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Session 20 - Return to the Forest Keep

Started by fraz, January 21, 2006, 07:55:45 PM

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Session #20:
Return to the Forest Keep

[Sunday 01 Jan 06]

Sprouting Grass/Egg 7 Mid-day:

Mirri finds Himo wandering in the woods to the east and convinces him to rejoin the group.

Belwar also has stormed off impatiently, heading westward.

Valen and Zurn prepare to chase after Belwar.

But Arlen quiety calls Zurn over to him and explains that Beloved can probably protect him from the Wendigo disease, should Belwar decide to begin snacking on him.

Zurn complies and Beloved administers the same ?treatment? to him that she did on Arlen.

The group finally reassembles and Arlen bids Beloved a farewell as they depart.

The party backtracks along the swamp paths until they finally reach the road to the south.

After some brief indecision, they decide to follow the road east to Gorna.

Arlen has a strange craving for cheese and daydreams about finally arriving in the city of Gorna and finding some cheese to eat (all that they have had to eat for days has been berries and spider meat).

The party comes across a camp full of soldiers from Gorna.
They introduce themselves and are welcomed into the camp.

Valen explains what has happended to them in detail and that they are headed to Gorna seeking help for themselves and to request reinforcements for the suffering keep.
The leader explains that the keep is fine now... the reinforcements have already arrived there.

He further explains that if they require immediate attention, it would be best for them to turn back to the keep, since it is still a good deal closer (DOH!).
The soldiers will provide an escort for them, since the road is still dangerous.

In the meanwhile, they are fed real food (including cheese! which Arlen devours hungrily.
They rest for the night in the relative protection and comforts of the soldier's camp.

Sprouting Grass/Egg 8:

Break camp and march westward back along the road towards the keep.

Orc ambush!
The orcs are easily fought off.
Himo is injured.

Arrive at keep.

Arlen quietly heads for tavern.
Mirri follows.

Zurn leads Himo and Belwar to Capt Coris' office.
After four attempts he successfully cures Belwar of the disease.
He then cures Himo.
Belwar is unconscious... they carry him to the chapel for rest.
Himo also stays in the chapel.
Zurn and Valen then return to Capt Coris' office.