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Sorcerer's HD

Started by Johan, April 03, 2005, 09:54:42 AM

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The SNAFU with Himo's level and HPs and stuff brought a long-dormant thought to my mind as I scuttled off to bed last night.

Some time ago I had decreed that as far as the FK game goes, Sorcerers would get a d6 for HPs instead of the standard-menue d4.

This was, in my mind to balance the sorcerer against the wizard.

In most respects these two classes are identical; their differences lay in the fact that wizards need to study for thier power, derriving their spells from intellect, while sorcerers are wild talents, derriving their spells from their personalities (charisma).

Wizards get the opportunity to specialize in a school of wizardry (illusions, necromancy...) and such specializtion, while at the cost of the ability to cast spells from one or more of the other schools, yields the wizard bonuses to the DC of spells that they cast from that school. I believe that this balances the wizard (specializations) and the sorcerer (no studying necessary).

Then, however, as the wizard progresses in levels, they do, at intervals, get bonus feats. Sorcerers do not. I think that this is an imbalance, however slight.

So, I gave the sorcerer a d6 HD. I like this because one of the reasons that was historically given, at least to my mind and by my mind, for the wizard's whimpy HD was because he could not devote any time to combat, being tied up in the school room, as it were. Sorcerers don't have that problem, and thus are able to concentrate a little to combat.

Now this is captured in formal-type writing. So let it be written.

Good session last night. At least, I thought so.
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