tugged at the loose end, but it did not budge. “Not come off.” He said as he reached with his other hand for his hunting knife.

“No, Jarmok.” Ashe stayed the outlander’s hand. “It’s no doubt a sailors knot, she is a clever girl. Pull on the loop instead. It’ll come loose” Ashe said as he had already started to examine her back.

Jarmok did so and the knot untied easily. Ashe turned away from his examination and pushed his four fingers under the top of the leather skirt. He deftly pulled down the skirt off of her slight frame, cupping the material between his palm of his hand and his thumb leaving her lower undergarment on.

With Kit exposed in full view, the two tenders could see that something internal was definitively ravaging her body.

She was still convulsing, all of her muscles seemed to be flexing in tight bands across her body as if cramping up. Worse yet, her spine appeared to be stretching towards her head, the vertebrae actually pulling skin and muscle towards it. A pool of bluish-black blood was forming under her skin in an oblong pattern across her lower back, which slightly quivered with the shaking of the muscles around it.

The heat emanating off of her was almost unnatural.

"Yes, she already has a high fever," Ashe said, as if reading Jarmok’s mind. "In that barrel are cloths soaked with an ointment that I crafted." As Ashe spoke Jarmok began to remove the cover from the barrel, anticipating the herbalist’s instructions. When he had wrested the cover from the barrel, a fine, cool, peppermint mist issued forth.

"That ointment will cool her body down.” Ashe continued. “Cover as much of her body as you can with those cloths." Ashe instructed. He then quickly left the bedside to start working at his bench. Jarmok noted that Ashe was surprisingly spry for a man of his years.

”There’s an energy coming from her.” Ashe spoke, but Jarmok didn’t know if the herbalist was talking to him, or whether he was working things out with himself. “It’s an energy I’ve not experienced for many years.” Jarmok noted the worry in Ashe's voice.

Jarmok began putting the cloths on Kit, starting with her infected area and working up her back. He looked sadly upon her pretty face and wondered if he would ever see a smile upon it again.

“Why sick?” He asked, a bolus of sadness in his voice.

Ashe sighed heavily and replied, "I wish I knew more. It has something to do with the seers though" The look on Ashe's face was of grim understanding and distant reverie.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on June 08, 2006, 01:10:18 PM
The voice from the crystal laughed darkly. "You are a delusional fool!" It laughed at Maccabeus. "Your words have no power! You cannot banish me!" The dark voice raged. "I will fill this newborn crystal, then everything you stand for, all the false words and lies of gods will be revealed!" The voice then turned its attention soothingly upon Kit. "Let me in, dear child, and you shall control or destroy those that would be your enemies. We will be as one. You will have the power over all living things, let me fill this empty shell with my essence and you will be free of all pain."

Maccabeus was stunned. Not because his words had no effect on the soulless one; he hadn't truly expected to be able to banish him and Maccabeus's words had been intended for Kit more than for this ancient enemy. For a moment he doubted whether this was Zyxu or not. His mind reeled a bit, clinging at last to one realization: this voice was not after Kit, at least not in the first place. He was after the crystal. He begged to be allowed to "fill the crystal".

An image flashed in his mind of Shankaria's early teachings. She had challenged Maccabeus to fill a wooden bowl with water drawn from nowhere. He had at that time great difficulty in calling forth Mahiya's bless to create the water at all; still greater was the control necessary to get the water into the bowl. The lesson, Shankaria had said, was one of control: control of yourself and your surroundings was of paramount import to a Gnarcheon.

He realized that this agent of the nameless one was after control, and while he might have power, he needed to fill his bowl - the crystal - with his own essence in order to gain that control. Maccabeus realized that the crystal wasn't just a crystal. It was a living thing, like a child, and like a child it needed to be nurtured and filled with...character. It should be filled with Kit's character, and not be abducted and filled with villainy!

"Kt!" He picked up the infant crystal and turned back towards the young woman sobbing upon the bed. "Kit! This isn't a crystal, child! It is alive, and it needs to be nourished by its mother! By you, Kit! The soulless one is trying to steal your child Kit! Do not let this liar invade your child! Fill it with your heart, Kit, that it might be used against your enemies for the cause of truth, Paladine, and Mahiya! Let this crystal know that you are here for it, Kit! That will drive the liar Blackheart from you now!" He held the large crystal in his hand as he sat upon the edge of Kit's bed as he spoke to her.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on June 07, 2006, 01:37:01 PM
Maccabeus turned upon the crystal, a fire of delight in his eyes. He laughed thunderously, his voice seemingly not quite his own.

"You speak of lies, Blackheart." He howled. "But it is you who are the liar! It is you who fear! It is you who are ineffectual, Blackheart! Soulless one! If you are truly above Mahiya and Paladine, then you should not need this youngling! I defy you! Bring back her parents now! Why do you need her before you can perform this wondrous feat, I wonder. Is it because you cannot do it at all? Is it because you have no power other than that which other people give to you? HA! You are foiled, soulless one!" Maccabeus was standing taller than ever he had, pointing his sturdy spear at the crystal, the emblem upon his chest blazing with multi-hued anger.

"All you can do is talk, and though the power of your lies is formidable, you are otherwise weak, frightened, and powerless as a new babe! You speak of love as pathetic; words spoken by one who cannot fathom the power of love! Love is your antithesis, and you cannot proffer that which you do not have, and it is your master, unworthy of even a name, who is powerless and ineffectual!"

He called loudly over his shoulder then, saying, "Kitalia, beloved child of Paladine! Hear this black liar and dwell a moment upon its greed, its lust for your soul. He says that he can make you a goddess, but he cannot make even a body for himself! He says that he can bring back your parents, but he cannot bring himself back. He besmirches the names of your mother and father! Believe in yourself, Kitalia, believe in those friends who have already demonstrated the power of their love for you. This weakling is a stranger, but I know that you can feel his salacious lies! I know that deep in your heart and in your soul, that you know that he lies, and I give you the proof that your mind needs to agree with your heart and your soul!"

He turned then once more to the crystal, addressing it in that voice that came from more than his throat. "Your own folly and your own lies have undone you foul one! Now be gone from this place and leave us alone! I banish you in the name of Mahiya and with the aid of her children and her allies!"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on June 07, 2006, 01:07:01 PM
"Kit," the crystal flared in an angry glow, "what is mortality compared to immortality? You've been deceived by false beliefs and lies your whole life! What I offer is real. Why honor a god when you can become one? The pitiful charlatan with his whelp and his cheap healing tricks does not understand, he cannot know because he's too blinded by his pathetic love for his ineffectual mother and father of nature. He is just a subject of the cycle. Let me in and you can rise above it! You could have your Mommy back!"

The greed of the Eye was pressing harder on Kit's thoughts. The level of fear in her was reaching new heights as she struggled with many things on many levels. Truly this was her greatest test in her young life.

Ashe barely wiggled a finger on his right hand...but his eyes were wide open.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on June 07, 2006, 12:21:37 PM
Kit reached up an wrapped her hand around the symbol of Paladine her father had given her for her 11th birthday.

All was quiet except some debris that had not yet met its final resting place and the young girls sobs. Maccabeus held his breath while Kit closed her eyes, crying with the hand holding the symbol to her chest.

With a sudden move that made the gnome almost jump out of his skin Kit swiped violently at the shirt and the gem it concealed. The stone flew off the bed and skidded across the floor, reflecting off the wall and skidding to a halt at wolf's feet.

Kit fell to the mattress and cried into the pillow, still clutching her father's gift.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on June 06, 2006, 11:46:04 AM
Maccabeus pulled his sturdy shirt off, baring the now-glowing emblem blazing upon his chest. "NO!" He thundered. "Kit, to say that Mahiya is weak insults her and all the Divinities...even Blessed Paladine! They are not weak and you know it well!" He threw his shirt upon the glowing crystal, subduing its radiant energy.

"Listen to what this foul voice is saying and feel its greed, Kit! It is palpable! It can only be the voice of Zyxu that you hear; the voice of the enemy of Mahiya and of Paladine as well. Zyxu is trying to steal your soul so as to have a mortal host upon this world, and thereby to destroy!" As he spoke he grabbed up the frail-looking symbol of Paladine that depended about her neck. "Zyxu promises happiness but delivers only sorrow; the blasted land is testimony to his unbounded greed! He does not share power! Fear what you hear, Kitalia, for it will prove your undoing and that of all of us as well. Cling to Paladine, Kit. Ally yourself with Mahyia and her children. Be fearful, but be brave and reject the foul creature that invades your mind and your soul! Your mother resides with Paladine now, Kitalia, out of the reach of Zyxu! Go ahead! Ask Paladine himself!" He was shouting now, and holding mere inches in front of her eyes Paladine's symbol: that of a dragon in an "S" shape with outspread wings connected to the concave and convex of the top curve.

As Kit looked upon the holy symbol, Maccabeus's hands once again glowed that green and purple that they had as he called upon Blessed Mahiya once more to mend her broken body.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on June 06, 2006, 06:49:03 AM
Tears streamed suddenly down Kit's cheeks, she began to shiver in terror to the overpowering emotions that threatened to consume her.

But through it all...against the ominous greed of the crystal, the fear that it rapidly built within her, her concern for Dray and the terror of the thoughts of Leech outside the crumbling walls of the apothecary, a single thought surfaced. One that beonged to the little pious innocent child she once was.

All became quiet as the gnome and the human girl locked in a stare.

"Mahiya is not weak," she whispered through the tears, "she is an ally to Paladine."

The crystal didn't miss a beat, "And so could you be Kit! Our first act against you have suffered via the hands of hate would be to bring your mother back, right here and right now." It lowered to a whisper as it reached the end of the sentance, trying to soothe its own desperation.

Kit looked at the crystal, "I could have Mommy back?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on June 05, 2006, 08:38:05 PM
"Of course I won't my child", the crystal said. "You and those you love will never come to harm ever again. But only if you accept the gift that I offer to you. If you refuse then Markell and Leech will surely destroy all that you love."

The blue crystal now flared in sapphire light then spoke again in a cool liquid voice, "The true deceiver is the jealous one now close to you claiming to wield the feeble power of Mahiya. He would have you give up all that you could be based only on the fear of his own ignorance! He understands nothing! Kit, he is the one that is shadowed by greed." The Eye continued,  "While you wait, Leech gets closer, and Dray, poor Dray, suffers from your indecision from what is an obvious choice! Let me in, Kitalia. Let me in so that you can save your parents."

Kit could feel the thoughts of the crystal try to penetrate her mind. A cacophony of desperate, pleading voices began to flood her thoughts making it difficult for her to think. One thought was clear to her through the chaotic symphony- greed. The crystal wanted her. It wanted her in a way that Markell wanted her mind. It was an emotion that had trivialized any that Markell was ever capable of. The greed was infinite.

Maccabeus could feel the divine symbol on his chest tighten and glow. His blood began to rush through his limbs causing them to tingle and quake. He suddenly understood that Kit's life was powered by fear. He knew that it would ironically be her fear that could fill the infant crystal and drive the greed of the Eye away. Ultimately, that would save her life, soul, and mind. He now became truly aware of crystals mistake in blasphemy.

Ashe lay on the floor under the rubble watching the battle between a dark part of the past and the brilliance of two futures. Unable to help, he simply hoped.

Sensing the disturbed state of his brother, Wolf stood proud by Maccabeus's side.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on June 05, 2006, 05:35:48 PM
Although Kit still lay upon the bed, most of her modesty beneath her, she had twisted her upper torso to look upon the face of the gnome across from her. Remnants of the devastation, dust and a now-slipping towel barely covered her form that was stained with her dried blood. The blue crystal sat on the mattress between them, white beams of light extending from it at many angles which slowly spun as the gem 'spoke'.

"I do not know you sir," Kit said with a cough of confusion. "Are you a slave here as well?" she asked, an appearance of hope in her eyes.

Before Maccabeus could answer she interrupted, "I will be in so much trouble for this!" Tears welled up in her eyes, as she looked down at the crystal. "Markell and Leech will punish me for this! Don't let them cut me!" she implored it.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on June 05, 2006, 01:34:15 PM
Maccabeus stood as tall as his little frame would carry him and spoke in a voice loud and clear, but curious and questioning.

"I don't know you very well, Kit, but from what I can tell, and what I've been told, you don't strike me as the sort that hungers greedily for power. What would you want with the vile power to control other people? I'm sure that if you could imagine someone controlling your body, you wouldn't want to inflict that indignity on someone else; that would make you ugly indeed. Are human parents proud of children who violate others? Are they proud of children who insult the Blessed Divinities? Are they proud of children who give away their own minds, their souls, unable to see through finely-crafted lies, only for the chance to upset the Great Cycle?"

His mind was racing, and his eyes were darting. He knew that he needed to press on quickly; to not give the blue crystal time to interject. His eyes alit upon Ashe, lying wounded under his ruined roof.

"Kit, you've already brought mortal harm to an Elder who has worked diligently to save your life countless times over the last days. You've destroyed his home as well. Your eyes are lying to you, Kit. You must now look to your soul, and to the souls of your parents to guide you. Hear my voice and know that I cannot lie, as I am bound by my oaths to Mahiya and her children. I am bound to seek and speak only truths. You are being deceived, Kitalia. Look forward with your heart for your eyes are clouded and your mind is unclear!" Maccabeus was all but shouting at this point, trying to keep Kit's attention from that of what Ashe had referred to as "the eye".
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on June 02, 2006, 08:04:07 PM
Ashe moved his head just enough so that he could see Maccabeus and the legs of Kit's bed. His right ear was still to the floor and blood was flowing from the gash over his right eye. It ran over his forehead and was beginning to pool onto the dusty planks. In the slightest voice that Maccabeus could barely hear Ashe said in Mahiya's tongue, "I'm okay." Wolf now began to lick Ashe's face smearing and cleaning off the blood. He was doing it now out of relief rather than worry. Ashe smiled, but only slightly. "Kit has to believe that whoever she thinks I am is not a threat to her. Whatever happens with her now you'll have to deal with. I can help to guide but I can not act. The Eye, in it's greed, is deceiving her."

The Eye spoke again, "Very good my child. You've done well. I'm so proud of you." The voice had a nearly irresistible charm to it. "Kitalia, you have the gift. I can help you to do magnificent things with it, anything you so desire. You could heal your beloved captain so that she could walk again. You could see Dray and even save him from the doom he now faces in his search for you. All of the people that have died in your midst you could bring back, even your mother and father. Wouldn't you like to see them again? To hear them laugh?"

During the crystals speech Ashe looked at Maccabeus and whispered, "It's lying. It will do no such thing. Kit is in grave danger."

Ashe quieted and continued to listen. "You will have the power to bend others to your will. They will worship you as their god. They will be your puppets. And you my sweet child, my dear Kitalia, would be pulling their strings as their puppet master...even to Leech."

Ashe whispered, "Here it comes."

The creamy voice continued, "All you need to do is let me in. Let me into your mind and we can be as one. You'll be able to command anything you want. You'll reach power that only the gods themselves know. Your parents will be so proud of you. They'll see that you've risen above the life of frail mortality. Through you, they'll live from harm and pain. Make them proud Kitalia."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on June 02, 2006, 03:10:25 PM
As Maccabeus peeked out from under Kit's bed, he saw through the dust-laden air that the devastation was enormous. The upper half of the center wall that separated the living and apothecary room from the kitchen had been blown out. The central roof timber had been partly sundered and now lay (along with the debris of a ruined roof) on top of Ashe. Through the new hole in Ashe's roof Kossuth's setting light filtered through the powders and dust that danced in the air, lending a surreal quality to the scene.

As he crawled out from under the bed, Wolf barked concernedly and as if in response, the only surviving ceramic pot fell to the floor and shattered noisily. "I'm fine, Brother." Maccabeus said. "And you are as well."

Beneath the small pile of rubble Ashe lay apparently dazed. Maccabeus could see at a glance that he was breathing, and his eyelids were working to cleanse his tired eyes of the ubiquitous dusts.

A slight, shallow gurgle drew his attention to the bed where Kit lay dying, her body broken and in pieces. The sight brought Maccabeus's mind to bear as he recognized that he was the only one who could beseech Mahiya to bless the girl with renewed life.

Instantly he began his prayer to Mahiya. She answered, as she always had; his hands glowed an aura of power, a soft mixture of green and purple, and Kit's back rapidly mended itself.

(1d8+2, my die roller came up with a modified 8) Drew, you might want to edit this description based upon the extent of the healing required?how many HP does Kit have at full? That's a Q for Dray).

Her muscles relaxed noticeably and knitted themselves back together the way that Mahiya intended for them to be. Maccabeus noted before the skin covered her once again that amidst the infiltrating green and purple light a spark of white appeared as beloved Mahiya fabricated new bones for Kit's spine.

As Mahiya knitted Kit's lower back together again, the flesh, having been torn from a point lower in her back upwards towards her head, created an angry scar that put into Maccabeus's mind the pattern of migrating geese as they flew in their long-flight configuration.

Although it seemed like a long while, the reality of Mahiya's blessing was realized in very short order and Kit, while not yet quite whole, was breathing easy once again.

Wolf whined behind Maccabeus and the little gnome turned to see the big animal poking at Ashe's face and licking at the nasty gash that Ashe had suffered above his left eye. "Ashe?" Maccabeus stepped towards the Elder "Ashe, are you allright? Can you hear me, or speak?" He watched the Elder's eyes for signs of recognition.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on June 02, 2006, 05:47:12 AM
"I did it." She said astonished. But the smile vanished from her lips as a final convulsion reflexed through her upper torso.

All the psionic energy and adrenaline summoned to kill Drakyr has been spent in one decisive thrust. With it spent, it caused her mind shut off like a switch. Her upper body hit the top of the mattress with a sickening thud.

The blood loss from the still-open massive wound in her back finally caught up to her. The chill of death gripped her and shook her violently in one last attempt to take her from Threshold.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on June 01, 2006, 09:50:57 PM
"Maccabeus, duck!!" Ashe shouted. The little dale gnome didn't really need the warning, however. He might not know what was about to happen, but the hair on the back of his neck was standing tall, and he was already diving below Kit's bed for the relative safety that it would hopefully afford him [Duck, ask about seerspeak and gasping].

As Ashe started to run to the middle of the room he tossed the brilliant newborn crystal onto Kit's bed. He knew full well what was about to happen. If she had shattered the crystal all of her pain and suffering would have been for nothing. He moved, away from Wolf so that any destruction she caused would not catch him in it's terrible wake. With deafening thunder Kit released her uncontrolled wrath. The energy of the concussion crackled with blue lightning and shattered the dozens of herbal ceramic jars and splintered the wall that held them. The timbers of the house shook as though they had been caught in an avalanche. Ashe was thrown into the debris of the wall and a section of the roof came crumbling down upon him. He was partly covered in heavy timbers and wood and left a bruised and bloody mess.

Kit wearily smiled at Drakyr's demise.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on June 01, 2006, 09:13:49 AM
Although the lower half of her body was devastated, Kit leaned up on shaking elbows, her bare chest rising off the mattress as she attempted to turn her head towards Ashe.

"NO!" she cried, "you will not take anything else away from me!"

With that, sound of rolling thunder emanated from the center of her skull. It's crescendo rapid, and ominous, portending great destruction. Blood started to run from both eyes as her head shook with obvious psionic power. Ashe took a slight step back, knowing she was surging with full and augmented raw energy provided by the crystal.

She stared at Ashe with seething hatred.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on June 01, 2006, 08:25:55 AM
/me is waiting for the cliff's notes to come out.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on May 31, 2006, 09:22:19 PM
Due to some graphic scenes and disturbing images, parental advisory is suggested...well, it's not THAT graphic...

Ashe took his dagger and put it up to the top split. It had already started to ooze blood from the frail skin. The elixir that Kit drank earlier had worn off hours ago and the blood was now thinner and flowing easily albeit slowly. He gently pushed the dagger in. The skin resisted and suddenly released.

A jet of blood shot out and sprayed Ashe in the face. It went so far as to even hit Wolf guarding the door. Reactively, Wolf let out a quick bark and turned to see what had touched him. Kit let out a scream and began to talk saying something that Maccabeus had no hope of understanding. Ashe jolted from the spray and soothingly replied in similar sounding verse. Maccabeus could tell by his tone that he was trying to put her at ease.

Ashe was making the cut larger by running the blade down the natural split. Coagulated blood blobs began to erupt from the cut and take flight like lava bombs from a volcano. Switching from on language to another, Ashe said, "More rags! We need more rags!" Maccabeus quickly put the rags around the cut and onto the bed to soak the geyser of blood flowing from Kit's back. A finger of light began to poke out from within the quickly forming crater that was Kit's back. "There it is Maccabeus...the crystal!"

Riding the tide of crimson gore were fragments of bone and tissue. Maccabeus could see that there were not nearly enough rags for their intended task. Wolf stood and watched with a confused look at the events unfolding. He looked from the door back to the bed not knowing which way to guard. "Okay Maccabeus, I'm going to pull the crystal out. When I do, take the powder in the purple bowl there and sprinkle it all around in the wound." Ashe opened the cut with his hand and reached in. He pulled out a smooth, deep blue, glowing crystal that looked much like a sand dollar. Splinters of bone and tears of blood dripped off of the odd item. His hand completly covered in her blood. Kit whispered, "Oow...that hurts. What are you doing?" The light from the crystal filled the room casting a surreal light on Maccabeus, Wolf and Ashe's bloody face.

To the surprise of Ashe and Maccabeus the crystal spoke, "Kitalia, don't be afraid. I will not hurt you. You created me and I will protect you, we are one. But Drakyr is here now and he wants me for himself! He must be killed before he takes me away!!"

Ashe said faintly, "That voice?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on May 30, 2006, 09:39:47 PM
Ashe pulled an emerald encrusted dagger from his belt and handed it to Maccabeus and said. ?Maccabeus, soak two rags. Hand me one, be sure it?s got enough water for dripping, and cut a hole in the other one. We need to soften the skin so the cut will go easy.?

Maccabeus, mumbling [soak two, hand one, cut one, ask about seerspeak], did as asked. While he cut a hole in one [cut one, ask about seerspeak] of the rags Ashe gently squeezed the water onto the gigantic blister. With each drop of water, the blood that had been oozing from the skin splits began to clear. After releasing every last drop of water, the top of the blood sack had been cleaned. The glow of the dark blue gem was shining like a lantern. Maccabeus [ask about seerspeak] could see the cuts from which the blood had been oozing were in a curled ?V? shaped pattern. Ashe gasped, [ask about seerspeak and gasping] pursed his lips, cocked his head, and briefly closed his eyes.

He then placed his rag on the bed and took the other one from Maccabeus [ask about seerspeak and gasping]. Laying it on the blister he opened the hole to reveal where he was going to cut. Ashe took out a wooden dagger with a gilded handle. His hair had tumbled down the sides of his face as he looked over to Maccabeus [ask about seerspeak and gasping]. With his tired, purple eyes, a raised eyebrow, and a slightly maniacal grin, Ashe almost looked like a demon. Flatly he said, "This is where the fun begins?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on May 30, 2006, 10:34:45 AM
Maccabeus sobered quickly and settled into his old role of assistant. "Right." He said, adopting his favored cant, "Medicines, rags, basin, water bubbling kettle, other kettle..." He mumbled to himself as he puttered about fetching the various implements that Ashe required. It was a lot of walking back and forth as he placed the basin then emptied the kettle into it (not wanting to carry a human-sized basin full of boiling water). Thus focused, he rather meticulously attended each of Ashe's directives in the order in which they were uttered, mentally checking each item off as it was completed.

[...water bubbling kettle, other kettle, ask about seerspeak...]
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on May 28, 2006, 11:03:14 AM
Ashe looked about and said, "Okay, the medicines on the big table need to be brought over here to the bedside table. The rags drying by the fire all need to brought over here. Also, one of the steel basins next to the water barrel needs to be filled with some of the boiling water in the kettle. There's an extra kettle in the kitchen that we'll need to start boiling more water."

The glow from the gem in her back began to glow brighter and Kit began to babble in a strange language. Ashe had not heard this tongue since his younger days. It was Seerspeak. Seerspeak was a smattering of languages that was developed to be purposefully cryptic. Only the most linguistically savvy would ever be able to understand any of it. The Seers would also write their visions and chronicles in like fashion to protect their knowledge from any tampering. This was a strange development indeed.

Kit's words were random and meaningless at this point. She was in a state of psychic shock from her recent episode and her mental state was in recovery. Ashe said to himself in Mahiya's tongue, "How would she know Seerspeak? She'd have had to practically learn it from birth." He wasted no further time in pondering this oddity. There were more important things at hand.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on May 24, 2006, 12:55:48 PM
Wolf watched as the Kyle sandwich approached.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on May 24, 2006, 08:42:32 AM
This was one of those rare visuals that Maccabeus preferred to not see. So much blood...

Ashe was speaking: "blah, blah, blah...crystal born [crystals aren't born - there's madness afoot]...something, something...going to be messy [like it's not now, eh?]...droning...Trust me."

Whatever. He thought. There was obviously work to be done; perhaps he might learn something else this day.

He turned to Wolf and pointed towards the door saying, "Please guard the door. Don't let anyone in. We'll eat later." He was a smart wolf, certainly, but Maccabeus couldn't help but wonder if Wolf listened to him the way that he sometimes listened to Shankaria...or Ashe. He probably heard me say to eat anyone who tries to enter! He laughed in spite of the situation.

He turned then to Ashe and his charge saying, "Just tell me what to do."
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe was standing there with blood soaked bandages trying to sponge up the crimson fluid that was now freely flowing from Kit's wound. The sapphire glow of the gem had gotten brighter in the past few minutes and Maccabeus could see it from the door. The bulbous blood sac had swelled to a height that would make even the toughest warrior cringe. Kit was in a cold sweat and murmuring random words. Ashe was doing his best to make her seemingly frail body as comfortable as possible.

Wolf stuck his nose in the air taking in the full familiar aroma of the blood. Instinctively, he licked his his muzzle hoping that his lupine hunger would be sated.

Maccabeus could smell the exotic scents of a variety of herbs. The strongest among them was lavendar; the smoke of which was emanating from a brass vessel hanging in the corner of the room.

Ashe looked positively ragged. The black and purple circles were still hanging under his eyes from the previous nights unrestful sleep. "Oh Maccabeus! Thank Mahiya you're here! Kit's blister is about to release and I need your hands to help me."

Maccabeus had noted the distress in Ashe's voice. Wolf had noted it as well with his furrowed, furry eyebrows and glance at his brother. He may not have understood the situation but he understood that there was a sort of sickness. He was a smart wolf.

"I have to lance the wound to relieve the pressure. The crystal no longer needs to incubate in her blood and is ready to be born. This is going to be messy and painful. If needs be you must hold her down. It hasn't come to that yet. I've prepared some medicine recipes there on my table. Trust me, we'll need them. Right now we have to drain the blood."
Title: Kit's Life
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The subconscious was a remarkable thing. Maccabeus often got lost in his dance, paying tribute to the beloved Divinities. Often, he would descend from his trance-like meditation to find that he had roamed far and wide indeed. Nearly always, when he surveyed his surroundings, he would find some item or element of presence that he had been seeking for some time. Or that he had no idea that he was searching for, but having found it, he then knew that he had been looking for it.

He often also found that he then had no idea where he was. In those times, it had been good in his earlier years to have Wolf at his side to help him home. Nowadays, he could follow his own overly-obvious trail.

Such meditations always broadened the event horizon of his spirit, and often that of his physical being as well.

Once, in his younger years studying under Shankaria, in the year of the great drought, he had entered a deep meditative state and danced for hours, coming back to his body only to find himself hip-deep in a crystal-blue pool of Istisha's water that ran in a rivulet down into the northern reaches of the Dale from the craggy mountains of the Giants of the Fist. That water had been sent by beloved Istisha, and had been the salvation of many clans of Dale Gnomes and their lupine allies. Istisha had clearly lured him there under his trance to aid his people.

During his dancing, the Divinities taught him much that he was unable to hear while he was yet within himself. Today, that teaching was that Vallenwood's voice would follow him far beyond the edge of the Ring of Mists. Maccabeus had danced in the shadow of that great tree?s voice all the way from its home in the Ring of Mists unto the very edge of Threshold.

Maccabeus found himself next to a great stone fortress, looking easterly down upon the town of Threshold. His stomach rumbled noisily. Wolf scoffed at him meaningfully. "I know." He said to his friend. "I've been out too long." His head was still spinning a little, and a cool breeze dried his brow comfortingly.

"Perhaps a visit to lovely Kym's establishment, eh?" He peered out across the valley of the town and saw, at nearly three bow-shots distance south and east, nestled in the hill above the Hiddenmount, the Hunter's Lodge, where the enchanting youngling toiled and lived with her noble father. His mouth whet itself at the mention of food, and his mind perked up at the thought of his supposed company. "Perhaps tonight we might join Kymberly on that hunt?" He suggested. Wolf turned himself and looked over his furry shoulder at Maccabeus, batting his lids over his deep brown eyes. "Never you mind that." Maccabeus flatly admonished his observant friend.

Both Maccabeus and Wolf stood tall suddenly. Vallenwood was speaking once again over the distance from the Ring. They both felt his voice in their hearts and in the land, reverberating up from the soil and speaking directly into their souls in that timeless lilting language that was shared among Maccabeus's kindred.

"Maccabeus, brother to the Wolf, the son of Zebulon, Ashe has asked for your help."

"We'll have to wait to eat." Maccabeus said. Wolf leapt to his feet and the little gnome jumped upon his broad back. As one they were off in a heartbeat, running along the west side of Threshold to Ashe's home, where the smell of blood hung in the air. Wolf sneezed as Maccabeus opened the door and entered that den.
Title: Kit's Life
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As Ashe said his prayer he connected to the familiar essence of the the Vallenwood tree that had been planted in the Ring of Mists. He knew the tree as an infant acorn for many years and was able to bond with it's soul. He projected his thoughts to it asking it to relay his message to Maccabeus. He only hoped Maccabeus was there to hear it.


In the Ring of Mists the quickly growing tree had said in it's timeless language, "Maccabeus, brother to the Wolf, the son of Zebulon, Ashe, has asked for your help."


Ashe looked at the splitting skin on Kit's back and something about the configuration of them was unusual but he could not place his mind on it. The blood and gore was too much for him to dwell about it. He wanted to wait for Maccabeus to arrive before making any unnatural cuts. He needed the extra pair of healing hands. Time was running out. Soon her crystal would emerge. He had to relieve the swelling or the bursting of the blister could jeopardize her life. He placed some newly cleaned cloths on her sides and around the blood bubble. In doing so he noticed a blue glow coming from within the blister. The crystal was almost ready.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe anxiously watched the water-clock as hands of time passed slowly bye. Kit's condition gradually worsened as Kossuth exchanged to its preferred windows, its' rays shining across the apothecary in attempts to banish the shadows from each corner.

With expected increasing frequency she endured spasms of pain as the crystals' movement forced contractions within the wound. Ashe surmised it was coming directly from her spinal column, as evidenced by the earlier appearance of bone at the top of the wound. That evidence had since been lost, for the bone had drowned within the growing blister.

It had become enflamed with infection, its' outer edge lined with puss as the dark blood sought escape to the surface, away from the over-heated center of her body and to the cool nourishing air above. Had it not been for Ashe's blood thickening potion Kit would have bled out and died bye now.

Each contraction awoke her to a semi-conscious, delirious state of pain and fear. Ashe became more worried as each time he saw less and less sanity within her blue eyes. Her will was strong enough, the surgery had proved that, but he found himself again concerned for her mind. During the brief moments between the convulsions subsiding and Kit's blessed mental slip back into oblivion, he would give her a sip of the potion, which had some pain-relieving qualities to it. He also spoke calmly to her, giving her soothing words of praise, telling her how proud he was of her and that she was doing really well.

Paladine bless her, for just before closing her eyes, she smiled up at him.


So on and on it went until late in the afternoon he dared not allow the process to go any further.

The blister now took up most of her back. The blood, having only one inadequate egress from the body, had spread under her skin almost to the shoulder-blades. The wound was so bloated that the surface of her skin was almost half a hand width elevated above where it was supposed to be. It didn't appear that the three-lined jagged gashes, which were responsible thus far for filling many a bucket with blood-soaked rags, were going to tear any further.

Ashe knew this is where he needed to cut. He needed to clear the massive mass of blood, puss and swimming bone away, find the crystal, and heal her to the best of his ability. A wound of this nature was at the edge of even his own ability, but he was confident he could still repair the spinal column.

He would have to be quick, for even the potion could not sustain the slight girl during such catastrophic blood drain.

He also needed another assistant, the surgery would certainly be painful and would awake Kit.

Ashe whispered a prayer to Mahiya, "please return Maccabeus to me".
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe took a deep breath and looked at the blister. There were crimson trails of blood slipping down the sides of her waist. The medicine he had given her earlier was still in effect and her blood was maintaining a degree of thickness that he was comfortable with.

Had she been sweating from a fever he would let her continue to do so. Sweating was the bodies way of expelling such things. This condition was altogether different. Her body was riding the waves of the emergence of her psicrystal and as such needed to maintain a certain degree of constance.

Ashe went and got more rags to soak up the blood from her blister. It was really more like a cocoon for the crystal but it had the appearance of a blister. He took one of the rags and soaked it in some cool, clean water. He folded the rag into a neat rectangular pad and placed it on the back of her neck hoping that it would help cool her off. After such he placed the other rags to either side of her waist.

As he made his way to his chair he noticed a heaping pile of bload soaked cloth and decided that while she was sedate he would wash them. He got his basin, washboard, and a brick of hard soap. He set up his drying rack next to his hearth and began to scrub the rags down. After cleaning each rag he hung it on the rack to dry.

As he scrubbed he was lost in a particular memory:

"You've gone too far!! You've lost yourself in this quest of yours and it has drawn you into madness! Is it worth thowing everything away?"

"That's the problem with you my brother. You're not willing to risk everything. Because of that you won't gain anything."

"And what will you gain from this...obsession? There are some things worth risking it all for. Then there are some things that should be left alone. The road you're traveling will not lead to your salvation. Rather towards your self destruction."

"Oh really? Have you been there before? Have you seen what I've seen? Felt the power of it all? I think not! Until you do you have no conception of what you're talking about! This is where our destinies differ, Ashe. I will not let you deny me of mine because of your fears!"

"It's not fear. It's love. I've been watching you slip into a downward spiral and I can't let you continue to slip any further! Come back to us..."

"You think you're saving me? Please! You are so blind! You ask me to stagnate in the stew of the mundane. I can't do that...I won't. Goodbye Ashe. I've opened the door to another side of life and I will not be held back by you or anyone!"

"Before you go, just know that you'll always be my brother. No amount of yyour crazed ambition can stop that."

Ashe suddenly noticed that he had scrubbed his knuckles raw.
Title: Kit's Life
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Upon looking at him, Kit came fully awake and gave a small nod in recognition. She clamped her eyes shut and grinded her teeth against the pain. The blister shuttered against the internal movement and Kit squeezed the blood out of her caretaker's hand.

After a few moments the pain subsided and Kit fell unconscious, but she now was covered in a layer of sweat, her back muscles convulsed and blood was once again getting out of control.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe dropped his mug of tea and immediatly ran to Kit's side, grabbed her hand, and said, "Kit! Kit! Breathe deep and slow! I'm here. I'm going to get you through this. Just try to stay calm."

Ashe knew exactly what was happening. The crystal in her back was growing and was starting to push it's way out. It would still be some time before it emerged but the process had begun. Kit was in for more physical pain than she had ever endured. He wondered if any of his concoctions would even dull the pain at this point.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe became lost in his thoughts, the past battling the present until both suceeded in reluctant peace.

Ahse discovered himself staring out a window as he raised an empty tea-scented mug to his lips. He had been so focused on his meditation that he had lost the passage of more then two hands of time. If not for sudden lack of the soothing tea his reverie would have remained.


He put the tea down on the sill.

Turning towards Kit he started to say, "Well Kit, what do..."

She interrupted him with a sudden reflexive motion of her arms followed by an intake of breath and a gasp of pain. The blister swelled suddenly and became engorged, blood gushed out the jagged edges at the top.

Kit opened her eyes and looked through him, as she started to moan in pain her breathing quickened.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe was lost in his thoughts and memories. He tried to understand the meanings of recent knowledge that he did not have all the facts to. He sipped his coffee and smoked his pipe and stared into the fire.

He began to see his hearth in a new way. It was all of the four children in one place. The fire that burns, the air about the fire feeding it, the stones to hold the fire, and the steam from his kettle. It was a quiet harmony that Ashe had never before acknowledged. Even now Mahiya is still teaching him to see.

*knock, knock, knock*

Ashe continued to stare into the fire completely oblivios to the rapping at his door.

*knock, knock, knock*

"Ashe, are you there?" a voice said from beyond the door. "Ashe, it's Kyle. I came to see how Kit was feeling. I heard she was sick. Ashe, please let me in."

Ashe snapped out of his reverie and shook his head. He realized that he had not blinked for a while and his eyes were going dry. He put the balls of his hands up to his eyses and rubbed hard.

"Ashe, I know you're in there. I can see smoke coming from your chimney." Kyle said matter-of-factly.

Ashe cursed and got up and went to the door. As he was about to open it he looked back at Kit and thought that he had better cover her with a sheet. After doing so, he opened the door a crack. "Blast it boy! What in the blazes do you want!"

Ashe hated being disturbed from his meditations. After the previous night he did not want to be distracted. Now he was being roused by a curious pubescent. He simply did not want to deal with that right now. However, he knew that Kyle came out of concern for Kit.

"I...I just wanted to see how Kit was doing. Is she..." Kyle stammered.

"What? Is she what?" Ashe retorted. Ashe wasn't really too angry with the boy. He just wanted him to build the courage and confidence to ask his question.

"Is she okay? I found out this morning that she was hurting." Kyle said.

"If he only knew how much" Ashe thought. "She's getting better. It'll take some time but she'll be alright." Ashe hoped this give Kyle some comfort.

"Well, what happened? Can I see her? I heard she fell hard at The Thornhedge." Kyle said.

"Yes she fell and no, you can't see her. She's asleep." Ashe, of course did not tell the whole story.

"Would it be okay if I...just...look?" Kyle tip toed at an angle to try and see anything in the house.

"Kyle!" Ashe said sternly, "What part of 'NO' do you not understand?"

"I...I...I just want to know that she's okay." Kyle dropped his eyes to the ground.

Ashe sighed, "She's doing good. But she needs her sleep. The best thing you can do right now is give that to her. Give her your thoughts as well. You'd be amazed at how thoughts can help to heal someone."

Kyle slowly looked up. "I'll make her another piece of jewelry! I'll bet she'd like that, don't you?"

"Every bit helps Kyle."

"Okay, I'll start working on it right now." Kyle turned to the road and waved goodbye as he walked. Ashe opened the door and waved back. Ashe took a deep breath of Sythus air and closed the door.

He looked back at Kit lying motionless on the bed. She was snoring in her dainty way, just a snort and whistle. He let out a breath and said, "Sometimes things have to hurt if they're to heal, my young one."

Ashe went back to his chair and continued to stare into the flames, lost in thought.
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok had long since gone when Ashe awoke hours later. Ashe once again felt vital, having slept soundly through the night. Maccabeus's relation of Kit's speaking in the night left the elder cold though. The poor girl continued to relive her past instead of growing out of it and seizing her own destiny. He gently stroked her hair, feeling the fondness of a grandfather.

The sleepy Maccabeus and Wolf went back to the Ring.

The light through the windows revealed that Kossuth had made her appearance a hand or so before. Ashe, now alone, cleaned his patient, and replaced the bloody rags. She slept soundly throughout. He moved over to the fire and put a kettle of water on for coffee, sat on an adjacent bed and recalled his notes in his mind for thought.

Title: Kit's Life
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The little flaming wick ate at Maccabeus's candle and Grumbar stalked the sky for a hand of time as the little dale gnome read one of Ashe's many books on local herbology. He sat contentedly in one of Ashe's comfortable chairs, which, being large enough to hold a human comfortably, completely enveloped the whole of Maccabeus's body. Maccabeus's mind was restless tonight, and his focus continually wandered from those pages; he found more often that while one eye was continually upon his charge, the other was to be found more often on the stars than on the tome. 'Alright.' He gave in at length. 'Perhaps a member of the trinity has the night off,' he thought. Closing the book, he settled deeper into the chair, extinguished the lonely candle, and through the open window watched the beautiful starlight.

He had just counted his third falling star when Kit made the 'peep' he had been asked to listen for.

She spoke very quietly in her sleep, and even with his keen hearing he couldn't make out what she said. He hopped up from his chair and shuffled quietly over to her bed, not yet alarmed enough to wake Ashe or Jarmok.

His head was just higher than hers as he stood by her lying form. "A pretty lass thou art." He whispered, falling into Wolf's oft-used formal tones and admiring her face. "Why would a youngling like yourself be cutting gems?" He looked again at the blister and noted that the cloths near her hips had soaked up nearly as much blood as they were likely to be able, and needed to be changed. "And what kind of tool were you using that would cut your lower back like that? I've said many-a time in the past: you humans can be odd creatures indeed." He mused while depositing the blood soaked rags into a bucket nearby.

"Perhaps she backed up into a large crystal?" He wondered as he placed fresh cloths down on the mattress. But that would have to have been one large crystal, and she would have to have running backwards awfully fast in order to create this damage. For a moment, he thought to visit Mahiya's blessing upon the girl, but he caught himself. Ashe would have already done that were that the right course to follow. The Elder had mentioned that the only way out of this mess was through it. He placed his calloused hand upon her fine brow and whispered a prayer to the Divinities for Kit's favor.

Kit then moaned a bit, and took a bit of intake of breath, just before Maccabeus turned around to wake Ashe she spoke.

"Drakyr, my sweet friend, I'm no good to you dead. Unless I find a cure for myself the secret will remain such. Besides, if the others knew what our plans are, or should I say, what your plans are, you would be hunted with no reprieve...probably by the finest assassins in all of Elsenban. So please, don't make idle threats. It puts me under unnecessary stress. Now, if you don't mind, I have work to do."

She then lay quiet.

Maccabeus simply stood and watched the girl for a while, waiting for any sign of distress from her. None came forth. He returned to his stargazing and to his pipe that patiently waited for him on the sill.
Hands of time passed [5am] until the morning glow of Kossuth started to put the stars to sleep.
Kit seemed still at ease, so Maccabeus felt no need to awaken Ashe. Maccabeus sat quietly, watching the sky lighten, and only came alert when he heard Wolf padding quietly behind him. Looking around, Maccabeus noted that Wolf was poking and licking at Jarmok, and the dale gnome realized that his big, furry brother was right: Ashe had said that Jarmok needed to awaken ere dawn. Jarmok awakened to Wolf ministrations. "Hrung. Am awake. Is time?" The odd sentinel grumbled.
Title: Kit's Life
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Maccabeus listened as closely as he could to Ashe's explanation. But, as often happened to him when someone explained something for which he had no background, his mind wandered.

If he were to simply serve as sentinel here tonight, then it would be a nice night for a smoke of this wonderful weed that Ashe had given him. He would open a window and watch the stars, breathing in the cool night air. Perhaps he could look at one of these herbal books that Ashe had spoken of. He was interested in that dark colored moss that he has found in the north end of the Ring. He wondered if Vallenwood, or Bramble knew anything about herbal properties.

At length, Ashe murmured something about someone called Avernus, and then lay down and swiftly fled to slumber.

Well, if someone named Avernus showed up, Maccabeus would have to deal with that. In the meantime, his name was being called by his sacred trinity: stars, book, and pipe.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe glanced over to Maccabeus and said, "Seers can make what's called a psicrystal. It's an extension of their personality. Kit is actually making one right now in her back. That's why the large blood blister. It just occured to me that since she touched the Eye and it was the catalyst of the formation of her crystal that her crystal might have some residual powers of the Eye. What exactly this would mean I don't know. It definately something to be wary of."

Ashe went back over to his bed and sat down. "I'm going to try like Avernus to get some sleep." Maccabeus could see large dark circles under his bloodshot eyes. Ashe's hair was a tangled mess and the age lines on his face seemed to be that much deeper.

Ashe layed down, closed his eyes, and remained completly silent.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe had started to move to a bed during Maccabeus's words. He was mentally and physically exhausted. He couldn't stop thinking though. So much had transpired and wanted to sit in comtemplation of it.

He lay down on the bed and rested his head on the pillow. A pillow never felt so good he thought. He closed his eyes and continued to think. Was there anything that he missed? Did everything really go okay? he wanted to double check somehow. He just had to see where it would go.

He wondered what Kit's psicrystal would look like. What sort of personality would she thrust into it? Then a wave of horror came over him. What if her crystal was a product of the Eye itself and it harbored similar powers of the Eye?

Ashe snapped his eyes open and got up. Maccabeus had expected him to be asleep already and Wolf let out a quick grunt of surprise. Ashe went over to Kit and put his hand gently on her blister and said, "I guess we'll find out soon enough. Won't we, Kit?"
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok snored contentedly from the bed where he still sat, his head hung down to his chest. Maccabeus smiled and moved to help the outlander to lay down.

"He's an odd one, this." Maccabeus laughed. "Dang near beat Wolf in the run here. I think that the Great Hunter must smile upon him. Vallenwood likes him as well." He then turned to Ashe. "Get some sleep." He said. "I'll stand vigil over the lass. And I'll awaken you should she peep."
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe sat down and said, "I'll give you the short version. Kit has a sort of mind magic. You may know these folks as Seers. She touched an artifact called the Eye of Portence and it's attempted to maifest itself within Kit. Kit being a seer is particularly vulnerable to it's power. I just went into Kit's mind and saved her from oblivion. Now, her blister is something that came about as a result of her touching the Eye. My feeling is that it has not run it's course yet. Events are in motiion and the only way out of it is through it."

Ashe got up and went to a tapped barrel and filled a tankard with some amber colored brew. "Maccabeus, I would ask that you mind her and the place while I try to get some sleep. I'm utterly exhausted. If Kit makes a peep I want to know of it. You can look through my herb books if you like and experiment with some of my trappings on the shelf there."

Ashe took a draw from his tankard and says, "Jarmok, you're welcome to stay if you like, of course. There are plenty of beds. In a shart time though your friends will be calling on you to finish some buisiness at the ruins. I beg that you get some rest."
Title: Kit's Life
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Maccabeus surveyed the room, and Wolf whined in sympathy for the youngling laying prone upon the bed.

"Kit hurt." Jarmok said superfluously as he sat upon the clean bed on the far side of Kit.

"Indeed." Maccabeus answered, peering at the blister. He turned his head slightly towards Ashe, but kept his eyes upon Kit's lower back. "I have to assume that this is not a straight-forward wound, yes?" He asked. "I shouldn't think that you would need me for that." He then looked up at Ashe's haggard face. "What's going on? What happened?"
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe motioned for the three of them to enter his apothecary.

The girl Maccabeus had just met and healed the previous evening lay on her stomach of the bed. Jarmok noted that she was now cleaned, her bloody undergarments had been stripped, and two fresh linen blankets, folded in 1' x 4' length were draped over her for modesty. One was across her upper back, covering her chest that she lay upon, the other was across her buttocks. The blister was left in plain view between them. Many fresh cloths had been stacked at each hip to catch the blood that was slowly seeping from the sides of the wound.

Jarmok thought the lass looked far better now that she was clean and on a fresh bed. Ashe had even dampened her hair and rinsed parts of it which were coagulated with dried blood. He then had combed it out and set the length within a towel to the side of her head for drying.

Her head was cradled by a fresh down pillow, the soft features of her face were calm and relaxed as she dosed in painless sleep, thanks to Ashe?s potion.

They had not gotten all the blood splatter from the frame of the adjacent bed, nor even tended to that its mattress, but at least the pools had been mopped from the floor and one could safely walk in the room.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe opened the door to see Jarmok and Maccabeus laughing with each other. Out of delighted curiosity he began to smile too. He was glad to see that, despite all that was currently happening, laughter still existed.

Even Wolf was joining the fun by jumping and trotting around.

Laughing also Ashe said, "Come on in and get some drink! Maccabeus, your eyes, Wolf's too, are much appreciated tonight."
Title: Kit's Life
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Duthash Dracum Fehy [May 14th]. Kossuth was still a few hands away. Both Istisha and Akadi were all but new, and their slivers were gone from the early morning sky anyway. Grumbar was yet gibbous, but its dusky orange light didn't contribute much to the pitch of night, and that dark was reinforced by the thickening canopy of newly leaved trees that spanned the road that led north out of Threshold.

Jarmok felt as though he were padding through a tunnel, except for the minimal light of Grumbar, and of the stars, that fought its way to illuminate the packed dirt road.

The night's activities had left his nerves on high alert, but he could hear nothing over the sounds of his slightly labored breathing and the light pounding of his soft leather boots. He could see even less; barely a quarter of a bow shot ahead of him.

Ever since his realization that he could assume other forms, he would have preferred to fly this errand, but his head was still ringing from having done so earlier. He wasn't ready to do that again just yet.

And so he ran. Nervously. He struggled through his fatigue and his emotion-drained cobwebbed head, forcing himself to remain calm and to attune his environment.

On top of all this, shadowriders were about, perhaps waiting in ambush for any foolish enough to tread this road at night. Unconsciously, his pace quickened from a jog to a lope.

His well-founded fears birthed no fruit, however. In short order he crossed the bridge to Little Threshold and angled through the fields towards the south. Were this an errand that he would run during the day, he would have gone through the far side, but he wasn't yet intimate enough with that side to be able to navigate it under the current poor lighting conditions. So he went the long way, knowing that Ashe would have preferred the short.

But the old herbalist had said that Kit was no longer in any real danger, and that had eased Jarmok into taking the more true route, instead of the more swift one.

Of course, now that he arrived at the south end of the south field, he realized that he didn't know how to alert the small dale gnome to his presence.

Straining, he could hear the somewhat distant gurgling of water. The bramble wall was full and strong, and bore the scent of those blooms that Ashe liked so well. Crumpetblooms? He didn't really know.

Jarmok became aware of a chanting deep in his mind. He seemed to be replaying the rhythm that Ash and Maccabeus had used when the four of them had planted that oversized acorn. The Vallenwood chant.

As far as Jarmok knew, he wasn't a particularly adept person where music was involved; he didn't really know how he could have remembered that lilt, although it did speak to him on a fairly primal level.

It played continuously in his mind, and he found himself getting a little lost in it, even as his goal of fetching Maccabeus reared in his mind: an image of him, Wolf, and Maccabeus running back to Threshold to aid in Ashe's treatment of Kit.

Abruptly, the bramble began to move about, as though harassed by a strong wind. Except that it moved far more than a wind might move a shrubbery. It twisted and opened the way that it had on that morning when Jarmok had met Maccabeus.

And there stood Wolf: tall, robust, and clear-eyed, with a spear-bearing dale gnome astride him, ready to run.

"Lead on, brother mine." The gnome said.

"Hrung." Jarmok spun upon his heal and began the run back to Threshold. He didn't bother asking how Maccabeus knew that he was there, nor how Maccabeus knew that Jarmok had come to lead him anywhere. It just was, and for Jarmok's now-lethargic mind, that was enough.

The run back to Threshold was faster, and more enjoyable than the run out of Threshold had been. Jarmok's energy came back. There was no conversation, but Wolf seemed to enjoy bumping into the lean outlander playfully. Jarmok found himself racing the huge wolf at times, pushing himself to his fastest. But Wolf was faster still; the big animal seemed to be teasing Jarmok as they flew along the road southerly. He ran ahead by a handful of paces, then slowed, allowing Jarmok to almost catch up, but stayed continuously just beyond Jarmok's ability to catch him.

All too soon they crossed the angelhawk, Jarmok still on the heels of Wolf, even though the latter bore the dead weight of his hunka-brother. But Jarmok cheated.

As Wolf sped across the rosewalk, Jarmok still trailing, and then across the wolfsong, Jarmok still trailing, the outlander veered sharply off to the left, speeding behind the buildings while Wolf, less intimate with the area, followed the road. Jarmok pushed himself hard, his heart thumping and his breath forced. He vaulted over shrubberies, much as he had done earlier, and when he rejoined the road, a bowshot or so north of Ashe's house, he was alone.

But not for long. Some short distance behind Jarmok, Wolf yiped in surprise and Maccabeus laughed shrilly. Then the animal ran in earnest and the trio came to Ashe's house almost simultaneously.

Breathless though he was, it was the first time in his recollection that Jarmok shared an earnest, honest belly laugh with another person. Perhaps even with himself.
Title: Kit's Life
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I think we might as well get into phase 2 and try to continue here. What does going into a new thread by us? At least the entire thread will all be in one place.

I also beg the indulgence of all readers and all involved in the thread, I realize that it has been very self-absorbed, but that is what ICD's are for - our personal enjoyment. And the development of this character has been thoroughly enjoyable for me. Thanks to all for allowing me my fun.
Title: Kit's Life
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Dray, did you want to start a new thread for the next phase?
Title: Kit's Life
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"Hrung." Jarmok assented tiredly, taking the pouches proffered by the elder. He tucked the pouches into his quiver, nestling it immobile among his crude arrows. He then strode from the herbalist's home, and made his way northerly. Loping along at a comfortable pace, eyes and ears straining for any signs of unwelcome company.

He jogged silently over the wolfsong, the rosewalk, and then the angelhawk bridges, heading northerly to retrieve Maccabeus and his magnificent wolf.

Is this thread done?
Title: Kit's Life
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Laren's Eyes began to droop on his walk. He found a mossy patch beneath a huge tree and rested for a moment. Before he knew what hit him, he was fast asleep.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe looked to Jarmok and handed him the two pouches of vials and said, "Be sure that Laren gets one of these" indicating the red pouch. "May the luck of Sardior and the grace of Mahiya be with you tomorrow."
Title: Kit's Life
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Laren finsihed the spot on the floor he was working on and put the mop and bucket in the corner. He stopped by Kit's bed side and patted her arm. Silently he left the building.
Title: Kit's Life
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After a little while Ashe walked back in to the house and his head and shoulders were completely drenched. "OH! That feels so good!" He still had the dark circles beneath his eyes but the cut on his temple was completly gone. "That head soak was exactly what I needed. I'm still very tired though."

Ashe looked around the room at the blood soaked linens and mess on the floor. "You guys should get some sleep. I understand that you have a busy tomorrow."

He fumbled around in a small chest under his table and pulls out a fistful of vials. He lays them on the table and grabs two of them. "Here, these two potions will make both of you feel rested. You won't be getting much sleep tonight so in the morning drink these and it'll revitalize you. These six here are good for healing. There's one for each one of the Protectorate."

"Jarmok, I'm sure you remember how to get to the Ring of Mists where Maccabeus is. If you would get him and bring him here I would be most grateful. Then go get some sleep. Kit will be fine. She'll be sleeping for a good long while. Depending on how things go with the ruins, be back here as soon as you can. She listens to you best of all. That may become useful. Laren, you've been an exceptional help here tonight. But now you should get some rest. Let the others know that Kit is doing well but she won't be going with you guys tomorrow."

He puts the six healing vials in a small green pouch and the other two in a dark red pouch. He gets up from the table and offers the pouch to whoever will take them.
Title: Kit's Life
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Laren wearily continues to mop.
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok began to clean Kit's body as best he could with what few unstained linens remained. The mess was horrific. This was more blood, he thought, than a full-grown stag would release during its hanging and letting time.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe stepping outside says, "Yeah...move her to another bed. Put her on her belly too. I need some" Ashe's voice trailed away as he walked further away from the house.
Title: Kit's Life
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"Ashe?" Jarmok asked hesitantly. "Is can clean, move to clean bed? Or maybe want 'Cabeus...can go get if more helpful."
Title: Kit's Life
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Immediately upon drinking the milky white fluid Kit remarkably improved, her skin flushed with pink color, the blue in her extremities vanishing. Her muscles stopped visibly cramping and her convulsion ceased. Her last small cough was the one she made before the last two gulps.

As Kit spoke to the two men her eyes became clearly aware of herself, but she was in such a state of exhaustion she didn't react.

As Ashe motioned to take a step outside, Kit whispered, this time in a ragged and worn voice, "Ashe...thank you", and slipped once again into unconsciousness.

Covered and surrounded in her own blood, naked on a patients table that was her ruined battlefield, Kit slipped into a peaceful sleep. Jarmok continued to gently cradle his friends' head.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe blinks after what seemed like an eternity. He removed his hands from Kit's head and slowly got up from the bed. He rubbed his bloodshot eyes and cracked his neck and knuckles.

He stumbled slightly and said, "Girls her age are supposed to think about ponies and kissing boys for the first time. She's had a hard life for any age. Her head is filled with nightmares."

Ashe slowly sat down at his table and continued to rub his eyes. "She'll be alright now. She needs to sleep. If you two want to stay you're welcome to. If you want to get some sleep there's some beds over there. Or you can go back to the inn. If you go back I'd ask that someone get Maccabeus so that I might get some sleep...if I even can."

Ashe lifted his head. He had large dark circles under his eyes. "I can't thank you two enough for your help. I need something to drink."

Ashe rose from his work table and proceeded to walk outside into the morning air in a sort of trance.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 12, 2006, 08:18:38 AM
In a matter of moments Kit's body had returned to one of ravaging internal violence. The muscles, which had found solitude in the dormancy of unconsciousness, now rebelled and tried to escape from to the destruction of her lower spine. Her still cold skin caused her to shiver spasmodically. Her teeth ground behind blue lips and cold sweat dripped from her furrowed brow as she dug her fingers around the mattress, gripping the bloody sheet in both hands. As Ashe held her head above the mattress, she tried to focus her attention on him and control the myriad of reactions of her body. The enormity of the struggle she fought left Jarmok incredulous, as she let out half coughs and slight gags while fighting for each breath.

Although Jarmok wondered if she would make it to see Kossuth rise in a few hands, an arrow of pride shot through his heart. The girl was now doing everything she could to return to them, to return to her friends.

Kit released her stranglehold of the sheet with her right hand and reached up to her breasts to grab the pendant. In her bloody hand the symbol of Paladine disappeared as she slowly closed her eyes and tried to meditate.

Miraculously, she focused. Although her body continued to wrack her mind she was able to calm her breathing and completely hinder the convulsions in her throat. She opened her eyes and looked at Ashe with a look that required no telepathy to understand.

The moment was now.

"Laren, now! Pour the drink down her throat!" Ashe shouted in his excitement. Ashe gripped her hand tightly.

As Laren raised the decanter of milky white fluid to Kit's lips, Ashe and Jarmok noted that Kit's focused mind was already expended and the moment was slipping past.

"Hold her Jarmok! Grasp her head so it can't jerk away!" Ashe demanded, still shouting as he was now slave to the event and his own exhaustion.

Jarmok did as he was instructed, quickly stepping behind the head of the bed and wrapping an arm around her forehead as Ashe gripped the back of her neck and Laren poured the precious fluid into her mouth.

Kit took four large gulps of the fluid, lightly coughed a moment as Laren tipped the decanter away, and then drank two more.
Title: Kit's Life
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This marks the END of the *** PSYCHIC SURGERY *** portion of the thread. Thanks for reading!
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe said to Kit, “I want you to lie within the image of yourself in the bed. The two of you will become as one. Then I want you to breathe the deepest breath you have ever taken…on my word.”

Kit trembled as she climbed onto the bed and into her ghostly and injured image. Her teenage image was notably bigger than her, her eleven year old feet didn’t quite reach her fifteen year old feet. She hesitated in lying down.

“It’s going to hurt Ashe….Grandfather,” she said, correcting herself even though in tears.

“I will not lie to you my child, it will hurt, but I am going to make the pain go away. I will be with you every moment and will not allow you to slip away. Now, you must help me help you.”

Kit lied down inside her older self, crossed her arms on her chest and tightly closed her eyes, waiting for the pain.

“Remember now, big breathe as soon as you wake up.” Ashe said, dreading the next inevitable moment.

Another anxious moment of waiting passed and then Ashe announced, "This will be violent, do exactly as I say after she wakes."

Ashe paused for a moment, to gather every last bit of psionic strength he had left. He then reached for Kits head and released it into her two forms.

A moment later Kit woke with a sudden and loud intake of breathe rising her upper torso almost off the bed. She immediately started to cough, gag and convulse and her eyes spoke of the reintroduction to all of the pain once suppressed by the ignorance of unconsciousness.

Ashe looked haggard, he seemed to age in seconds before Jarmok and Laren's very eyes, he reached behind Kit's neck and pinched her hard, making her focus on him.

"Fight it Kitalia, fight the urge to cough, can you do that!" He yelled at her. "Control the pain, focus your mind, I know you know how!"

Kit looked at Ashe in total recognition of who he was, she nodded and then grimaced with the effort, trying her utmost to obey him.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe’s thoughts went back to his own final moments with his wife. Her departure was almost more than he could bear. What that loss meant to him still was the driving force behind who he was. Now there was more, there was the girl whom he knew he would take on as a student.

As he walked along side Kit, the enormity of what he and she just went through struck him. He hugged Kit with all the love a guardian could give a child. This poor girl, sobbing in his arms, had a strength that few could ever have. A change in her was inevitable, he would help shape that change.

Kit for her part sobbed only a short while, and stopped suddenly when they reached Ashe’s herb shop. For standing in front of the herb shop, waiting to greet the girl home was all of the Protectorate. Behind them, all the people she cared for in the world were also waiting, Kyle, Julius, The Captain, Pappy, her tin merchant Kayle, Warden, and her parents. All who loved her brought her into their group as she and Ashe reached the threshold of the shop.

“Dray said, physical world…we are not in it are we Julius,” Kit asked after giving her father a long embrace. They all had stopped to listen and watched on, not one of them had offered a word as each hugged her in turn.

“No they are not my child, they are merely loving projections from your own spirit, a spirit that overcome the greed of an unspeakable evil. Now it is up to you to finish this, we must get you inside so your mind can awake from this and return to the world with new fire.” Ashe said with one hand on her shoulder.

“But I want to stay with them? Why can’t I stay with them Ashe?” Kit pleaded.

 “You’ve had an impact on many lives in your short life. They all care for you and have loved you, each in their own way. In honor of their living and spiritual memories you must leave them here and return to our world. Do not allow your parents to have died in vain, do not allow these people both living and dead, suffer the loss of one that has meant so much to them. Carry on in life and honor their memories by becoming the person you were meant to be before the tragedy took that person away.” Ashe felt an unbidden tear fall from his eye, how like the situation with his brother this present ending was.

“Soon you will have to put your fear behind you and be brave once more against those who would do unto others what has been done to you. Do you want to save others from your fate Kit?” Ashe asked knowing her answer would be his final test of her unknowing bid to be his student.

“I would go through all that we have just endured forever if it would save just one small girl my fate.” Kit said with a brave but tearful face.

Ashe kneeled down to the image of the eleven year old kit and took her into his arms. “I love you too Kitalia, I will do everything I can to teach you in harnessing your abilities to save others.” Ashe said crying, after a moment he stood once again and said with a smile as he reached for the door, “From now on you are to call me Grandfather”

“Now, Let’s go inside, you aren’t safe yet and there is much work to be done.”

Kit nodded her understanding and walked with Ashe to the door. The group of people faded as they passed the threshold and Ashe noted they were gone as he closed the door.

Ghostly images of Jarmok, Laren and Ashe reformed near the bed, next to the last transparent figure of an older Kit who was near naked and in dire straits. As Kit and Ashe approached, Kit let out a gasp at her dieing image upon the bed.

Kit continued to lay on the bed in that state, her eyes open in an unblinking stare at the ceiling.

Without warning the tension in Ashe's face relaxed considerably, he then took in a deep breath and actually turned his head to his assistants. "Are you both ready? Kit is here now, and is ready to come back to us."

Both Jarmok and Laren nodded in enthusiasm, incredibly relieved to once again do something to help and not to only stare at the man.

"On my word?" Ashe said with relief in his tone, but tears in his eyes. He turned back to Kit and became a statue once more.
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok concentrated hard as he spoke slowly. "Of course...I...for...give you, Kit."

He hoped that her mind would hear the voice that she needed to hear, and not his own poor and broken one.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 11, 2006, 09:29:01 PM
Dray and Kit knelt on the ground holding each other tightly, the cloths around their faces having been removed while in the air.

“I need you to do one more thing for me my love. I need you to go with Ashe back to his place in town and do what he instructs, can you do that?” Dray asked her as he pulled his head away from the embrace to look at her in the eyes.

“But what….where are you going Dray?! You must come with us!” Kit demanded in a sudden panic.

“But what….where are you going Dray?! You must come with us!” the closed eyed Kit demanded to no-one in a sudden panic.

“I cannot my Kitalia, I cannot enter this village without creating a disturbance in the physical world.” Dray stated, stressing the last two words. “Ashe will explain this when you get to his home. Do this one last thing for me Kitalia, and do not fret, we will see each other again soon.”

After a silent voice answered her, a voice that apparently only Ashe could hear, she spoke again in the whisper.

“But I have so much to tell you Dray, my heart cannot bear it any longer, I must ask you…I need to ask you for your forgiveness.” Kit’s whispered voice broke with emotion. Her bloodshot eyes opened and pleaded with the vision that didn’t exist in the room. Tears welled up around the blue gems that felt no relief of a blink.

“But I have so much to tell you Dray, I cannot bear it in my heart any longer to not tell you…to ask you for forgiveness.” Kit cried.

“Your plea for forgiveness is not yours to make my love, I bear no ill will for your part in the crimes committed against you. You are an innocent in all this, and my love has only grown stronger for your courage and bravery in all of this.” Dray said in a solemn voice.

With that he put a finger up to her lips to interrupt her next words, and replaced it with his lips for one final kiss. “Go now Kitalia, time is running short.”

With that Kit looked to Ashe for mercy, wanting him to forbid their departure, but Ashe merely took her under his arm and guided her slowly away from Dray, who stayed kneeling on the grass.

As he walked the trembling Kit away from him, Dray telepathed a final message. “Dray will be aware of none of this, since I am not him. Be aware of the prophecy, for it is a dynamic.”

With that, he was gone, and Kit somehow sensed it and cried harder.

Title: Kit's Life
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"Her ending. I just bring She say...her goodbyes. Then..she'll be ready." Ashe wanted her to drink the potion but too soon could be disasterous. He wanted to explain the ordeal in her mind to Jarmok and Laren but he needed to stay focused and with her. The attention he was affording them was all that he could spare, brief as it was.
Title: Kit's Life
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"Drink now?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 11, 2006, 04:58:22 PM
Upon Jarmoks' embrace kit had immediately calmed.

Jarmok separated from his bear hug but kept her wrists pinned to the mattress.

"I love you too Dray, I miss you so." Kit whispered.

“I love you too Dray, I miss you so.” With his dragon hearing, Ashe heard Kit whispered to Dray within the pocket. It only made him fly stronger. With blood flowing out of the wound on his head he turned to take one last look at the three towers, one last time and was shocked at the scene behind him.

With his keen dragon sense he watched an image of Kit, an older one, in a flowing white dress. One moment she was standing with her arms stretched to the wind, the next she was violently ripped apart by a claw from the diving great platinum dragon.

The imagery confused him for a blink of an eye, Dray had mentioned prophecy, and this thought made his heart sink.

Feeling the thought slow him, he banished it into the recesses of his mind, ‘there will be time to ponder this later’ he reprimanded himself.

Souring away from the nightmare, he soon soared out of the desert storm and left it behind. The clouds magically transformed from threatening grey clouds of lightning into scattered clouds of white beauty. The landscape below changed from choking dead sands to lush green forest.

Despite his weariness and the wound in his head he smiled, Threshold was ahead. This what Kit must now consider home, and the thought brought warmth to his heart.

He landed just outside the village and deposited the two children on a soft patch of grass.

With renewed energy of victory he transformed back into his human form, into Ashe.
Title: Kit's Life
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Laren and Jarmok, concentrating on the mysterious episode, could see Ashe's left temple open up into a large bloody cut. Ashe, barely audible, whispered, "I'm okay...Kit's going to live. Stay ready with the brew Laren...I'm getting...very tired...We're almost...there. Jarmok...If I pass m-must...get that drink...down her throat."
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok grabbed his friend's hands and wrested them from her throat. Kit was surprisingly strong, but he was able to haul her arms down to her sides. He then wrapped her in a bear hug and supported her, trying to reduce the strain that her wracking visited upon her back. "Is drink time?" He asked urgently.

Ashe stood in pain, his leg screaming in protest. He could barely hear Dray and Kit choking to death for the closest tower was exploding violently, boulders the size of houses were thundering to the ground, some close enough that the powder they spread made things worse.

He limped over to his two charges, despair starting to overtake him, he was psionically spent, there simply wasn’t enough energy within him to repair the leg.

As he got close enough to the children to see them he saw that Dray had crawled over to Kit and tied a cloth over her mouth and she had stopped coughing. Dray then stood up, and did the same thing for himself. He looked at Ashe with an amazing amount of courage and telepathed, “What can we do?”

Ashe steeled his resolution to match Dray’s. ‘What could he do indeed.’

Even as he tripped and tumbled, Ashe knew he had to call upon Mahiya to aid him. He banished his despair, for he cared not for himself, all he cared for was Kit. He would gladly give his own life to save her. The greed of Zyxu would not take them. The years of built up despair Kit had was now being manipulated by outside forces to claim her soul. Ashe, in his determination, found new energy to carry on.

He changed back into his human form. The dust and wind stung his eyes but he had endured far worse before. The transformation into the new image healed his broken leg. He stood up before Dray and with confidence put a hand on his shoulder.

Lifting his head into the choking sands that did not affect him he yelled, “Zyxu…Eye…you will not take me…YOU WILL NOT TAKE HER!! ZEBULON!!”

The tattoo on Ashe’s chest burst forth in a brilliant radiant light. It consisted of four distinct colors: Sapphire, Emerald, Amber, and Fire. Ashe took a few steps backward as his body began to transform once again. Wings erupted from his back as, his arms and legs lengthened changing into massive scaled appendages with clawed feet. His face elongated and his head sprouted horns. His skin changed to the color of polished steel and the symbol on his chest glowed with such brilliance that it dismissed the surrounding darkness.

Ashe’s Steel Dragon form was enormous. He extended his wings to shield Kit and Dray from the wind, boulders, and dust. He extended his head and let out a deep roar as though to scream at the storm. Reaching down he scooped through the sand to pick up Dray and a weakened Kit. “I am an archangel of Mahiya! You are a soldier of Paladine! Together we will bring her out of this storm! Hold her Dray! Hold her as though you were trying to give her life!”

Tucking his hand to his chest and thereby creating a protective pocket, Ashe stretched out his wings and jumped into the air and took flight. In his ascent, a boulder came plummeting from the sky and crashed into the left side of Ashe’s head opening a large wound.
Title: Kit's Life
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Ashe yells, "Jarmok, hold her down! She'll hurt herself!"Ashe said with what energy he could muster. "She's in a dream and is reacting according to her visions!"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 11, 2006, 12:41:21 PM
She was quiet for many moments, while Ashe continued to hold her head, a stance he had been in for what seemed like an eternity. Laren thought that statues moved more than he had the past hand of time. Then again without warning Kit suddenly broke out in wracking coughs. Her torso rose off the mattress with nothing but the back of her head and her ruined lower back for support. She frantically brought up her hands and started clawing at her throat.

Ashe could hear Dray and Kit choking in the blinding swirling dust, as he tried to stand with the earth still quaking he realized one of his legs was broken, the bone sticking out of the hide of his right front leg.

‘No!’ he thought in horror, ‘we were almost there!’

He had never before incurred an injury while in a patients’ mind. ‘I am going to lose her! The Eye is too powerful for me!’ Ashe thought in a panic.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 11, 2006, 12:40:22 PM
As the pendant of Paladine touched Kit's chest the tears stopped running and her crying quickly stopped. Her breathing returned to a normal rhythm of true sleep.

Time jumped back to full speed in a flash, almost startling the stag’s gallop. A moment after a great Platinum Dragon flew not more than two dozen feet overhead from behind them, startling him again. It rushed ahead of them towards the towers.

“The dragon will see to it that the towers do not hinder us Mahiya,” telepathed Dray to Ashe. “Charge around them at a distance, Kit should not look upon what is happening there, the prophecy will only serve to confuse.”

Ashe, in full gallop nodded his understanding. Although he loved Mahiya with all of his heart he held a great admiration for Paladine who would act as a champion for the weak. He was so grateful that he said a small prayer to the deity. “Majestic Volendan, you are great in deeds of love and mercy. May you continue to lend your strength in times that she will need it. You are an honored son of Nyx and a parent that will always offer grace to thy children. Stay with her always.”

Finishing his prayer the Great Golden Stag that was Ashe turned all of his effort to getting through the nightmare. He dashed through the thinning brush. Ahead were the nightmarish Towers of Zyxu. Behind them the storm was so violent and that gusts were forming into tornadoes but the projected land was unnaturally changing. The almost blinding rain was being replaced quickly by a hot, dry and raw wind that blew dust and ash in great swirling twisters around the Three Towers.

Ashe banked wide to avoid the towers and the twisters just as he was instructed. The great platinum dragon banked right and ascended out of view, Ashe could not turn to watch it, and he knew this is how it should be, for Kit was not meant to watch it either.

As they galloped across the ruined desert that surrounded the Towers and were almost a quarter turn around them, a great quake started to shake the land. The land below his hoof bounced so suddenly that he and his riders were thrown. Dray and Kit were violently tossed through the air as he went tumbling end over end in the choking Dust.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 11, 2006, 10:52:38 AM
Jarmok, his hands still shaking a little as the night's adrenaline wore down, pulled at the frayed drawstrings of the leather pouch and withdrew the frail chain and its pendant. The chain untangled with surprising ease, thankfully.

He thrust his long hand through the loop, draping it over his wrist, and then placed his hand atop her head. Easing her head up with his other hand, he slipped the necklace and pendant down onto her neck.

"Is pendant, Kit." He said. He didn't trust his voice to carry for more than short sentences. He grasped her hand and placed it upon the pendant, now hanging from her neck. In her other hand he pressed the worn leather pouch. "Kossuth up soon." He said. "Make sky pretty. Ever see Kossuth rise?" He asked, hoping to pull her out of her apparent despair.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 10, 2006, 08:07:37 PM
As Ashe made the request of Jarmok, Kit began to cry quietly. Her eyes, closed for the entire ordeal remained so, but tears streamed down across her temples before getting lost in the mess of the mattress.

The soft sobbing was still in the same etherical whisper and was bereft of choking or pain-induced stuttering, but there was an incredible tangible note of despair and loneliness within it.

To Jarmok she sounded as if she were a young wolf pup, abandoned and isolated in some far off wilderness.

“Tell her!” he empathed to Dray’s mind.

Then the event that linked his fate with Kit’s occurred, a moment that Ashe would never forget.

Dray pulled an arm around the front of her shoulders and drew the side of her face to his lips. Time drastically slowed down, Ashe along with it. His hoofs hit the ground slower than a mechanical clock tick. The rain drops became streaks of water as they hesitated in their descent. The rhythm of his heart pushing his slowed muscles became an evident timekeeper to the scene around him.

The moment had such portent that time slowed for it.

“I, Paladine, am with you my child, as is Mahiya. Be brave, your Lord waits on the other side of this chaos for his Queen.” Dray whispered sweetly into her ear.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on April 10, 2006, 06:32:17 PM
Ashe, barely audible said, "We're...very close. Jarmok...g...good job."

Ashe's voice was one of fatigue. Dark circles had formed under his eyes as if he'd been awake for days. While staring at Kit Ashe never once blinked.

"She'll...need...her necklace...Jarmok...put it...on" Ashe's voice trailed away as though his attention was diverted by something far away.

Ashe’s heart almost burst with a flood of emotions. Dray swept her up onto the back of the Ashe placing her between him and thick neck of the stag. “Hug the stag’s neck…this is going to be a bumpy ride!” Dray said. Ashe now carried the life of Kit on his back and was overjoyed at doing so. He bounded off towards the storm.

Ashe didn’t know what he would encounter but he knew that he was now in control of the situation. Love would illuminate the way through the storm. It would be the love of Dray, Paladine, Mahiya, and Ashe that would see her through to safety. It would also be the brotherly love of Jarmok and Laren that would save her in the physical world. Ashe figured that Kit could not ask for better company to protect her.

Landscape and weather quickly transformed, the storm was on top of them now. Dark rain shot down from the sky and lightning flashed in crooked fingers. They crested the top of a hill and beyond a great swamp there were three tall black towers silhouetted against the flashes of lightning. The swamp and the towers were well known to Ashe. He had been to these real world places before. He was surprised that she had been also. He didn’t have time to ponder the reasons for the images but he did have to get past them without losing her. Down the hill they went.

As they approached the dark swamp Ashe said to the boy, “We are going into a place that will frighten her. Hold her tight and let her know that you love her!”

As Ashe got into full gallop, racing through the swamp he was amazed at the growing power of his own image, never before in someone’s mind had he had such a feeling of complete control. He rushed over and around brushes without hesitation, water from the rivulets within the swamp sprayed in dramatic fashion behind them as they sped across the dismal land.

Despite his power though, his charges were being battered by rain and wrecked underneath from his uneven gate. Kit was shuttering in the frigid cold and crying in fear.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 10, 2006, 06:19:01 PM
Ashe bent down so that he was lying on the ground. He looked to the boy, “Both of you climb upon my back and I will take her out of this inner fury. She hasn’t much time. It is by the will of Nyx and Volendan that she lives. But it is on us to see it though. Climb on and I will run to save her!”

Dray took his hand off the stag and squared his shoulders with his young charge.

“The stag wants us to ride it, it says we are not safe here and must go with him.” He said to Kit as he took her other hand and held both in his own. His eyes held hers captive.

Kit was being drawn into the one symbol in this world she loved more than her own life. “But I can’t, my parents are meeting me here, you know that.” she said.

Dray took her quickly but gently by the back of her head and pulled her face into his, giving her a long kiss. One that was in discord of his apparent age and one that conveyed the love between their two souls.

He took his lips from her, but their foreheads still touched as he lightly stroked the back of her head.

“We are both in danger here, your parents will meet us on the other side of that storm. You must ride with me.” He whispered.

Kit said breathlessly. “I trust you.”

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 10, 2006, 06:14:09 PM
Jarmok felt a bit unbalanced. He wanted to be happy that she had spoken, but exactly what was going on, he couldn't tell; she might yet be in danger, and she might not. The pendant in its pouch might have been helpful, and it might not. He just didn't know.

He breathed deeply, sharing a nervous glance with Laren.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 10, 2006, 05:54:16 PM
Kit's did respond to him in her ghostly whisper but remained still.

Jarmok looked back and forth from Kit to Ashe, who still was in his motionless grasp of her. He turned to Laren to inquire if any change had occured during his brief flight when Kit interrupted his query with an long glorious intake of breath. Her breathing had been so shallow it had been almost undetectable to the both of them. The breath, uncharacteristicly erupting from the barrier of her dismal condition, on any given day would have been considered a normal intake of surprise. Now, it was elevated to a sign of profound hope for the two caretakers.

Jarmok knew she would speak, he sensed it coming and that something good was happening. He couldn't explain from where this feeling derived, only that he could feel it with every part of his soul.

In a clear and ethereal voice she said, "A golden stag, he is so beautiful, where did he come from Dray?" (OOC: Not a "typo") A lone tear came from the corner of her eye and drifted down her cheek.

“A golden stag. He is so beautiful, where did he come from Dray?” Tears streamed down her face.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 10, 2006, 11:27:10 AM
The fire from Kossuth's Spike reflected off of the Fogveil Vein's rippling waters as Jarmok sprinted southerly. For once, he did not stop to knock at the door of the herbalist's home; he barged in, throwing the door open noisily and rushing in. He breathed heavily, his hands shaking with adrenaline as he fumbled with Kit's pouch, pressing it into her hands eagerly.

"Kit?" He asked, noting that little in the clinic had changed sine he had left, except that Laren was now cleaning blood from the floor. "Is right pouch, Kit?" He asked, hoping that he hadn't been too slow.

Kit walked close enough to touch the great stag. As she stroked his fur a tear came to her eye.

“Who are you?” she asked in whisper, but as she did, Dray reached out and took her hand, which she then held in earnest.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 08, 2006, 08:25:21 AM
The second hour of the early morning was nearly spent. [almost 2am]. Laren missed Jarmok's company. He became weary of only watching Ashe holding Kit, and wanted to something, anything to help.

He decided that if anything were to happen, Ashe's apothecary was only so big, he would know. So he searched for anything that would help him clean the bloody mess around the bed.

He soon found a mop and bucket, and with a quick dip of it in the barrel of water, was whistling as he scrubbed the floor.

Ashe was enthusiastic that this approach would grab Kit’s attention as it had the boy’s. Ashe was unsure if he could speak with the boy as he was a memory of Kit’s. But his presence was noted and her mind was reacting to him. Ashe’s method of communication in this form was telepathic. Being in her mind this might give him a direct path for that telepathy. He could only warn her through the boy for if he spoke with her directly about the impending doom she could get frightened and change her mindscape once again.

Ashe bent his head down and looked into the eyes of the boy. They were eyes of innocence and destiny. It was unknown to Ashe what significance the tattoo on the boy’s back had but he was certain that it was an omen of greatness.

Ashe said to the boy in his mind, “What am I to you human youngling?”

Dray without hesitation projected back a powerful telepathic voice, his voice was strong and confident for one so young, and the power of his mind took Ashe by surprise. “You are a symbol of great power, as am I. And you are here to save my friend Kit from Death, as am I. What do you need me to do Heirophant of The Mind?”

As Dray spoke, Kit started to approach cautiously, stretching her arm out a bit so she too could touch the soft fur.

Ashe nearly shed a tear of joy. There was a part of Kit that wanted to survive and this was a manifestation of that. She was fighting a monstrous force that she did not understand. Alas, her will to live was becoming stronger than the greedy will of the Eye.

Ashe replied, “I need you to hold her hand as she touches me. You are her foundation to survive. Without you she’ll be scattered to the oblivion of greed.”

Ashe was finally getting through. Although his physical body was starting to collapse from exhaustion, his mind remained sharp and intent on its’ mission of salvation.

The last time Ashe had done an intervention of this magnitude it was on his brother. That occasion proved to be greater in it’s difficulty. It was also then that this insidious object of greed was created. Ashe would have destroyed the Eye years ago but since it was born of his deceased brother he felt obligated to let it endure.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 07, 2006, 04:46:52 PM
Movement from downstairs brought Jarmok out of his close inspection of the necklace and its attached pendant. Someone had mounted the stairs, and was coming this way.

He didn't have time to explain himself, although he felt much like a thief in the night.

He quickly placed the necklace back into the softened pouch and leaped from the window, landing lightly upon the ground. He tumbled (his shins reminding him of their earlier collision), absorbing the force of the landing, and sprang to his feet in a full sprint across the rosewalk towards the foot, the wolfsong, and south towards Ashe's home.

He took the shortest route, not necessarily staying to the roads, but darting through yards and along the banks of the river as he went. He heart thudded, much like his wings had earlier. Pump, pump, pump. It was several bow shots between the thornhedge and Ashe's home, but his long legs ate the distance efficiently, even as he had to leap over shrubberies and bushes and similar obstacles. Kit needed him, and he flew.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2006, 02:19:41 PM
Jarmok rummaged through the spilled contents as fast as he could without breaking anything.

'Why would anyone require so much?' He wondered.

Finally he came upon a small and extremely worn, dark leather pouch. It was clear to the hunter that this pouch had seen a lot of use. The soft leather was cracked near the edges and worn smooth in the middle. Where the seams were sewn it was still hard and textured. The mouth of the pouch was a little tattered and its drawstring was frayed from too much use.

When he picked up the pouch, the soft scent of jasmine entered his nostrils. Kit clings to this pouch. He thought. Very likely each and every night. It was a likely place and use for a religious affection.

His fingers flew as he loosened the string to the pouch and tilted it upward over a cupped palm. He was rewarded by a small gold necklace. The chain was the finest and frailest he had ever seen; it fed through a symbol no bigger than his thumb. The symbol was that of a dragon in an "S" shape with outspread wings connected to the concave and convex of the top curve.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 07, 2006, 01:41:17 PM
Jarmok shook his head from the stunning overload of information that this room conveyed. Kit was in far more need than he had realized. Right now, for a necklace of some sort.

Kit had said that the necklace in question would be on the nightstand, hadn't she? There was none there. Jarmok began to panic a little. If this little trinket would save his hunka-sister's life, he needed it. Why was it not where she had said it would be?!?

Perhaps in the drawer? He lunged at the delicate-looking and overflowing nightstand and hauled at the knob on the drawer. Given the packed state of the drawer, he had imagined that there would have been more resistance to its slide, but there was not.

The contents of the drawer spilled to the floor noisily and he was left holding the upturned, empty drawer by its knob. He cast the drawer upon the bed and searched through the pile that was now on the floor. He realized that he didn't even really know what he was looking for, apart from it being a necklace. Be there, be there. He thought forcibly.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 07, 2006, 12:32:49 PM
Jarmok lifted himself off the floor, shards of glass stuck to him and his armor, which he quickly brushed off onto the floor.

Assured he was not bleeding to death, he quickly examined the room. Jarmok was not sure what he expected to find after he had crashed through the window, but had he asked himself, this discovery would not have been even close to his answer.

The bed had been moved to the center of the room since his last visit when the window had shattered that day less than two weeks ago. This was a discovery he had learned the hard way. With his keen vision in the darkness he could see that the oak posts of the bed left a long scratch on the floor from the wall. The sheets, the pillow and winter blanket instead of being on the bed were peaking out from underneath it.

'She sleeps under bed'. Jarmok thought.

Around the bed was organized chaos. He scanned the room quickly in only a passing interest, his target the nightstand.

Crumpled and torn pieces of parchment was the most evident form of litter, not a single section of the room was without at least two or three neat piles of it. From what he could tell, each one had the girls written words and drawings on them, what she was spending all her time writing about Jarmok did not know.

Some of the stacks of parchment sat upon or near the many towering piles of folded clothing. Jarmok thought with a quick half smile that the amount of dresses, skirts, blouses, tunics, belts, boots, pants and other articles could fully cloth half of Threshold.

An unfinished plate of food sat in the left corner, most likely a dinner she forgot to put in the hall when she left the previous morning for their journey.

A desk to his left near the door behind him was cluttered now with materials and tools of the tailoring trade. Near it was a pile of clothes that she appeared to have been altering. Beside this pile was a lute, he didn?t know she could play the loot. On second look he realized it was unstrung.

'Hrung. Perhaps she couldn't'.

All this was only a passing glance and almost forgotten when he looked at the wall to his right. His heart sank with the portent on what he now gazed upon.

The entire windowless wall had been painted with a crude image of a dragon in full flight. It was an aerial view as if someone were above it looking down at its back. Although crude, it was incredible in its scope, the extended wings spanning the entire wall. Below the right wing were names carved into the wall, apparently carved by the gold-tinted dagger that now stuck to it, it's blade a full inch into the wood. The names crossed out multiple times by slashing cuts were Markell and Jordan. Two names under which were not slashed. Drakyr and Leech. Jarmok recognized the names spoken at the fire that night, they were the names of the murderers of her parents.

A spattering of dried blood was splayed over all the names, and dozens of exhausted candles stood below the mural, giving the entire wall the semblance of a shrine.

The nightstand, his goal, had been moved adjacent to the head of the bed, on the side of which he stood. He just only just discovered this target, as it was covered a stack of blank parchment. The top draw so overflowing of items that it stood forever half open. A large grooming kit sticking out the top of it, cradled by more tailoring tools, half empty vials of ink, rolls or parchment and about a dozen female objects Jarmok couldn't identify.

The cluttered and messy room conveyed the feel of a temple to sacred loneliness, isolated upon an isle of fear.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 07, 2006, 09:31:08 AM
The fleet falcon's form was a bit more of a challenge than the night bird had been. The night bird had been maneuverable, but very stable. Jarmok had observed these animals in flight, and knew that they were faster and could make sharper turns than any other bird that he had seen, but apparently that speed and maneuverability had a price, and that price was stability.

The merest flick of his tail sent him careening in the wrong direction. Still over the fogveil, and still with considerable speed, but that made it worse. He became off course faster, and thereby further. He clenched his tail sharply and found himself flying straight as a bolt from a crossbow.

He cursed his own stupidity. Now was not the time to learn the nuances of a new form, although it had seemed like a good idea at the time.

He concentrated as best he could, flicking himself gently towards the thornhedge. He also hadn't counted upon the falcon's poor night vision; somehow he hadn't thought at all that such a diurnal creature would not see as well as he himself could through the starry night.

But he did know where he was going. A hundred mornings and as many nights padding through Threshold had given him a keen sense of where what was, and now he relied fully upon that sense.

The thornhedge reared before him, an inky, flat shadow in the night. So early in the morning, he knew that the front door would be locked and barred from within; he didn't have time to await Keltan to rise to pounding upon that thick oaken door.

Jarmok spread wide his tail and pushed it upward. His nose elevated and he rolled upwards, trying to gauge the location of the newly repaired window to Kit's room. There was folly in this plan, he knew, but the risk needed to be taken and his 10 wisdom was not sufficient to overtake his zeal for speed.

He flexed his wings...pump, pump, pump...and eyed his glass target, much like aiming his arrow at his prey...pump, pump. He held his breath...pump...and came gracefully around, out of his roll...pump.

The moment before he hit the window he released his form, shimmering back into the lean outlander form that Mahiya had first made for him.

Glass shattered in a deafening crescendo and Jarmok ungracefully tumbled across the floor of the room. He tried to tumble to his feet, and his shins banged painfully into some tallish, solid and heavy obstruction. He fell forward, tumbling chaotically and slamming into the door on the far wall.

Shaking his head, he surveyed the room, his eyes now collecting so much more of the present light than his falcon form had.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 05, 2006, 06:54:52 PM
Kit was quiet, no longer chatty with the ghosts in the room. Laren watched over her while Ashe stayed in his motionless stare.

As he approached the pond, he watched as the boy, ignorant to his presence climbed out of the pond and climbed the boulder aside it. Dripping wet and in nothing but his lower undergarment, he was about to jump back in. What caught Ashe’s attention was the incredible tattoo the young lad had. Although the child did not appear much older than Kit, someone had painstakingly detailed a fine piece of artwork across his entire upper back. It was clearly an aerial view of a great platinum dragon in full flight, as if the viewer were flying above. The wings tips reached the tops of his shoulders, the tail reach his lower back.

It was magnificent, and more importantly very detailed in Kit’s mind. Ashe deducted that it must be something the boy possessed in the real world, and therefore, of great meaning.

“Boulder-drop or river-spike?” he asked someone on the other side of the rock he stood upon.

“Can’t you see I am enjoying the sun?” Kit said with a giggle.

“Boulder-drop it is!” the boy said, and jumped into the pond, very close to where she lay. His intent realized, water splashed all over the surrounding area.

“You son of a goblin!” Kit cursed with a laugh.

The boy swam two feet towards the shore and stood up, as he did so he caught full gaze of Ashe in his golden stag form. The boy was paralyzed with awe. Unfortunately, Kit appeared from the other side of the rock and body tackled him in the water.

The two went tumbling back into the drink.

As they resurfaced, Kit giggling with the play, the boy was slightly choking on water as he said, “Kit!.....Kit!....Look!” he barked loudly as he pointed.

Standing half in the water beside her friend, dripping wet and wearing nothing but her undergarments, Kit followed direction and became equally dumbfounded.

Ashe knew this would be his chance, he walked slowly up to the pond’s edge and only two body lengths away.

Kit had put her hands up to her mouth. “It is so beautiful Dray. Where did he come from?” she asked.

“I don’t know Kitalia.” Dray said as he cautiously approached Ashe with a hand that had slowly reached out to touch the great stag.

Ashe waited cautiously and made no move to startle the young lad. After what seemed an eternity, his intended target stroked his mane.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 05, 2006, 01:25:19 PM
Blood-soaked and frantic, Jarmok rushed from Ashe's little home. Outside, the cool night are refreshed him forcibly. In a moment, a peregrine falcon winged over the fogviel towards the Thornhedge inn.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on April 05, 2006, 12:24:39 PM
"Yes," Laren said. "If only you could fly."

Laren got the requested pillows and propped his friend upon them as best he could. Then there was nothing that he could do but to wait.

When her world reformed Ashe found himself in the woods, most likely near her home. He quickly looked around, just as he scanned a pond that was in a clearing a few hundred feet away he saw a young lad jump off a boulder and into it.

Ashe was the great golden stag. This was both a good sign and a bad one. Good that he instinctually had projected the image of his avatar within her world, and bad that she did not have the strength to project one for him.

The lad was now in the water, and although he could not see Kit, he knew she was there. For the pond that was at a higher elevation and surrounded with boulders had a very well defined image in her psyche, while the trees he was in were blurred.

Ashe was irritated that his attempt to befriend her had failed. He still had time to save her though. The power he had within her mind was growing. Perhaps he should just tell her the truth.

The Eye of Portence was an article of greed. It wanted to take her soul and use it for its’ own power. Ashe was well aware of its designs and would not let it take her.

He wondered what he would use as an anchor. There was nothing outstanding that would keep her focused…except the boy. This boy was obviously someone from her past. He must have had some importance to Kit otherwise he would not be remembered so vividly.

Ashe had to get the attention of the boy. Walking out would probably suffice since  golden stags were revered throughout Elsenban including Xanthakos.

Ashe walked out towards the pond to take a drink. As he did, he listened close to the boy and more importantly, for Kit.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on April 05, 2006, 12:16:04 PM
Ashe continued to concentrate on Kit and whispered, "She's not ready yet for the potion. I'm doing all I can to save her though. Laren get the pillows from the other beds and prop Kit up with them. Jarmok, get her necklace from her nightstand as she asked. Be back as soon as if you have too. Perhaps Paladine will see fit to protect her..."

Ashe voice trailed away and he looked to be getting exhausted.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on April 05, 2006, 11:23:49 AM
Laren's face remained calm, but his eyes betrayed his concern. He waited for the go ahead from Ashe.

Kit looked at the outstretched hand and neglected to take it, without warning she smiled with great mischief. “Who’s Kyle? What disease?” she asked. Ashe’s heart sank, Kit’s spirit was looking straight through the mind’s image of the man with the broad rimmed leather hat. Kit’s spirit was gazing straight into his own, taunting him.

Ashe was surprised at the mischief that was being played. He wanted to yell in frustration but that would make her retreat away. So, he had to bribe her and hopefully she would take the bait.

“I’ll tell you all about Kyle and the disease as soon as we get your necklace.” Ashe didn’t want this to break down into a verbal parry as it would waste time she didn’t have. Children would ask questions all day if given the chance. He had to not give her the chance. Instead he would offer rewards for deeds well done. Time was continuously slipping away.

Ashe noted that Kit had stopped talking in the outside world.

“But I don’t understand,” Kit continued, still not taking his hand, “how could I have helped you with something? We just met.” She stated in a surprisingly sarcastic tone. She also stopped her coy mischief and had taken a quick stance of defiance, one that did not match her age in this landscape. It was a knowing and challenging glare she had turned upon him.

The look upon her face made Ashe take a mental step backwards. Something was amiss.

Ashe realized that her mind was catching up with her soul. She was remembering recent events and that she would soon realize the truth.

Thinking quickly Ashe said, “That is one of the things that I will eventually teach you. Now let’s go get the necklace. I’m sure that your Dad would be happy to see you wear it.” Ashe again held out his hand for her to take it. He couldn’t leave her alone for fear that her parents would arrive to escort her away.

Recognition swept across Kit’s face, she looked upon Ashe with first familiarity, then sudden fear.

“No! I don’t want to go with you!”

Before Ashe could react the surroundings of Kit’s world shifted and melded into an array of dark colors. Kit disappeared from his vision and then for a moment, all went black.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on April 05, 2006, 11:20:17 AM
Jarmok jerked a bit, startled at the request. "Hrung." He grunted. "As soon as can." He promised, looking at Laren quizzically. He glanced at Ashe to see if the herbalist would indicate that it was yet time to infuse Kit with the white potion that Laren yet held at the ready.

Ashe was getting frustrated at the tenacity of her soul. It was fully prepared to enter Paladine’s embrace. Ashe, however, was not prepared to let her go. This would not be a natural death and her soul would not go to Paladine. If her soul was to leave on this particular occasion it would be imprisoned within the crystal. The crystal was greedy and it wanted her soul.

Ashe replied, “I’m sure we’ll hear the horses when they arrive. Besides, your parents know that I’m here…they know to look for us.” Ashe stood up and extended his hand. “Here, take my hand and lead me to your necklace. We’ll keep a sharp ear out for your Mom and Dad.” Ashe tried to sound convincing using a tone with Kit that he had used with his own children. He didn’t want to be overly stern but he had to let her know that he was in control…even though his control in her world was limited.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 05, 2006, 10:57:13 AM
After yet another long moment of silence Kit once again spooked her two friends, she spoke as if addressing them.

"Jarmok, could you get me my necklace from my Nightstand in my room? Paladine will offer me protection." Her voice was no longer the ethereal whisper it had been, but very casual, as if she had awakened without opening her eyes. Laren wondered if she could indeed swallow the water in her current state.

“Could you get it for me Sir? I must not take my eyes off the road or else risk not be ready for when my parents arrive.” Kit said.

“My bedroom is straight through the common room, the necklace is on a nightstand.”
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 03, 2006, 12:55:53 PM
Laren and Jarmok looked at one another but said nothing, they merely both wondered if she was again delusional in her condition. They waited a bit unpatiently, fidgeting anxiously while more precious moments passed, Laren's grip on the top of the decanter tightened till his knuckles turned white. Jarmok reached out and tapped Laren's hand, bidding him to loosen his grip.

"It's really pretty, what does the symbol mean?" Kit asked, once again speaking in the ethereal whisper. Jarmok and Laren in unison shot a look to the girl, who seemed to be having a conversation with no one in the room.

“It’s really pretty, what does the symbol mean?” kit asked Ashe with a pleasant smile. Ashe was startled by how much he wanted to take this girl in his arms and hold her close and away from danger. He was losing himself to the charms of the young girl, his heart aching for her safety, for her freedom from not only this nightmare, but all the pain she ever experienced.

Ashe shrugged off his own emotion, he needed her to focus on something that was important to her. He had to steer the conversation to what would become an anchor for her mind to pull her soul back from beyond.

He had his own personal difficulties with this concept because it could be considered a disruption to the natural cycle of life. A part of him felt that he was betraying the natural course of events. Another part of him felt that he was an extension of Mahiya’s ability to breath life into everything and that he was simply helping to keep that life going. Either way, he felt that trying to save her was the right thing. If he was wrong then he’d be willing to face that judgment.

“This, Kit, is my symbol of Mahiya. Mahiya is the god of all that is the natural world. The mountains, flowers, rivers, the sky, the moons…” Ashe said in a scholarly way. He knew so much on the subject but had to refrain from confusing her with things that were not relevant to the situation.

He needed to get her back on track. She needed to be focused. “Do you have a symbol that means a lot to you?” he asked.

“I do!” Kit exclaimed with great joy. “My daddy gave me a necklace with a pendant of Paladine upon it. We quietly worship him in our home for he makes all that is good in this world come to pass.”

Kit, who stood in a pretty summer dress of white cloth put her hands behind her back and swung her shoulders back and forth lightly. The light of Kossuth illuminated her beautiful blonde hair and radiated her persona. All these were good signs Ashe thought, for this girl’s spirit must truly be strong.

“So I am to be tutored by a Priest of Mahiya then?” she asked with a smile.

Ashe could sense that something was trying to pull her away. She kept switching the subject and inadvertently avoided getting her necklace. She was vastly unaware of her attempts but Ashe had to be firm and press the subject.

“Well, yes you are. I have a great respect for Paladine as well so don’t you worry. Paladine does many great things. One of them is watching out for you. Your necklace sounds very beautiful…just like you. May I see it glimmer in the light?” Ashe hoped this would prompt Kit to get the medallion so that she could be held here long enough for him to save her. The situation of reality was pressing on Ashe like a vice. He knew he’d never forgive himself if couldn’t save her. Hopefully Mahiya would.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on April 03, 2006, 12:21:59 PM
Ashe knew that Kit was in a delicate state. Her mind was as fragile as a web. He had to convince her to live. She was waiting to see her parents and he knew that they were dead. Ashe understood that her soul was preparing her mind to pass into the next world. Her parents were the comforting vessel for that passing. He realized that he was now in a memory of hers.

He needed to make a gentle contact so that she wouldn’t be frightened of him. So before he entered the house he said “Kit, It’s not your Dad. It’s Ashe. You remember me don’t you? You helped me save Kyle and the others from their disease.” He was hoping that asking her to remember the good that she had done before would be cause for her to want to live to do more.

Jarmok and Laren waited anxiously for anything to happen, not sure what exactly Ashe was doing. Kit?s condition remained dismal, her breathing was still quiet and shallow, her body far too cold. Ashe continued to stand above her, holding her face between his palms.

"I do not know an Ashe." Kit said, as if in conversation, startling the both of them.

“I do not know an Ashe,” the small voice said. Ashe had to hold back a snicker of amusement. He wasn’t sure how young she was, but she sure sounded adorable.

Although she sounded stand-offish, he heard her small footsteps approach the other side of the entry. ‘Always a good sign’, he thought.

Ashe knelt down so that he could see eye to eye with her when she opened the door. But as the door opened he was greeted by a beautiful child, not quite yet an adolescent, yet still taller than he expected. Instead of getting up to one knee, he merely talked up to her. “Well Kit, my name is Ashe. May I talk to you while you wait?” Ashe was being meticulous in his words and phrases. It was as if he was approaching a skiddish horse. If he said the wrong thing and scared her away he would then have to chase after her. That was time that she didn’t have.

“Sure we can, but I don’t understand Ashe, we have never met.” She said, suddenly she had a thought and a big smile came quick to her.

“Did my parents hire you on as a new tutor for when we reach our new home?” Kit’s eyes sparkled and she slightly bounced up and down with the question.

There was an innocence reflected in those eyes here that made Ashe’s heart weep for the girl on the table. Here she was ignorant of all the pain of the past few years. Here, she was a bright and young girl who was just about to flower into womanhood, her whole future ahead of her.

‘If only that were the reality of the situation,’ Ashe solemnly thought.

Ashe thought that he would tell her the truth of his arrival but use it metaphorically. “What a great guess! You’re a smart girl. I can see my work will cut out for me trying to teach you new things. Right now, your parents have asked me to look after you. They want me to make sure that you’re safe.”

Ashe sensed he needed to somehow anchor her spirit here in her mind before she realized what was really happening.

“Do you have anything that makes you feel safe? Something that you treasure? I have this.”

Ashe pulls out his bronzewood symbol of his Order. It was two outward facing crescents linked by a circle.

“This always makes me safe. Like no matter what, Mahiya is watching over me.”

Kit reached a small hand for the bronzewood symbol that Ashe held out. He let her sweep her fingers underneath it, so she could angle the face towards her, while he held the symbol by the leather throng that was wrapped around his neck. She gently stroked the symbol from right to left with her thumb.

At procuring the symbol, Ashe had sighed at the effort it took to create it within Kit’s mind. It always took a bit of psionic strength to alter any projected image within the mind of another psion. He smiled inwardly at the success in concealing the effort from her.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on April 03, 2006, 09:28:37 AM
Ashe was practically burning a hole into her closed eyes with his stare. He showed no signs of acknowledging the question. Continueing his stare at Kit he whispers, "I'm reaching her...she'll be ready shortly. Stay prepared."

Ashe wanted to explain more but he didn't want to lose his concentration.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 31, 2006, 11:25:30 AM
Laren looked from Jarmok to Ashe. "Is she ready Ashe?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 31, 2006, 11:11:12 AM
Jarmok looked intently at Laren. "Kit?" He called quietly. "Have drink, Kit." He bobbed his head for Laren to pour his glass into the girl.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 31, 2006, 06:17:03 AM
Ashe made no indication he was going to move away from Kit or explain his intentions, he simply held onto her, staring intently.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 31, 2006, 06:10:30 AM
[Coordinated Post Between Dray & Wildfire]

Ashe gently tapped her face to wake her up. He knew that there was little precious time before it would be too late. He looked at Jarmok and then at Laren. He pursed his lips in frustration and then dashed to his many shelves of jars. Reaching up on to higher shelf, he grabbed a glass jar full of what appeared to be white pebbles. Opening the jar, he quickly dumped a few of them into his hand, spilling some on the floor that either rolled away or got stuck in blood. Rushing back to Kit, he shifted the salt pebbles to his fingertips and waved them under her nose. With no hint of movement, he stopped waving and simply held them just over her chin.

"C,mon girl, wake up!" he shouted. She made no movement whatsoever, her breathing still shallow, still vague.

He had a nervous and desperate look on his face. Jarmok and Laren stood bye sharing his anxiety, sensing that Ashe was running out of answers, sensing that he was at the end of his abilities to save her.

They were mistaken.

Ashe looked at the two friends and made a decision. He quickly leaned in and spoke purposefully close to his patient. With a quiet but stern voice he said,  "Alright, you want to play it this way? You want to push me to the edge?! There's no way I'm going to let you take her!"

Jarmok was alarmed at the odd behavior and almost put an arm up in Kit's defense, then the words took hold in his mind "...let you take her."

"Who you? Who take her?!" he demanded, but he received no answer, for as the question was asked Ashe grabbed the sides of Kit's head and closed his eyes.


Ashe had performed psychic surgery on others before. In all cases it was a matter of him entering the subjects mind and intervening between the patient’s intellect and with patient’s spirit. In all these cases the intellect was afraid of death, so the patient’s spirit disguised death by projecting a world around it that was a collection of thoughts and ideas from the patient’s past. It was Ashe’s task to convince the intellect that it was being fooled by the spirit in preparation of death. This was tricky. To do this, he had to establish a psychic anchor, to keep the spirit from changing the projected landscape within the subjects mind and hampering his efforts to gain confidence with the intellect. For he needed to gain trust with the intellect, and as an invader within the patient’s mind and persona, this trust wasn’t always quick to come.

He found himself walking through dusky opaque gray mist of her surface thoughts, or in the case lack thereof due to her unconsciousness. Through this mist created by the void of thought, he could feel emanating from a point “ahead” of him, shockwaves of an incredible aura of despair and fear. Traveling through the surface void of her mind, he was deeply anxious in penetrating this subconscious. He knew what he would find there, all of the raw emotion that was the result of the tragedies in her life. This raw emotion was the source of her Wilder power.

He reached it, there was no physical barrier per se, only the surface source of the shockwaves that now barraged him. He knew that it was simply a matter of taking one “step” forward and he would pass into the subconscious. He had always thought this was an easy transfer in all the times he had performed a psychic surgery, but he had never performed this operation on a Wilder.
He “stepped”. The power of the raw emotion he found surprised him regardless of his preparation for it. What he discovered confirmed all of his thoughts about the girl, she truly was a unique psion and most likely a powerful wilder. He had hoped he was wrong, had hoped that she merely had special informal training, but this was not so.  This girl was an innate prodigy, her power brought on and developed through sheer force of will and emotion summoned by a tragic life. The power churning within her here was almost unbearable for him. This young girl, if she lived and was able to continue on, would become a very dangerous psion if allowed to tap into this source.

He fought off these thoughts of the future and continued forward, swimming with the shifting colors that represented the energy of her emotions. Sporadically a blurred shape would form nearby which he avoided direct sight of. The visions of this sort would only serve to distract him and unsettle him in their content.

He sifted blindly, reaching towards what would be the next barrier, after many moments he “touched” what he was looking for, a tangible physical wall that was concealed by the blinding color. He pushed and penetrated through this membrane-like wall with a hard, forcible push. He broke through with ease, which was not surprising, for in her physical state she could not even hope to defend this barrier against a psion as powerful as he. Passing the membrane, he had thrust into the very core of her persona. Ashe was now inside the area of refuge within the inner mind of Kitalia Lightower.

After a moment in darkness he transformed from an ethereal entity in an undefined landscape of grayness, into a large human man he couldn’t identify. Looking down he saw that he was wearing a Kazbourne uniform and on his head was a broad-rimmed leather hat. At least he was a capable entity Ashe thought. Remembering one surgery patient who projected him into the image of a frog, ‘was that a tough operation’, Ashe thought.  

The hazy landscape of a town quickly formed ahead of him. The trees and buildings had undefined edges. Kossuth was lighting the abstract land and it was shining bright through a haze of lazy summer air. In the distance there were dark grey clouds quickly approaching over the mountains and towards him. Soon Kossuth would be overshadowed.

Ashe walked down the street and was drawn to a house that was clear in it’s definition, the edges were not blurred and hazy like the other buildings. Ashe could feel a great sense of hope coming from it, and because of the intimate definition of the farmhouse, he knew Kit’s intellect was within.

He knew he had to be cautious, one wrong move and Kit’s spirit, the controller of all things and in effect the God of the world of her Inner Mind, could do and change anything it wanted. His only hope was to verify her intellect’s position, establish a psychic anchor which would hold her to the current landscape and befriend her intellect. The difficulty of his mission was two fold, first contact with the image that represented her intellect and then the establishment of the anchor. This was never easy due to the fact that her spirit, which was normally too busy maintaining the false landscape, would detect his presence if he stepped too far outside the fantasy of its creation. It would then instill fear in her intellect and the two combined would flee via a landscape change.

Ashe stood for many moments, as still as a statue he appeared to be concentrating very intently, even though he simply held the girls' head between his hands.

Jarmok held his unanswered question, enduring his trust of the man. Laren seemed flustered at the inaction, thinking this was not a time to depend on prayer. He was about to say something when Kit interrupted by speaking in a quiet but surprisingly clear voice, a voice that was no longer haggard from the condition she was in. A voice that was pitched higher, mimicking a time when the lass must have been a few years younger.

"Mommmy, Daddy? Is it time to go?" she asked, but yet she did not stir or open her eyes.

Ashe knocked on the door. He always hated this part, for this was the true unknown phase of the operation. He would soon know, possibly the hard way, whether Kit’s inner mind thought him an intruder a visitor to her world.

“Mommmy, Daddy? Is it time to go?”
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 30, 2006, 01:25:58 PM
"Do you have anything to wake her? Some salts or anything?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2006, 11:03:01 PM
Laren tip-toed around the blood on the floor, making his way to the head of the bed. He would have to climb up onto the bed when the time came to administer the drink that Ashe had charged him with; he quickly surveyed those spots that would lend him purchase for that seemingly long climb. None were so badly bloodied as to give him concern regarding their value as hand or toe holds.

Ashe meanwhile moved to the side of Kit?s bed, opposite Jarmok, and rested his palms on Kit, one on her upper back and one across her buttocks.

"Slip your fingers underneath her and let's roll her over as gently as possible. I will support her back while you gently roll her from the front. We don't need to roll her all the way." He counciled. "Laren, keep her head steady and when her face is aimed at the ceiling, pour the drink in." Ashe said. Jarmok noted a slight fear in his ancient eyes, and - for the first time - a bit of desperation as well. That was when Jarmok knew.

Somewhere from the pit of his stomach came the realization that in the doing of this thing that Ashe was about to guide them through, they would either save or lose their fight for Kit's life. This was their turning point. Jarmok coughed with no small emotion, trying to open his throat to croak out, "Kit maybe go now? Kit will now die or live?" He trusted that the herbalist would understand his meaning; he didn't think that he would be able to rephrase the question if he were to be misunderstood.

Ashe met Jarmok's eyes, and it was clear to the outlander that the elder did indeed understand. Jarmok saw in Ashe's eyes the broiling mixture of hope and despair that plagued his own heart.

"Yes Jarmok, I will not lie to you, this is as bad as her body can get and still hold on." He paused a moment and diverted his gaze. Then he continued, his voice as choked as Jarmok's had felt. "But this drink will keep her alive as the crystal is made. It will keep her alive." He sounded to Jarmok as though he was trying to comfort himself.

Laren looked back and forth between the two men and with a clear voice said, "You know, if we get to her drinking sooner rather than later we can return to being charmed by her endless talking."

Ashe and Jarmok broke from their worry and both gave the Halfling a half smile. "Ung." Jarmok grunted.

In a more serious, tight voice he then said, "I am not ready for this girl to die Ashe."

Ashe looked at Laren in a manner of respect and nodded. Jarmok placed a spidery hand on Laren's shoulder and said, "Small man, big person."

Jarmok then gently slipped his hands under Kit's front, one arm under her upper chest, the other at her hips, below Ashe's hands. Laren climbed up around Jarmok and held her head steady.

With a nod from Ashe they proceeded to roll her up onto her side as slowly and gently as they could. Ashe watched the blister while Jarmok concerned himself with her upper body. Laren deftly tracked her head with her body, moving the two as though they were solidly joined, keeping her spine as motionless as possible. In concert, the three of them rolled her slight frame over until her face, which had lain upon the pillow thus far, was facing towards the ceiling.

Her naked form had splotches of caked blood all about it. Her lower undergarment was so drenched with blood that it clung tightly to her, concealed nothing of her femininity. Her breasts, lips, fingers, and toes were turning blue while her normally pale skin was positively whitened. She remained flaccid and lifeless, her muscles apparently spent. She no longer shivered, though she was cool to the touch. Jarmok thought that her burning fever had apparently succumbed to the chill of the linens that once kept her from overheating.

The three men watched as her breathing slowed and became alarmingly shallow. In a matter of a few moments Kit's soul had started its departure from this world.

"Laren wait!" Ashe said a little too loudly. "She should have wakened in reaction to the pain when we moved her. She needs to be awake to ingest the potion."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 28, 2006, 10:32:21 PM
"Hurng." [nods vigerously]
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 28, 2006, 09:44:48 PM
"True, plants don't bleed...well, not like this." Ashe takes the cup of milky liquid nods to Laren and says, "This will help her with her a spider's web on an open wound. To my knowledge it won't affect the formation of the crystal. What it'll do is thiken her blood a little. I pray that her heart can withstand the the extra effort that will be needed to keep it pumping."

Ashe moves to give the drink to Kit who is laying face down. Seeing the awkwardness of the positioning Ashe says, "Okay, here the messy trick of this. She has to take this in full swallows if it's to work. The cloth is good to keep her hydrated but for this, not so much. So we need to roll her over. This has to be done with great care to not casue any damage to the blister. So, Jarmok and I will roll her over. Jarmok, you and I will then prop her up into a sitting position. I'll hold onto one side, and you'll hold onto the other. We'll tilt her head back and Laren, you'll then pour the juice down her throat. Then we'll flip her back onto her belly. We have to do this quickly so that her body doesn't drain of any more blood. This medicine acts quickly so once its down her throat she'll begin to stabilize."

Ashe hands the cup to Laren and looks to Jarmok, "Are you ready?"
Title: Kit's Life
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Laren moves with a precise quickness, only slightly accented by his fatigue.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 28, 2006, 05:10:45 PM
"Plants not bleed." Jarmok looked around the bed and the room. "More blood than small persons has." He observed.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 28, 2006, 04:56:20 PM
Ashe walks over to Kit and as he places his hands on her face he says, "Oh don't worry Jarmok. Kit isn't turning into crystal. Her body is making a crystal, like a jewel, from her blood. Think of a plant budding into a flower."

Ashe upon touching her face looks to the blood soaked cloths and says nervously, "She's losing blood and she's doing it in a hurry! Laren, There's that milky fluid on my table. Bring it here quickly."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 28, 2006, 04:45:18 PM
Jarmok became confused when Ashe mentioned that the blood is actually needed to make what will become a crystal.

"Kit will be crystal?" He asked. "Is why Kit is so cold now?" He wondered whether Kit would be a living crystal, or would be a statue. Would they be willing to put her statue up in the town? If not, he would ask if she could be stood near his home, where Kossuth's light would shine upon her every day.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2006, 12:14:19 PM
As Jarmok held the slight girl in his arms he noted that her temperature had dropped, she no longer had the intense heat emanating from every part of her body. 'Good' he thought, 'might sleep'.

He looked about the room that suddenly seemed quiet with Kit asleep. The scene was a dismal one. The chill cloths were scattered about, having lost their battle to her heat and her convulsions. He was covered in almost as much blood as she was. Her thrashing had gotten it eveywhere. The blister was now covered in goo and some powder that Ashe had sprinkled over her.

Yet it was still bleeding.

Laren was doing his best to clean up the floor where they needed to stand as it had become very slippery with it. And even he had not escaped from being dotted with their dear friends' blood. Ashe stood glaring at the wound like it was an enemy hiding in the bushes.

Something instinctual went off inside Jarmok, she was becoming a bit cool to the touch in fact...
Title: Kit's Life
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"Normally I would say yes. However, this is a different situation. This is not a wound per se but it's a manifestation of her psi abilities caused by the Eye. The blood is actually needed to make what will become a crystal. That was originally how the Eye was created. I'll spare you and not go into the details of that episode" Ashe says. "Anyway, this thing must run it's natural course. All we can do is react to it. Disturbing it prematurely could harm her in ways that I can't fix."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 28, 2006, 12:01:58 PM
[Just past 1am now]
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 28, 2006, 09:04:01 AM
"Would it be better to open the blister ourselves? It would certainly make less of a mess to not let the pressure build... I would think..."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 28, 2006, 08:51:54 AM
Ashe looks at Jarmok and then at Kit. Ashe grabs Jarmoks hand and utters some strange words. Ashe's hand glows a dim green and the pain and bite wound on Jarmok's hand dissolve.

"I only wish I could do that with her...if I did it would drag this out longer" Ashe says. "Laren, did you see the white under the blister? That's Kit's spine. It may poke the blister open. If it does it's going to get messier." Ashe lightly places his hand on the cloth on the bubbled skin. "Right now I'm trying gauge what's going on underneath. What I need you to do Laren, is place some of the cloths around the edge of her to prevent some of the mess."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 09:46:07 PM
"You should see ashe about that one..." Laren winked.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 09:43:50 PM
Jarmok looked intently at the finger where Laren pointed, and realized that Laren was correct. "Hrung."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 09:00:41 PM
"Ah, Jarmok," Laren said. "Correct me if I'm wrong here... that's bone though, no?"

Laren pointed at Jarmok's hands.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 08:44:59 PM
Jarmok's fingers were cut to the bone and bleeding, but he hadn't really noticed. "Kit's blood." He answered, taking the stick. Ashe could tell that the blood was not Kit's alone, but it was clear that Jarmok thought that it was.

With some difficulty, he replaced the sodden, wet cloth with the stick and then held Kit again, still rumbling that ancient rhythm.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 07:47:08 PM
Having finished mixing his concoction Ashe rushes over with a crucible in one hand and a finger sized stick in the other. He hands the stick to Jarmok and says, "Put that in her mouth. If she expels anything in her belly it'll let it come out. It'll also keep her from biting on her tongue. Laren, good job with the lotion. Now, after I sprinkle this mix on the blister I want you to gently place three cloths on it. This mix will absorb into her skin and dull some of the pain."

Jarmok reaches for the stick and Ashe sees that he has bite marks on them. "Jarmok, are your fingers okay?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 07:21:40 PM
"This is disgusting..." Laren said. "What next Ashe?" he asked as he smeared the goo on the wound.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 07:03:45 PM
With the cloth pushing her swollen tongue out of the way, Kit returned to hyperventilating.  Then she started convulsing again, but with a noted difference, it was a retching motion.

"No Kit! No!" Jarmok said loudly afraid she would choke on her own vomit if she succumbed.

She pulled her head away to look at the man holding her, but before she could make eye contact, suddenly and mercifully fell unconscious. As she did her though. her bladder let go, adding to the incredible mess both on and around the bed.

Blood was now everywhere, it soaked her entire lower undergarment, the mattress and was in a great splattered pool about the floor, and was still coming at an alarming rate!

The blister had a slightly deflated look with the wrinkled skin on the top of it showing three jagged rips.

And now the tip of something cream-white was poking through.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 05:20:44 PM
Jarmok grabbed Laren's wettened cloth again. Fumbling with it, he managed to fold it over several times and readied it. Then came the prying apart of her mouth again. He grit his teeth against the pain, pulled her jaw apart again and stuffed the thickened cloth between her molars.

She was dying, he knew. She was his first real friend, aside from Mercer (and he was more of a benefactor, actually), that he could remember. Somehow to be dying in this fashion was less tolerable than were she have to been stilled by a shadowrider crossbow. He kissed her sweat-laden head and whispered a prayer to Mahiya to end this black suffering.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 04:54:33 PM
In panic, Kit flailed wildly with her arms as Jarmok grabbed her head and pried her jaw open. Jarmok was immediately rewarded with a gush of blood spray.

Once partly clear, he found her tongue enflamed from being bitten several times during her convulsions. With a quick instinct, he took a chance and slipped his fingers over her tongue to press it down to the floor of her mouth.

Although she subconsiously bit down as she gasped for air he took the pain and looked around for something to replace his fingers.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 04:38:30 PM
Jarmok worked at getting Kit's mouth open, wondering in that odd corner of his mind why, if it were the case that she simply had her mouth closed, was she not breathing through her nose. His arm was already wrapped around Kit's head; he moved his hand up to her forehead and used his other hand to pry apart her jaw.

She would have bruises, he knew, but that could not be helped. She was remarkably strong for so slight a girl, but at length he got her teeth apart.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 03:36:33 PM
Laren winced as he looked at the wound. "Ick," he said with his face screwed up as he followed Ashe's orders.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 03:27:50 PM
Ashe looked over as he was gathering his things and sternly says, "Jarmok, open her mouth to help her breathe correctly. Her face seems to going blue as Akadi! Laren, start putting the salve on the wound. I just need to prepare one last thing and I'll be with you!" Ashe mutters to himself, "C,mon girl...hold on for just a little bit."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 03:21:31 PM
OOC Saw it differently in my head, corrected as noted. Thanks.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 03:21:15 PM
Jarmok loosened his grip, lest that be the source of her suffocation. "Kit breath!" He yelled. "Ashe! Kit not breath! Help!" He continued to hold her, feeling much like a bull trying to protectively hold a cracked egg.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 03:03:40 PM
OOC Note: Laren is not flustered. He's cool as a cucumber.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 03:01:44 PM
Kit appeared not to hear the soothing words of Laren, nor the rhythmic hum of Jarmok. Her ragged breathing was soon completely interrupted by the muscles seeking escape from the pain of the wound. Jarmok soon realized the girl he held to his chest was suffocating, her eyes wide, her extremities turning blue.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 02:12:32 PM
Laren spoke loudly to try to get Kit's Attention. "Kit, I saw that little boy you pulled from the lake today. Peter right? Yeah, it was Peter, I think. He's getting big! It's only been a short while, but you can see him growing irhgt before your eyes! It's a good thing you were there to help him! I know his mother was greatful!"

Laren watched for a change in expression.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 01:49:37 PM
Keep talking to her?!? Jarmok scanned his mind for what one might say under such a circumstance.


"Kit?" He ventured. "Is Jarmok, Kit. Kit never said about house. Kit want house?" He felt a fool as he spoke. He was as useless as he had ever been. He held her head to his chest, all but climbing into her bed as he did so, and began to hum. The only melody that came to his mind was the one that Maccabeus and Ashe had introduced him to while they had planted the Vallenwood. For some reason, that guttural language had caught at his soul, and the rather elemental rhythm that they had sang to spoke to him. He rumbled that rhythm now, hoping that it would translate through his chest and into Kit's mind, to lend her an anchor.

Her blood flowed upon him and on down towards the floor, but Jarmok had never been bothered by blood. He held her tight and droned to her, repeating a few of the sounds that Maccabeus and Ashe had used during their song. He didn't understand the words, but that didn't matter in the least.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 01:35:30 PM
Ashe immediately flew into action. "Keep talking to her Jarmok but hold her still. If she thrashes about it could do further damage to her back."

Ashe starts to gather up some of his concoctions and says, "Laren, go put some of those torn cloths onto her back. Here..."Ashe hands him one of the jars with a greasy cream in it "put this on the splitting wound first, then put the cloth on it. I'll be over in just a minute."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 01:24:50 PM
Jarmok sprang up from where he had been sitting beside Kit's bed and wrapped her head in his arms, hugging her tightly and trying to lend support. "Ashe?" He called out. "What do?" There was an anxious urgency to the outlander's voice.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 01:16:12 PM
While Ashe worked, an additional hand of time slowly went bye while Kit lay unaware. But as the hand passed her breathing became more and more rapid, alarming Jarmok. He motioned to Ashe, bidding him to return to the bedside, but Ashe simply nodded in understanding and returned to his work with Laren.

As Jarmok looked on, Kit's eyes flew open and stared intently into his own. She made no other movements but her breathing continued to accelerate. Then, it happened.

Within Kit's eyes Jarmok observed a flashing band of blue light cross before the iris from left to right, and before Jarmok could cry out a warning the blister on her back visibly swelled and partially burst.

Screaming, she pulled her upper arms in and, with the support of her elbows, raised her head off the mattress. Her hair was matted with sweat against the right side of her face. Her fingers splayed wildly over the mattress sheet as a slow reeling convulsion made its way from the wound and up through her upper back. As she grabbed the mattress sheet with both clenched fists she coughed and choked against the tightening muscles in her chest, which were rebelling against the damage of the spinal column.

Cloths slipped off of her everywhere, leaving her chest slightly exposed as her slight frame recoiled above the bed with each cough. Beads and rivulets of sweat formed about her entire body.

But what drew the immediate attention of all three men was the blister. For it had partially burst. Blood was now gushing forth from three distinct rips at the top of it, soaking the mattress and lower undergarment before dripping on the floor at both sides of the bed.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 01:05:41 PM
"Put it away for now. It'll only distract me and that doesn't help Kit at all. Now, this is what we need to do..."

Ashe and Laren soon went to work with the herbs. Laren listend intently on Ashe's direction and Ashe was patient to answer any of Laren's questions. Jarmok paid strict attention to Kit making sure she was given water frequently. He had half listend to Ashe's explainations and directions on herbal medicine but had lost track since his attention was focused on Kit. The three were now awake in the early morning hours.

Ashe looks up from his work table and says, "Great Grandtree...I need some air. Anybody else? We'll stay outside the door in case anything happens. A big breath of night air will do good."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 12:54:27 PM
Laren bobbed his head at both the apology and the question.

"Did you want to look at the stone, or should I put that pouch back on my hip?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 11:56:23 AM
Ashe's faces lights up, "That's a good idea, Laren." Ashe hands Jarmok one of the rags that had been recently torn up from a bed sheet. "If she wakes up then see if she'll drink from the straw."

Ashe walks to Laren and says, "If I seemed cross with you earlier I apologize. It's not you I'm angered with...not in the least. Now, we have some work ahead of us...are you ready?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 11:56:10 AM
"Hurng." Jarmok slipped the reed into the drink and placed the other end into Kit's listless mouth. "Drink." He ordered. She didn't move, but he kept the reed there and periodically encouraged her to sip.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 11:46:28 AM
"We used to give the sick a wet rag to chew on back home," Laren said only half paying attention. "The liquid pulls itself through the fibers and they subconsuiously swallow."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 11:37:08 AM
Ashe tapped his head and pointed at Jarmok, "Good question. Let me get you something." Ashe reached up to a tall jar on his shelf and unlatched the top. He pulled out a dried green reed. He walks to Jarmok and hands him the tube. "Here, this should help her to drink." Jarmok noticed that the reed was covered with a thin coating of bees wax.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 27, 2006, 11:06:44 AM
Jarmok, gently stroking Kit's fine blond hair, listened intently to the half conversation that went between Laren and Ashe. He accepted the mug from the herbalist and stared at it. He then looked to Kit, still resting belly-down on her bed.

"How drink?" He asked perplexedly. "Have straw?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 10:17:06 AM
Ashe glanced at Kit in her quick fit of pain.

"In order to truly appreciate us I guess you'd have to be a little cracked yourself, eh?" Ashe laughed as it felt good to release his emotion. It reminded him to take the recent events in stride and to keep an even keel. He went over to the pouch and picked it up. He looked at it as he held it in his hand. Tightening the drawstring further he hands it back to Laren and says, "They'll be time enough to visit back on my past. It's time I focused on the present and the future." Ashe winked at Laren and smiled.

He grabbed a mug and went to his water barrel. He scooped water into the mug and handed it to Jarmok. "Try as best you can to get her to drink some water. The cloths are starting to lose their potency. The water will keep her hydrated and help keep her temperature down. I need to make some medicines that will help her. Keep a close eye on that blister."

He turns to Laren, "Laren, you wanted to learn more about herbs. We've gone out looking for them a few times but now it's time to learn how they're made and used. Are you ready to learn some more?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 27, 2006, 10:07:25 AM
Kit stirred in her sleep, a spasm took her and wracked her upper back and with heavy stuttered breath she moaned and clenched her fists together in pain. As quick as it had come it ended and she slipped back into unconsciousness, never having fully wakened.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 09:31:32 AM
Laren wished he was surprised by the older man's confession. Two weeks prior, he would have been.

"Funny how we just happen to end up in the same town. There should be a sign on the road "Threshold welcomes all who have an excess of drama and or turmiol in their lives!"

Laren cracked a half grin in spite of himself and stretched his arms out wide. "Do you have enimies on your heels?? Come on out! Do you have mental issues? We want you here!" Laren got a little louder as he looked at Jarmok. "Don't even know the name of your race?? Well this is the place for you!!"

He chuckled at himself. "Truely a bag of mixed nuts we are!"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 09:21:29 AM
"I understand your caution Laren...truly I do. Now, I'm not the brother of any one named Crimson...but I am the brother of the man that made the crystal. So believe me when I say that I don't want harm to come to anyone because of it either." Ashe walked to the window and stared out into the night. "As a matter of fact I tried to keep it hidden from the rest of the world...apparently I failed." Ashe said.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 27, 2006, 09:10:44 AM
Laren felt the exhaustion in Ashe's voice, but made no appologies for his caution.

"I'm not doubting your abilities or questioning your intentions Ashe, but you must understand... This has been left in my charge by the dying wish of my father. I will not let this thing into the wrong hands or allow it to cause anymore damage than it has already on account of me or my father." Laren's gaze shifted to Kit on the table.

Laren unhitched a pouch that hung from his belt. He put the pouch down on the counter top next to where Ashe stood, and took a step back. He wasn't sure if he should be irritated or not with Ashe's tone, but he was.

"Don't forget, I know next to nothing about you. Realistically, you could be Crimson's brother for all I know."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 27, 2006, 08:42:46 AM
Ashe glowered at Laren, "I've held it before Laren. It's already familiar to me. I just want to bury any doubt of it's authenticity. So, may I see it? I'll give it back to you, I promise" Ashe seemed slightly saddened at speaking of it and held his hand toward Laren in expectation of it's deliviery.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 25, 2006, 11:54:24 AM
"You know," Laren said. "With the way the visions came to us, she could be seeing exactly who awakened."

Laren let the thought sink in a little before he said, "Being a... what was it Levin said? Seer? Whatever she is, she seems more sensitive to these psychic things. Maybe it's just showing her more than it showed me."

"Ashe, are you sure you want to see the eye? I've been tempted now and then to bring it back out myself, but I question the wisdom of doing so. On the one hand, it's already left a mark on me. On the other, how deeply is it etched?"

Laren looked at kit. "If it's capable of doing that to her, what can it do to me?" He looked at Ashe meaningfully and said, "Or you?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2006, 10:06:21 PM
[11:35pm - I know it seems like more time is passing bye then this would indicate, but if you read the posts since I said 11:30pm, time really hasn't passed]
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2006, 10:04:34 PM
Kit did not stir during the noise of Ashe's tyrade.

"Sleep is argumentative isn't it little one, for I doubt you are getting much rest at the moment," Ashe whispered as reached down and removed the cloth over the offending wound.

Jarmok gruntled in startlement at the size the wound had grown in such a short time. It now looked impossibly large, bloated with bluish blood to a full hand thickness. The skin surrounding the wound was bright pink and had bubbles of puss in places. Below the wound, a concave impression was now where her tailbone used to be [having sunk into her body].

Though Kit's muscles were still cramped in many places throughout her upper back, the shivering had subsided. Her body was becoming overheated again for the ointment from the cloths was starting to finally surrender.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 09:47:31 PM
Ashe shoots a glance towards Kit. "You're right Jarmok...the voice from the sky. We don't know what may be happening with her. Her ability is extremely sensitive right now and she could very well be picking up on certain energies. Or...she just may be reliving her memory of hearing the voice. Oddly enough, she could be speaking of herself."

He looks down to the floor and and says, "I just don't know. Right now her only way out of this is to go through it...painful as that may be...for all of us."

Ashe's thoughts were suddenly refocused so much that he even forgot that he had asked Laren to see the Eye. He raises his arms, looks up and says, "Why!? Why, will you not give me any peace? Even now, after you're gone, you're still making pain! Why didn't you listen to me!!" After speaking, Ashe slams his fist onto his work table causing the jars on it to jump and some to tip over spilling their contents. Laren and Jarmok noticed that he had snapped the edge board causing it stay tilted towards the middle.

Clearly, Ashe was experiencing a flood of varied emotions and was dealing with each one as they hit him. He shakes his head from side to side and says, "Laren...Jarmok...I apologize for that. You should not have had to witness that. Right now our focus is Kit...right now our focus is Kit...right now our focus is Kit."

Ashe walks to the bed that Kit is lying on and says, "Let's see how her situation is..."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 24, 2006, 02:31:27 PM
Quote from: Dray

Jarmok perked up, rigid and sudden. "Ung." He grunted. "Not good. Kit say 'I have awakened'. But...not know if Kit." He craned his neck and looked anxiously at Ashe. "Same words as sky last year?"

He seemed to consider for a moment. "Might be mem'ry. Might not..."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2006, 02:10:36 PM
Jarmok, listening to the conversation but watching Kit, watched as her mouth started to move as if speaking even though she was will still in a fitfull sleep.

Although her voice was but a strained whisper, the grand statement she made, and the manner of speaking each word at length, was one that sent a chill down his spine.


She slept on and made no sound after.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 02:02:04 PM
Laren furrowed his brow and continued to look Ashe in the eye.

"Only if you are certain that it's wise. I'd rather not have it out in the open."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 01:57:42 PM
Ashe whispered, "May I see the eye?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 01:52:21 PM
"Oh, lots of them," Laren said. He began to recount all of the images he'd seen since the touching of the stone. He told of the battle, of his mother being killed by shadowy figures - Crimson amoung them.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 01:22:19 PM
Ashe asked hesitantly, "Anything else been strange since you touched the Eye? What other visions have you had?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2006, 12:10:23 PM
Thought I would make note of date and time at this current point.

Duthash Dracum Voldyn [13 May] - Note I believe both Session 10 and 11 occurred on this day.

Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 24, 2006, 11:33:59 AM
Kit mumbled the words, "coronation tomorrow" in her sleep, but still did not wake.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 11:03:17 AM
"Oh, sorry Jarmok," Laren said. "I forgot my manners." He flashed a smile at the no longer strange ranger.

He smiled wider when Jarmok said "Hrung" with a nod. Laren bobbed his head sharply and said "Hrung" back.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 24, 2006, 11:00:27 AM
Ashe and Laren spoke in fairly hushed tones, but the moment of their words lent a thunder to them. Jarmok couldn't really understand what they were talking about, other than some item seemed to have poisoned Kit...and Laren as well.

The outlander let his questions pile up in his mind; there were more important things for Ashe to do just now than to answer the questions of one so ignorant as he.

Jarmok rocked slightly, his anxiety pulling him towards action when no action was warranted. He reached under Kit's bed and took up one of the many strips of linen that he and Ashe had put there. He gently rolled Kit's head so that he could put one under her cheek where it would soak up the blood that had started to seep from her mouth.

Taking another one, he carefully dabbed at the rivulet of blood that had yet to reach the linens of the bed. Kit groaned slightly and her lips moved, but she remained sleeping.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 10:32:46 AM
"Yeah, immediately after," Laren confirmed.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 10:25:20 AM
"I remember you telling me about the visions. You had mentioned then that you touched the Eye. Is that when these visions started?" Ashe asked with great curiosity.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 09:03:42 AM
Laren was alittle taken back by the unexpected question. "Me?" he asked. "Oh, nothing big really. You remember when I was asking about those visions of Crimson and such? That's about it. I get visions like that every now and then."

Laren thought for a moment.

"You know, right about the time she started complaining about the back pain yesterday, I had a vision. Matter of fact, they seemed to both be at the same time. She was trying to rush into a fight that we were in no condition to deal with, and I grabbed her. The moment I touched her, I got a vision of an hand bringing down a dagger. It was only a flash, I didn't see a face or anything."

Laren glared off into space as he recalled. His eyes feel back to Ashe's troubled face and he said, "that's when she cried out in pain the first time."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 08:44:11 AM
Ashe closed his eyes and took another deep breath. In his druidic cant he says, 'Looks like Kit's not the only one whose past is coming back on them'. He knelt down and placed his hands on Laren's shoulders and said, "I can see how Kit is effected by it but how has it affected you?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 24, 2006, 08:36:19 AM
Laren rolled his eyes slightly as he said "Oh yeah, she touched it. I warned her not to, but she wouldn't take it from me, and believe me, I know! Too headstrong for her own good." Laren stopped realized that this was not the time for that.

"Anyway, she was a down right mess afterwards. It seemed to effect her more than it did me."

Laren knew that he was letting out secrets now, but he didn't care. Kit's life may hang in the balance now, it was no time for mystery.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 24, 2006, 08:26:17 AM
Ashe's face went white and he blinked...twice. He took a deep breath, "When did you...did she touch it?" Ashe asked sternly. Jarmok could hear Ashe's sudden change in tone and the drastic concern in his voice.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2006, 09:57:49 PM
Kit stirred slightly, alarming Jarmok, but she again did not wake.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2006, 09:29:38 PM
Laren passed on the tobacco. "So..." Laren said looking at kit's towel wrapped body. "You want me to talk to her? I thought she was sleeping?"

Laren thought for a second and asked, "Do you think the eye of portance has anything to do with this??"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 23, 2006, 09:23:27 PM
Ashe opened the door wide to allow Laren to enter easily. "Come in Laren, sit down if you like." Ashe says motioning his hand to his hearth chair.

"Not everything is least with Kit." he says , not waiting for Laren to situate himself. "But for now her situation is under control. Kit is going through a...change. Her past has finally caught her in her attempt to escape it. Her spine has given out and currently she's unable to move her legs...unable to stand, let alone walk."

Ashe pulls out his pipe and fills it with a rich smelling tabac. He then hands his pouch to Laren to offer him some. "Now, I have an idea of what is happening but I want to be sure before I say or act upon my theory. She has a blister, if I can even call it that, on her lower back. When it bursts, and it will, the lose of blood could kill her. But it's not the lose of blood that is the issue...I can heal's her spirit. She may not feel as if she should live. That, more than anything has me concerned."

Ashe goes over to the hearth and fires a long stick and lights his pipe. He offers the stick to Laren. "I don't know how long her condition will last. Despite her unconcious state I'm fairly certain that she'd like to hear from you though. She's responded to Jarmok well. She needs all of the friends she's got right now."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2006, 08:36:44 PM
"Did you know your door was locked?" Laren asked rubbing his forehead. "I was just coming to check on Kit. She's been gone a long time now."

"Oh, I also have some of these here potions, I don't know if they'd help."

Laren caught a glimpse of Jarmok. "Is..." A sudden seriousness replaced his light-hearted mood. "Is everything alright?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2006, 07:04:01 PM
Kit did not awaken.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 23, 2006, 06:42:12 PM
Ashe hastily went to the door and opened it to see Laren just about ready to knock again. "Yes?" Ashe asked in a hushed tone. "What's on your mind, Laren?" Ashe glanced back into the room.

Laren bent his neck and bounced onto his toes to look around Ashe to see inside. He could see a fire in the hearth sending a curious glow into the room. Jarmok's shadowy form was crouched down next to a bed. Kit's slender legs were peeking out beyond Jarmok on on them were several cloths that appeared to have a wispy mist meandering up from them.

Laren could feel the tension in the room even from where he stood in the door. Ashe's face had both concern and excitment in his eyes. It was as if he was a father expecting a newborn child.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2006, 03:45:29 PM
There was a bit of a thump on the door just then, followed by an "OOPH!" and a little shuffling that sounded like a halfling getting up off the ground.

The door latch rattled a bit, followed by a knock at the door. "Ashe? You there?"

It was clear now that the voice belonged to Laren.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2006, 03:39:46 PM
Kit lay there, paralyzed from the waste down, her almost naked form shivering with pain and cold and blood dripping from her mouth and she smiled at Jarmok in understanding.

"Jarmok love Kit," she said simply and fell back into a restless asleep.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 23, 2006, 02:25:04 PM
"NO!" Jarmok barked. He grabbed her cheeks between the long, lean fingers of his right hand. Staring hard into her eyes he hoped that she would see the conviction and confidence (borne by Ashe's assertion that he knew what was wrong and how to fix it) there. "Kit safe. Will be fixed. No more masters for Kit but Kit's self. Kit's eyes lie to her. Not is bad people. Only friends with Kit now. Love Kit. Kit very sick and will be fixed."

He softened his stare and his tone, stroking her smooth cheek, and said, "Kit want house in Threshold? Like flowers?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 23, 2006, 02:20:28 PM
Ashe stopped cold. He fully realized the gravity of her memory. He could barely contain his rage from the enslavement that she's experienced. In a short time he has come to see her as niece or daughter. Either way he's angry that he is unable to to protect her from her memories.

Perhaps, he thought, that some memories are meant to be dealt with. Only by facing the demons of our past are we able to receive the angels of our future. Kit was enduring this for a reason...there are no accidents.

Ashe righted himself and rolled his hand in front of his mouth for Jarmok to keep speaking with Kit.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2006, 02:02:48 PM
Kit watched Jarmok's unblinking gaze as he spoke, he could see her mentally fighting the confusing thoughts brought on by the fever.

"What is he doing to me Jarmok?" she asked, starting to tear up.

"Am I to be prepared for another master?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 23, 2006, 01:50:14 PM
Jarmok didn't look at Ashe as he whispered. He kept Kit's eyes and spoke firmly. "If I live, no bad ones touch Kit. Is promise, little sister." He said seriously. "Am here. Will stay. Kit fix armor? Day of Valley come. Big fun. Also, Kit need see tree [thumb in chest] planted. Only few days, but already big. Has whisper voice too. Make feel welcome. [Smiled his crooked toothy grin] Even me." He watched his young charge closely as he spoke, trying to guage her state of mind, and steered his talking accordingly.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 23, 2006, 01:30:45 PM
Ashe moved in close to Jarmoks' cup-like ears. "Jarmok...Try to keep her preoccupied. Ask her about a happy memory of her past...something that will take her mind off of me. She sees me as someone that I obviously am not...she sees me as...a threat. I'll step away and continue with the rags." Ashe put his hand on Jarmok's fine furred shoulder. "I know that our tongue is still difficult for you...but keep talking to her. She trusts you...she has a...connection with you."

Ashe quietly backed away and began to cut the sheets into large rags with a knife that he had on his work table.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 23, 2006, 01:13:00 PM
At first the gaze Kit returned Jarmok was one of true fright.  She even tilted her head towards the mattress slightly in an effort to shield half her vision from him, as if full sight of him was an affront to her but no so much so that it could overpower her mistrust.

But as Jarmok asked her about his armor a spark of familiarity was reflected within her blue eyes. As prompted she turned her gaze towards the hole in the armor and actually made a wince in empathy of understanding that it was not only the armor that had been damaged.

She looked back at him.

"Jarmok?" she asked.

"Hrung,"? he nodded with a half smile.

"Don't let him touch me Jarmok, don't let Markell's slave touch me!" She pleaded in a horse voice that was barely above a whisper. Blood still splayed from her mouth and added to the many spots that were already on the mattress sheet.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 23, 2006, 09:15:13 AM
Jarmok kneeled next to Kit's bed, moving close to his friend. "Kit?" He asked gently. "Is Jarmok." His mouth worked a bit, as he searched for words. Something distracting. He thought.

"Kit. Armor broke again. You fix like last time? 'member? Is good, your fix, now big hole in shoulder. Is can fix, or I need new? What think?" He positioned himself so that she would be able to see the gaping hole that Vervishkuk left in his armor. Was it only earlier that very same day? Seemed so long ago as this point. He searched her face for signs that she heard, and might hopefully be brought out of those terrible memories of hers. For the first time, he was truly grateful that his own memories had fled him. Whatever he had been through, it couldn't be as bad as this youngling.

Again that odd, remote part of his mind that took odd notes as odd times awakened. He considered Kit a youngling; he wondered how old he himself was.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Griznuq on March 23, 2006, 07:52:09 AM
As enthralled with his beer as Laren was, he couldn't get his mind off of Kit. She really looked aweful when last he saw her. He wondered how she was doing.

The thought came to him like a sap to the head, he had dabbled a little bit with the herbs and such that Ashe used, perhaps he could be of some help there.

"I've also got these potions too, maybe they would be of some use..." He said to himself.

Laren hopped up from his low stool and tried to offer coin for his beer, which Garret refused as usual. Laren bowed his head and said "I must be off. I'll be over at Ashe's if anyone needs... well, not anyone of course, only those who we can trust needs me... Not that that ever really happens..." Laren babbled, finishing with a finger in the air, "but if it should, that's where I'll be."

Laren stopped talking and noticed he had the attention of most of the people in his proximity. He met their stares with a grin. "You all got that?" Laren was a little goofy with the brew in his belly. The onlookers mostly smiled and shook their heads.

"And don't worry, I'll be in bed before they light the street lamps."

With a slightly dramatic flourish of his arms, he spun around and headed for the door.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 23, 2006, 06:50:42 AM
Ashe shot Jarmok a perplexed stare. He leaned closer to her in an unconcious effort to make her hear him. "Kit, Markell is not here. It's just Ashe and Jarmok. We're here to take care of you."

Ashe quietly said to Jarmok, "Let her know you're here. Even if she's reliving a memory she may, on some level, be comforted by your voice."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2006, 11:39:27 PM
For the first time since Ragnor had placed her on the bed, Kit moved. Although the right side of her face never left the mattress, she slid back at Ashe?s touch in a quick jerk, pushing her upper torso with the push of her hand. Her eyes had opened for a second before snapping closed against the pain. The violation of the movement sent the already abused muscles into spasms. Kit convulsed horribly. Her face contorted into a silent scream as the muscles began to rip against the contracting spine.

Ashe deftly lifted himself above her and placed his hands under the cloths, pushing some of them away in the rushed attempt. With both knees at the edge of the mattress supporting him, he hovered atop the bed and pushed down between her shoulder blades to pin her. While closing his eyes and tilting his face upward, he said a short prayer in the Cant to Mahiya. Jarmok watched as a warm reddish glow formed around his hands and then flowed into Kit. She almost immediately stopped convulsing and the muscles in her body relaxed. He let up so she could breathe fully.

As Ashe lowered himself from the bed back to the floor, he kneeled next to the bed to look at her face. Just as his eyes became level with her face, she opened her eyes and gazed emptily through him. For a moment, he wasn?t sure if her eyes had merely slipped open while she was in an unconscious state. But then her eyes caught his visage in the forefront of the void and she was startled by his presence, and within a short moment, she became terrified by it.

This summoned frightened words which came in ragged bursts, as though merely talking was more pain then she could bear. Her voice was lower and choked with liquid.
"Why have you come back for me have...a new slave...why do you again?" she asked Ashe, as blood started to drip from her mouth.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 22, 2006, 04:44:04 PM
Ashe looks at Jarmok, nods to Kit, and quietly says, "Keep ripping."

Ashe walks over to Kit and gently rests his hand on her head. "Shhh...Kit, don't worry about your legs. I want you to think of your happiest moment when you were little. Can you tell me about that, my child?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 22, 2006, 04:22:31 PM
"Hrung." rrrrriippp
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Dray on March 22, 2006, 04:22:23 PM
"Why can't I feel my legs?" Kit asked in a stuttered voice, caused by the shivering. Since she hadn?t moved or made a sound since requesting her mother, Jarmok and Ashe had hopes she had lapsed back into unconsciousness.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 22, 2006, 03:51:15 PM
"It probably would and I'm sure Maccabeus could help too. The truth is, I'm deep in the favor of Mahiya. My skill to heal through it's power should be enough to help her...physically. But Kit has to want to live. For a such a young girl she's been through enough tragedy for three lifetimes. Sometimes, if there's too much pain in someone's life their soul collapses and they loose the their will to live. Kit is so's amazing she's had the resolve to continue this far." Ashe explained.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 22, 2006, 03:35:12 PM
"Maccabeus help?" Jarmok asked as he tore the linens in the fashion that Ashe had indicated. "Magic water help?"
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 22, 2006, 03:01:13 PM
Ashe smiled wryly at the question. "A seer, by definition, is one that can sense the future." Ashe picked up a sheet and tore it with his teeth and then ripped it down the middle.

"For what most people know of them that is what they do...tell the future. However, the word seer has become the name for all that can focus their mind to achieve desired effects." Ashe hands Jarmok a sheet and says, "Rip." Ashe makes a tearing motion with his hands. "They're sort of like Priests or Arcanists."

Ashe looks down at the unconcious girl and back to Jarmok. Looking him right in the eyes Ashe says, "I'm not going to lie Jarmok, I'm hopeful that she'll survive but she's no where near out of this yet. She'll lose a barrelful of blood when the time comes. I just hope her little body can handle the trauma." Ashe smiles a little bit and says, "The suspense of it all is killing me."
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Johan on March 22, 2006, 12:33:04 PM
Jarmok drew confidence from Ashe as the herbalist simultaneously worked and spoke. Somewhere in the depths of his mind a change occurred moving him from frightened, anxious friend and on-looker to a focused participant. Now was the time for disassociated action, he knew. He could and would do whatever Ashe told him to do in order to save Kit.

"Do what have do." He nodded curtly to the herbalist and placed his load of linens at the foot of the bed.

"What is seer?" he asked as they moved about each other in a medic's dance. He spread out a particularly large and thick-pile towel over Kit's lower back. "Prchew [hands coming up and apart in a simulated explosion]." He said as he caught Ashe's questioning glance.
Title: Kit's Life
Post by: Wildfire on March 22, 2006, 12:05:06 PM
"Mommy? what the..." Ashe asked not expecting an answer from Kit. Ashe looked at Jarmok whose arms were heaping with sheets and washing towels. "Oh...very good. Put them at the end of the bed or close by, if you would. We'll need them to soak up the blood when this blister ruptures." Ashe said.

Ashe's voice was cool and even. He was not erratic as he had been moments before. Jarmok got the sense that Ashe was fully aware of what needed to be done to help his young friend through this trauma.

"Jarmok, I'm glad your here. Kit, being a seer, may experience some...odd behavior. She may even become violent. Are you prepared to do what may be needed to be done for her safety...and ours?" Ashe said. There was a wild, enthusiastic look in Ashe's eyes. It was a look that Jarmok had never seen in Ashe before. It was a look that told Jarmok that he knew more than he was telling.
Title: Kit's Life
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"Where want?" Jarmok asked, nodding his head to indicate the load of linens that he had brought from the closet.
Title: Kit's Life
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As Jarmok passed through the door on his return he heard her broken voice.

"Mommy?" Kit whispered from her bed in complete distress. She was still in the same position, laying on her stomach with her head turned away from Ashe who shot a look of fear at Jarmok.
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok's head tilted to the side and his face wrinkled in confusion.

"Talk lot, tell little." He answered. "Is here look for priest. Help friend at Alberron? Friend hurt legs, not work." The impact of that statement hit Jarmok rather suddenly. "Is same maybe?" He asked hopefully.

"What else?" Ashe pressed, ignoring Jarmok's question. The herbalist's terse response goaded Jarmok to think harder.

"Family killed. She slave to slug at swamp. Swamp of something." He concentrated a moment, trying to recall that night so long ago. "Tears?" He shrugged, unable to recall. That didn't sound right, but it was close. "No. Not tears. Was word I not know, but close."

"Seers?" Ashe suggested.

That sounded right to Jarmok. I could likely have been that, and Ashe had said that word only moments before. What else? "Kit make chem-kals long time. Not want to, but slug made her. Make control her. [shrugged] not understand." He admitted.

"Was from near Kaz'burn, think. Is all I know." He looked apologetically at the herbalist.

Ashe started to erratically pace back and forth, momentarily appearing to forget about Kit upon the bed. He started to mumble quickly to himself, his hands shaking. ?She was in the Swamp of Seers. She?s a Seer! No wonder it feels familiar. I?ve tried so hard to forget those days?.but now isn?t the time to fall apart. Kit needs me?and Jarmok. Hold it together?let Mahiya work through you?.? As Ashe mumbled to himself Jarmok crouched upon a stool in the corner and curiously watched on, letting the man work out whatever demons he had.

As if breaking out of a waking dream Ashe shook his head and put his hand on Jarmok?s shoulder. ?Thanks Jarmok. Your memory will serve her well. I think I have a strong idea what this is all about,? he said. He actually looked very pleased as he walked back to Kit?s bedside. Looking for a long moment at the wound once more.

When he spoke again it was with quick enthusiasm. ?We?re going to need a score of cloths. This engorged blood blister is eventually going to pop. There?s a linen closet in the other room. Please bring every cloth in it to this bedside. I?ll get some water heated over the fire.

Although Ashe had the enthusiasm of a little boy getting dessert, Jarmok knew Ashe didn?t want to see Kit in pain. He surmised that the odd glee was due to Ashe having found an answer to Kit?s ailment. The lean outlander sprang deftly from his stool towards the room that Ashe had indicated and the trove of linens to be found there.
Title: Kit's Life
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Jarmok was surprised to find that there were enough of the thin cloths to cover almost Kit’s entire body. He was equally surprised to find, as he finished covering her with them, that there appeared to be a profound lack of change in her condition and she was still restlessly unconscious. If anything, she was perhaps more stressed now, as she appeared to be shivering, her teeth chattering as her back and upper torso convulsed.

Jarmok had recently begun to think of Kit in terms of an adopted sister. She was the closest thing that he had to family since Mercer had left, and he felt oddly connected to the young girl. Even more so than he had to Mercer, with whom he had lived for several months. He had to choke back the anguish he had for the girl who was obviously in so much pain. He wished that some foreign body would leap forth so that he could hack at it with his axe and be done, but this was not an enemy that he knew how to tame. ‘At least she is unaware.’ He thought as he looked on helplessly.

Ashe was working furiously, grabbing boxes and jars from the shelves. A few leaves from this one, a shake of orange powder from that one, a drop of syrup from yet another. These and more he drew, mixing them all vigorously in a large, heavy wooden mixing bowl. These he ground and stirred, adding steaming water from his kettle as he worked the contents and the air of his lodge filled with an odd, heavy, earthy aroma. He then took more materials from the shelves and deftly added a new array of ingredients. Soon a fantastic clutter clogged his bench. Ashe picked through them as he worked, and Jarmok wondered at the herbalist’s ability to pick the right ingredient from the dozens that had settled around his work area.

Jarmok turned back to look at Kit, he wished he could put a blanket on her. The cold peppermint cloths clung to her tightly, covering nearly every inch of her and her chattering teeth were now framed by pale blue lips. The ointment on the cloths would not abandon their chill quickly, and a fine mist issued from them, flowing up like the fog off the river in the morning, and mixing their scent with Ashe’s heavier one, making the room smell pleasant. An odd sensation, Jarmok thought, given the gravity of what was going on there.

When Ashe spoke Jarmok turned to see the man facing him. “Don’t worry my friend,” he said. “She has to cool down or she’ll get too hot. So, her shivering is good thing.” He smiled a weak smile, meant to placate Jarmok, then returned to his work.

“What make for Kit?” he asked him.

Ashe did not look up. “Something for her pain. Maccabeus’s healing was only enough to stay the pain but not fix the problem. My healing spells most likely wouldn’t heal her either.” he said, then paused a moment.

He left the bowl at the bench and moved over to Kit and took two cloths off of her lower back.

The bluish oval mark was almost hard to look at. It quivered with the rest of her body and was now swelling upward out of her skin.

They could almost see small currents of the blood move throughout it as Kit’s heart pumped. Ashe put his hands on both sides of the wound, slid his fingers between the bed and her stomach and pressed in. Kit let out a small gasp of pain but did not wake. Ashe didn’t skip a beat, he massaged the back of her upper thighs, feeling the muscle for what Jarmok did not know. He then moved his hands to the top of the wound and pressing lightly.

“No!” Kit yelped in pain but never woke from unconsciousness. Ashe, assured that his patient would remain asleep, continued his examination. He returned his hands below the wound and when he touched her tailbone both he and Jarmok were startled as her tailbone moved downwards when pressed. Kit did not flinch.

He looked up at Jarmok, “Great Grandtree…” Ashe whispered “Her spine down here has practically liquified. She walked in here just six hours ago. Whatever is happening, it’s aggressive. The energy from her is much stronger now as well.” Ashe started to speak in his mystical tongue, “What’s going on in there Kit? You may have been to a place that most haven’t.” he said. Jarmok, although not understanding the language, did recognize the frustration in Ashe’s voice.

“Jarmok, I don't have to tell you that anything that would have affected her spine like this would, in all likelihood, have killed her. Her spine column is severed just above the tailbone!” he said looking at the wound in anger.

Ashe replaced the peppermint cloths and rose. “Has Kit ever mentioned anything about her past, Jarmok?” Ashe asked as he paced about the room. His fingers were placed on his temples as if he were trying to concentrate.
Title: Kit's Life
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Kit had lifted her head from the pillow. When she reflexively withdrew from Maccabeus as he sat upon her bed, he knew that she was held captive by her fear. Her eyes were held by the vision of the crystal, which dangled in front of her face, only a gnome's arms' length away.

Her face was flushed red from being pressed into the pillow; her eyes were circled deep and dark purple from days of hardship. Maccabeus thought compassionately that she truly looked as if she had lost the battle.

Then her eyes met his, and the warmth of Mahiya's Crown upon his chest unexpectedly extinguished. For the blink of a lost moment in time he felt alone. That momentary eternity passed and startlingly, he perceived in a flash a deep understanding that translated through Kit's eyes and into her soul. In that moment, her eyes sobered and conveyed a deep and considerable thought of appreciation.

And with a simple yet sighing sob, she reached up for the crystal with a shaking hand.

'NO!' The voice yelled. But its protest was sundered as Maccabeus pushed the crystal into Kit's hand.

His small, calloused hands met her slender ones with the crystal in between, and Maccabeus felt his breathe catch in his chest. He felt as if a portion of his spirit was pinched between the young girl and the treasure that the Blackheart would now, Maccabeus knew, not obtain. As comforting as that thought was, it was overshadowed by the sudden fear that his own life was now in jeopardy, for in quick understand he knew he was a conduit between Kit and her crystal child.

On one side he felt the touch of the girl's mind, a churning vortex of unbirthed power that somehow had gestated for more seasons than this girl had known. On the other side he felt the cool, empty tranquility of an unknowing entity. The crystal truly was akin to a newborn infant, born from the lass.

As Kit cried and shook, Maccabeus envisioned her mind as a damn. One that held back a vast torrent of power. And that dam was cracking, melting like a glacier upon a mountainside. The water that would be released when that dam failed would descend in an undeniable rush towards the waiting lake that was the crystal. And Maccabeus was the dry river bed that would lead that water from behind the dam and into the lake. Under Mahiya, such a release often changed and destroyed the landscape beneath it.

His drive for survival urged him to let go, to release the bond that he now shared between Kit and the Crystal. But his training and his being knew that doing so would surrender the crystal to the Blackheart and undo generations of effort and sacrifice. Also, the sympathetic ache in his heart would not allow him to abandon Kit in her time of need.

A fervent prayer to Istisha and her mother upon his lips, he closed his eyes and tried to steel himself for the impending deluge.

Breathing deep and meditatively, he closed his eyes and focused on the power in her: the energy that threatened to consume him in its wake. He could sense the rigid, icy block in her mind melting, warmed by Kit's own consciousness. She was willing herself to let it go.

The moment before her release, even as Maccabeus cringed in anticipation of the ordeal, he opened his eys and watched her frail face. She was now staring at the crystal though her mind was far away. Her lips moved silently. "I will no longer be afraid of you."

"Aye lass, there ye go, Paladine loves ye." He said to her soothingly, not really sure whether she could hear him or not.

Then the dam broke. Maccabeus lost his vision, not sure if he had clenched his eyes shut while the pain overwhelmed him or whether it had been taken away. The power of her flooded the riverbed around him in his mind, he tossed and tumbled with it, unable to find direction as he drowned. Then all was black.
Title: Kit's Life
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Title: Kit's Life
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Title: Kit's Life
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Title: Kit's Life
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[OOC: this post was originally written by Wildfire. With his permission, I took his incredible vision and expanded upon it with 1000 more words. I want to personally thank him for allowing me to do so, and hope all enjoy my new interpretation of Kit's emotions within the context.]

Maccabeus went rigid, a gasp of pain escaping from his lips before his unconscious small form fell to the bed beside Kit. The girl only stared at the object still held firm in his unknowing hand, the blue crystal.

Kit was in another world again, with the vision of that crystal at the center of it. To her it looked so much like one of the sand dollars her father had once brought back from a journey abroad. Those journeys were rare for him, and she not only looked forward to the hug she would get upon his return but the promised gift he would bestow as well. The five sand dollars from one trip had been her favorite.

The next day, she and her mother had dipped the sand dollars in colored water and decorated the walls of her bedroom for Harvestide, pressing the bottoms to almost every bare spot of wall. Neither of them had any idea on whether her father would approve of such decoration. The memory of the smile he had upon seeing the room was one of ultimate joy. It had since gotten her through some rough times in her life. But now, as she stared at this vibrant blue crystal before her, the memory was a shadow behind it, and at first something about that was very foreboding. She could only stare in growing concern, but with a wakening of sorts quickly realized that it was due not to repulsion of the crystal, but a need to hold it. She was drawn to it like that of a mother to her newborn child. And it in turn seemed to sense her and was calling to her for comfort.
Meanwhile Wolf, an unknowing spectator to the situation at hand, but recognizer of Mahiya's power that had been growing within his friend, growled as Maccabeus lost that power and hit the mattress. He whined thinking the lapse perhaps temporary, but as his friend continued to lay lifeless, he could not help but yelp in concern.

The sound of his bark shocked the bloodied Kit from her absent stare.

Kit looked about her as if seeing the room for the very first time. Her mind was not yet awakened, as it had been ravaged by the recent events and was now only functioning on an instinctive level. Memory had not yet caught up to recognition as she gazed slowly about at the devastating scene. As her eyes passed slowly about the destruction, they returned to the crystal once again. With a slight concern in her brow, she reached for the gnome's hand which was just out of her own arm's length, so she stretched her ruined body towards him.

The pain of a thousand daggers knifed into her back, but with a sharp intake of breath and the release of excruciating hot tears she continued to reach. She fought against the pain to reach what was hers. Vision narrowed and blackened around the edges, the crystal again becoming the only thing view, as she came once again close to unconsciousness. The singular thought of her child was stronger than the overwhelming pain writhing through her body.

With eyes clenched shut she reached forward across the last hand length of space and slipped her petite fingers between the small forfeiting ones of the gnome. Even before her fingers touched the surface of the crystal she knew what she would sense. At the familiar but warm touch she collapsed back onto the bed, her arm still outstretched towards the unconscious Maccabeus. The crystal now in her own hand.

A desperate voice, her voice, cut into her mind.

'Hide me, quick!'

Without being able to moving any other part of her body, which had begun to yet again convulse, Kit instinctively folded her arm underneath her. Her open hand held the warm, lightly pulsating crystal, to her chest.

'You can't let them find me.' The now calming voice said within a pocket of her mind.

Like her wakened conscious Kit's own voice was lost, not having the strength to fully come forth to the reality of the apothecary.  But deep within her mind she fought to understand. This other voice in her head, that intimated her speech and vocal sound, was not her own, it was not driven by her own thoughts. But as she strived to understand it within the fog of her mind the lack of her inner voice's existence suddenly shocked her back into the full reality.

Her inner voice, the one that controlled the fear was gone, but not only that, the aspect of that fear was now utterly gone. She lifted her head above the pillow and her eyes worked back and forth madly as she sought the voice and it's charge within her mind.

The enormity of the epiphany stuck her with such force that silent tears streamed madly and all at once from her weakened eyes.

She wasn't afraid anymore. The noise of the static of that fear was gone, as was the voice that controlled it. The constant weight of it had been lifted and for the first time since its creation, and in what had seemed to be an eternity of the burden, she finally felt liberated. The recognition of her situation caught up to her at that moment of joy, and although she was naked, covered in blood, in pain, and in all probability looked ghastly each new second that passed was filled with incredible joy.

Despite the pain ravaging her back, and the feeling that she would slip back into the black of unawareness, Kit smiled through the tears without voice.

Ashe roused from under the pile of rubble that had been upon him. Wolf, who had run over to the bedside of his unconscious friend, looked towards the noise Ashe created but stood vigilant.

"Oh that hurt," Ashe said in a pained voice. With a contorted face Ashe stood up and rubbed the wound on head. He looked over to where his shelves of herbs had been and groaned. "...but that, that hurts more."

As he limped to her bed, Kit, now more aware, glanced towards him. She could clearly see that Ashe was in a great deal of pain, and gave the man a look of incredible guilt and sympathy. She saw that the wound on his head was fairly deep, with skin at the bottom so disjointed that it flapped slightly over his sunken right eye allowing blood to river onto his face. Both eyes were bloodshot and there were large purple sacs beneath them. Many places within his clothes were torn and ruined, and he was covered in dust from head to toe. Kit's smile did not leave her, for she was grateful that he was even alive.

"You look horrible," she said, trying to make a quip.

Ashe smiled and without a word came to her side. 'The worst was over', he thought.

"Roll over onto your tummy," he said with a dry, cracked and broken voice. He had placed his hands on the bedside palms up, the gnome laying on it to his right, and was flicking his fingers in a curling motion.

Again her voice entered her head, it was loud, abrupt and obnoxious, as if it weren't used to social mannerisms learned during the process of language development. 'Don't do it. Remember what happened before with Markell!'

Kit did, in fact, remember that, only she knew well that Ashe wouldn't harm her. Ignoring her child, and with a slight reluctance she endured the pain and flipped over onto her front. The almost forgotten humility happy in doing so. She put her head on the pillow once more as Ashe chanted in a whisper in that strange language. As Ashe's warms hands touched the sides of the massive wound, Kit felt a tingle and then a consuming warmth filled her entire body from head to toe. Her pain, endured for what had seemed an eternity, vanished altogether just like her fear.

Ashe leaned over to grab Maccabeus but Wolf wouldn't have it. He let out a warning growl and bore his teeth. Too tired to argue and convinced that the gnome was in no immediate danger, Ashe instead grabbed Kit's hand and said, "Let's get you to a fresh bed."

'No! Don't leave me here alone!' Kit's mental voice cried out in distress again, the sharpness of the uncontrolled voice making her wince.
Title: Kit's Life
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It was gone.

The pain that she had endured, of which she had thought would leave a permanent shadow inedably etched into the grain of her soul and the undercurrent of her flesh, had surrendered and slithered away rapidly from her.

"Could I have...something to cover myself with?" Kit asked Ashe in a small voice, not willing to slide off her tummy and expose herself again.

Ashe nodded.

As he began to step away in order to go behind the ruined wall for a fresh sheet he sensed it. How could he not? His attunement to his resurrected abilities was now flayed raw about him, so it easily picked up on the psychic residue upon the unconscious gnome. He immediately recognized the imprint of Kit's power emanating off him like heat off of a tea kettle.

"Oh my Maccabeus, I am so sorry," Ashe thought as he hesitated by the bed.

Ashe knew the power of that imprint would have to take its course, and although Maccabeus was in no danger of permanent harm, he knew the gnome would have to endure that imprint until it washed away from him. Ashe suspected that Kit had expelled her fear into the crystal, and if this little man was the conduit for that journey, his mind had shut down so as to deal with imprint at full value.

Maccabeus would soon be in tune with Kit's history and emotions more than anyone on this earth. At least for awhile, Ashe thought, remembering his own experience with this situation.

As Kit lay her head on the pillow, too tired to watch Ashe, he lowered his eyes to Wolf. The beast was now too worried to whine or growl and merely ignored Ashe while he licked his friend's dangling hand.

"Let me move him Wolf," he said to him soothingly and in Mahiya's tongue.

To his surprise Wolf shuffled aside.

Ashe returned to the bed and gently scooped his arms under the small figure.

"I am really sorry Maccabeus, I had not intended you to be caught between them," he whispered in the gnome's ear. He didn't want Kit to feel responsible but something inside him compelled him to at least voice an apology.

He placed the gnome on the other clean bed, the one he had thought would be for Kit. As he let him go he sensed how strongly the power was clinging to him, and could only wonder at how the gnome's psyche was handling the memories of the young girl.

"No better man to handle this consequence," Ashe thought, "for I have yet to meet a gnome more ready for this type of experience."

He leaned closer to the bed so as to be out of Kit's earshot, and whispered again to the man lost in his own mind.

"Psi-crystals are not normally formed this way for Seers, Brother of Mahiya" he said as he stroked Maccabeus' hair back and out of his face. Still whispering, he continued his narration to the unconscious gnome, "as you will come to realize, this was all part of a series of events that started so very long ago...and still have yet to end. Rest easy my friend, the sharp visions you see now, will hopefully become ghosts of experience later."

"Is he going to be alright?" Kit asked raising her head. Ashe turned to see that she had watched the entire exchange with concern.

"He's going to be fine lass," Ashe said returning to her and lifting his hand to her to cup her cheek. "I will get you a sheet, one moment," and he left for the back room of the devastated apothecary.

When he returned Kit was unsuccessfully trying to sit up, despite her modesty.

"What are you doing?" Ashe asked harshly.

"I can't stay, I should..." was all Kit got out before slipping into the beginning of a feinting spell.

With one hand Ashe caught her before she tumbled to the floor, even as his other hand swished the sheet around her back.

"You have no pain but you also have no strength or stamina child," he said sternly as he wrapped her semi-conscious form in the sheet. "You are not going anywhere."

She slumped in his arms while he lifted her slight form and carried her to his own bed in the backroom. It was the only one that was now usable. He noted that the girl still retained a firm grasp of the psi-crystal though. "Good my young mother, very good," he thought.

With one last statement to Wolf, "Watch over him and wake me if anything changes," he left the room with her.

Wolf watched him go, and then looked about the Master's den. The sleeping places were covered in blood, bone fragments and skin. They in turn were surrounded with rubble and debris from the devastated wall of Ashe's den. Wolf was sad for them.

After Ashe left, the front of the apothecary was quiet although still disheveled and dilapidated. Wolf surveyed the devastated room for a moment, then climbed upon Maccabeus's bed and lay down protectively next to his little brother.