Author Topic: 01.02.2133 - Pop the Cherry  (Read 2678 times)

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01.02.2133 - Pop the Cherry
« on: November 19, 2008, 12:32:58 PM »
Classmates awoke in every room across the school district as the noise (of what sounded like thunder) became louder and louder outside the dormitories.

Peeking out their windows, the creation of the racket was blocked from the student view by the darkness of the pre-dawn sky, and moreso, by the incredibly bad weather that had swept in during the winter night. But every student, save perhaps the 5-years, knew what commeth.

The battle wagons.

Once each quarter, a couple hundred of students were selected for "the breech", a coordinated wargame to test all "15-years" and above. A wargame that was always unannounced as much as a "breech" in the outer-rim would be.

These battle wagons were here to take them to the fields, and at roll call, the students would learn who had been selected.

At the sight of the torches posted atop the wagons came into view, your heart starts to race with the anxiety of not knowing...not knowing if today would be your last.

(If anyone wants to post in regards to this new development - which is a prelude to the table session - please start a new thread named "01.02.2133 - INSERT NAME HERE WAKES TO THE GAME)"

(NOTE: None of you have ever been selected for the wargame yet...until now.)