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Episode 12: The King of Bling
« on: June 16, 2006, 02:11:24 PM »
Duthash Zinnyas Aryor [May 12]

The town of Threshold is saturated with pilgrims and travelers. All waiting for their dparture to the legendary Valley Of Mist. The inns have been filled beyond their capacity and every last bit of space in Threshold proper has become occupied. Several of the farmers in what you?ve come to know as Little Threshold have opened their doors and for a small fee have allowed travelers to camp on their land and lodge in their houses.

Many tents and caravans have populated the little hamlet also bringing it to maximum density. The roosters crow and people begin to mill about searching for food to sedate their grumbling bellies. Rumors are flying about concerning a mysterious attack that occurred two nights ago. Many travelers are afraid to contiue for fear of being attacked themselves. There is also news that the exodus from Threshold to the Valley is going slower than it has in past years due to abnormally heavy volumn of traffic and similar concerns of attacks that may occur along the road. It has also been said that Julius Hawkhaven, the chief councilman of Threshold, is dealing with the problem of the attacks with the aid of the recently formed Threshold Protectorate.

Many of you find yourselves here as hired guardians for the caravans of travelers and merchants making their way either to Threshold or the Valley. Despite the buzzing events, prosperity abounds.

You manage to find some breakfast and many of the merchants have opened their mobile stores and even this early commerce has begun. The wagons that you?ve traveled with are on the north end of the tiny village on the road side, the east side, of the river. A cool breeze comes off the mountains and puffy clouds tumble through the sky.

A nearby woman shouts out, "Oh great Paladine! Look there, on the road! Injured gnomes!" Looking down the road you see 5 short figures walking slowly towards the unsuspecting hamlet. They appear to be torn and wounded. One of them stumbles and falls into the dirt. "Someone! Please help us!"

Maccabeus: The noise beyond the brambles is both distracting and intriguing. Although the idea of so many people so close to the Ring is a bit unnerving, you know that it well safe from any harm?wrapped in a blanket of secrecy. Still the curious nature of the events that have recently taken place have made you aware that nothing is completely safe. Learning more about your surroundings has always been a vital key to survival. So, studying the folk of Threshold has become of interest to you. Tucked away in the thickets of underbrush on the edge of the fields you and Wolf watch the crowds of people go about their business.

Above the static noise you hear words that become of keen interest to you?Injured gnomes.

Hafaveraal: Your last episode in Threshold was exciting as you actually got some of the adventure that you crave, rats, fires, caves, and combat. Those sorts of things keep you sharp and ready. But money is also needed so for the past week you?ve traveled from Threshold to Kurr and back as a hired strongarm. Travelers in unprotected lands need people like you to guard them. It?s not exciting but it does pay. Sometimes it even pays well. But now you are back in the shadow of the sharp toothy mountains eating you breakfast when you hear a cry go out about someone being injured. Ah, a break from the monotony!

The names of the gnomes are Fankin, Jybin, Nod, Rowenna, and Caramip.

When asked what happened:

Nod answers and nods while he talks, "It was foolish of us really, but we wanted to get to Threshold but we got a late start and pressed as hard as we could. We would even travel at night. Last night our mistake caught up to us. We were attacked. We came without any guards or escorts and we were defensless from the frogmen. They came without warning?some, some even rode gigantic beastly lizards that stood as high as two horses! The frogmen themselves were like giants!"

Fankin speaks up, "they weren?t as tall as all that. He exaggerates. But they did attack and some of our people were killed and taken away into the woods. Some of our mechandise too. You see we make jewelry and they took much of what we would sell. That was the purpose of our trip. Now we?re left with?well, I don?t know. Probably not too much. They ravaged our caravan as quickly as possible and just took off with some of our folk?some of us died in the attack. Can you help us? We?ll pay handsomely to get back who we can and whatever of ours you can find."

Present for this adventure:
* Hafaeveraal, human fighter: Phin
* Maccabeus, savage gnome druid: Johan
* Melzac Bramblethorn, human fighter: Himo
* Aelath'Ha, elven psychic warrior: Dray

- Gnomes return injured, explain that their caravan was mugged by frogmen and a large lizard mount
- They had jewelry which was stolen; would we please retrieve it?
- Upon hearing the gnome's offer for reward, the group of individuals exchanged glances and agreed to assist
- They do not know each other, and introductions are made
- The group heads up the road to where the caravan was
- Broken carts, dead ponies and destroyed cargo is all that remains
- After a little bit of searching, we find some jewelry which we hide in the wreckage, with the intention of coming back to return it to town

- Maccabeus searches for tracks: there are three frog-like prints, and one large lizard-like prints heading west
- Follow the tracks for the morning
- Cross a river
- Haf is watching butterflies and never sees the huge preying mantis strike out and grab him!
- Fight ensures -- Haf struggles to break free from the creature's grip as the party assists by rolling crappy "to hit" rolls excepting Maccabeus's one critical hit, in which he dealt an astounding 4HP damage to the hapless creature
- Melzac steps in with his great sword and decapitates the mantis!
- Heal up with a bunch of crappy healing rolls (crappy spells from Maccabeus and crappy skill rolls from Maccabeus and Melzac)

- Maccabeus looks around and picks up the tracks (at least his rolls are good for the tracking!)
- As we continue, the area begins getting marshy/bog
- Maccabeus is ambushed by a great toad!  Its tongue grabs Mac and it SWALLOWS HIM WHOLE!
- Haf is intrigued by a toad that is willing to swallow and gets the toad's phone number
- Maccabeus warns Haf to find his own darn toad; this one is occupied
- Meanwhile Mac is inside the toad and tries futilely to stab it with his short spear from inside
- Group continues to make crappy attack rolls -- Haf takes a dagger and slits the toad's belly, spilling Maccabeus onto the ground covered in toad belly juice
- After making some more crappy healing checks, the group is rests for the night

- Next morning, Maccabeus picks up the trail again (barely finding the trail)
- The marshy terrain is challenging Maccabeus's tracking skills.  Thank the gods for that big, heavy lizard leaving tracks behind (although we may feel less thankful when we actually come upon it)
- Up ahead, some of the more sharp-eyed members see movements beyond the thick brambles
- Ollie sees movement and lets loose an arrow! POW!  He hits a frogman!
- (Initiative is rolled: there is one roll higher than a 6 among the group)
- Group fires arrows/sling stones and a wolf as the frogmen hide
- Two frogmen suddenly burst up from the water! leaping down on the party in frogman fury. They didn't hide -- they went underwater and swam toward us!
- Swords are swinging, spears are spearing, frogs are falling, death is nearing
- The lizard mount swims through the water and attacks!
- The party surrounds and pounds and makes short work of the lizard with the help of an entangle spell and a well timed critical with a muthaluvin' greatsword.

- Search the frog camp and recover the missing jewelry (Moss Pockets!)
- Find some old coins as a bonus! Amazingly, the number is equally divisable by 4...the number of partymembers!
- Track back to the caravan and pick up the rest of the jewelry hidden in the carts
- Return to Threshold and give the jewelry to the gnomes (who are found at Ashe's, in the Elder's care)
- The gnomes are thrilled and reward us handsomely (35GP each)

- 975 XP awarded
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Episode 12: The King of Bling
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2008, 05:44:42 PM »
Wildfire, while I was review all that is Threshold, I discovered this session in which I played my alt. It just so happens I found the hard copy for this alt a few weeks ago.

On the hard copy is the entry for 975xp that was reflected in the post above. Being that he is a measely 25xp from 2nd level, I would like to resurface him in the Threshold threads and play him once in awhile.

When playing Kit's drama gets to be too grating, it will be nice to switch to this toon once in awhile.