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Zurn Darkbrew
« on: December 12, 2005, 03:51:34 PM »
Zurn Darkbrew

Zurn grew up in the sleepy farming town of Gorna. With Zurn not yet born his parents, Rurik (father) and Dagnia (mother) had left Derkenwold for reasons never spoken of. They had taken residence at Old Farmer Zurn?s when the dwarven couple could no longer travel due to Dagnia?s pregnancy. Zurn was born and was named after the old farmer in gratitude for the old man?s kindness in taking them in and giving them a home. They decided to leave their clan name behind them and take up the name of Rurik?s esteemed craft, the brewing of Dwarven Dark.

Zurn always felt out of place amongst the humans of the town. He knew he was different and as the other children grew tall, he grew a beard.  So because of his differences he spent much of his time in the fields talking to the plants that he tended and had come to regard them as his friends.

Soon he became enraptured with that which made plants grow and become strong. He decided to visit the local priests of Ehlonna to learn more about how to become closer with trees and plants. Zurn wanted very much to become a priest  but knew that his father would need him to tend the fields and to brew the various ale?s that had become a trade good for Gorna. One priest approached Rurik and Dagnia one afternoon and asked to take Zurn on as an acolyte of the priesthood. The priest explained that Zurn would then be able to take his skills to the fields and enable the crops to grow as best they could.

So it was then that Zurn became a priest of Ehlonna never having known the underground life of his kin.

Zurn has long brown hair and a form fitting beard with no mustache. He wears a hunter green cloak with silver embroidered leaves along the hem. His eyes are green with tiny gold flecks that glimmer when the light hits them just right. The scales of his mail are leaves that intertwine to create his armor.

He?s generally soft spoken and feels a bit awkward around others having spent his childhood years talking to plants and tending crops. He likes to eat apples and fresh fruit and LOVES to drink good Dwarven Dark?especially if he brewed it.

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