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Session 7 - Boom! Boom! BOOM!

Started by Johan, October 24, 2005, 12:00:30 PM

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Day 9 - Early morning (Really late night), the newly sleeping group of explorers and citizens of Outpost bay are awakened by a concussive blast.


Rushing out from their tents, the structure that houses the Explorer's equipment is afire!

Garbhan looks to the corral and his horse housed therein. All seems well on that end of the settlement. It seems that the supplies center is the only structure hit.

Chaos reigns for a bit until Torlan takes the lead. The Companions are tasked with keeping watch over the animals and the Corral.

Garbhan suffers first watch with Mel, but there are no issues and the night passes.

10th Day
The companions make their way through the dwarven hold, across the ravine, and back into the western keep. A residual stench of acrid smoke hangs in the air.

[color=red:6fd9a0cd6f]DRAY DESCRIPTION[/color]

At the bottom of the shaft the odor hangs heavier. The group moves onward towards the dwarven keep, found earlier that week. They are surprised to find that the Ghost Lord is not there, nor is the gate tower that had been there during their previous visit. Something, or someone had been here during their absence, and caused a great deal of additional damage.

In the field of bones, the companions discover the ghost of a female dwarf who appears to be mourning over the body of a skeletonized dwarf. Upon approach, she disappears into a wisp.

The group decides to re-explore the keep, using a grappling hook to gain access to the bedrooms of the second floor.


They hear and feel a concussive blast followed by a prolonged rumbling cacophony.


T'Riad and Mel leave the dwarven compound and investigate the noise while the others remain.

Arriving back at the shaft, T & M find that the shaft is filled with rubble and debris. The shaft is impassable and the companions are apparently trapped. Head back to the other companions and discuss this harsh discovery.

Recognizing that we have to find another way out, and that this other way likely lay within the stronghold itself, they decide that they must explore within. Also, they decide that they should begin at the beginning; they go back out through the window, and enter via the main door.

[color=red:6fd9a0cd6f]DRAY DESCRIPTION[/color]

As they enter and traverse the hall, one of the tapestries comes to life, or more appropriately, the rod to which the tapestry is attached animates and attacks the group. It quickly becomes apparent that none of the group's attacks are being effective despite repeated solid blows delivered to the rod. Descretion becomes the better part of valor: the group flees through the far door.

Explore further into the keep.

This needs a combination of Dray's descriptions and Wildfire's maps...where did we go?

Mithral Dagger
Onyx Stone (149 GP - Appraise (11) Dwarven Keep)

The companions come upon a door with a very tough lock; it take's all of Mel's ability to open it. Upon entering the room within, the group sees that this is a large room that is littered with bleached dwarf bones - Dubbed: The Hall of Bones


fade to black...[color=#444444:6fd9a0cd6f][/color][color=#444444:6fd9a0cd6f][/color]
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I will concede that the last BOOM was internal and must be taken as artistic license; it therefore did not actually happen.

However, the "fade to black" is and must remain a necessity for the theatrical release.

Come on, people: work with me, [size=18:c066662548]work[/size] with meee...
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Can't you people just remember that sh...tuff!!

Ok, I promise not to get to them anytime in the near or distant future.

I must make note here that know last BOOM was heard after opening the bone room door. Nor was there a fade to black, it was instantaneous for all involved.