Author Topic: Valen Galaphile - The Story he has Shared  (Read 1811 times)

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Valen Galaphile - The Story he has Shared
« on: June 17, 2005, 03:58:22 PM »
In the beginning, Valen was quick to make friends with his fellows, but somewhat secretive about his past. As the days have gone by, that has slightly changed. Now that he has built up a trust amongst his fellows he has been willing to tell them a little more of his background.

Valen Galaphile comes from a Druidic Order known as the Living Tower. The Order and its people live somewhere in the Dim Forest. Valen had once said that he was one of many students who were allowed to explore beyond the borders of the Valley that his people call home. This is untrue. He is one of a probable few from his community that is currently within the ?outer world?. Of that few, he is the only one in exile. But to explain this, one has to start from the beginning.

The Living Tower was founded almost back to the time of the Great Cataclysm. Around the year 20 CY, a hierophant druid set out to establish a village that would be for humans only. During that time the many humanoid races were at war, and the migrating humans from the desolated south were outnumbered by many more fearsome races.

So a powerful few created a settlement in what now is known as the Dim Forest, created a village, and surrounded themselves with protection. This shield of protection became so formidable, that they truly vanished from the outside world for five centuries.

Valen claims that although his people are good at heart, they are introverted and suspicious of the outside world, having been away from it so long. Although powerful members of the Living Tower are often sent on quests into this vast world, they do no share their experiences with the community.

The community itself is nestled in a small valley, and is protected with so many enchantments, misdirection spells, natural barriers and creatures that no one can reach it. Valen admits however, that until a few decades ago, no one in this world even knew of its existence.

The center of the valley is the actual home of the Order. It is a magnificent tree that is so large, the Order lives within it.

Valen?s personal story is one of detachment from all that. Valen?s mother, Sheyin was a high level member of her House. As such, she was assigned on a rare mission to this outside world, one of dire importance. During this mission, she fell in love with a half-elf, one that saved her very life and therefore made the mission a success. However, at the end of the mission, the half-elf was forced to return to the Living Tower with Valen?s mother. An act that he knew would bring judgement upon him, but could not be helped.

Judgement came. His father was banished to another land, his mother lost her position and even her family and was made an outcast within the community. Left to raise her son in the solitude, still within the Order, but getting little involvement with it. Although this sounds harsh to all who listen to his story, Valen shrugs off the incredulous stares. He explains that there were many political and social reasons this sentence was passed down upon his mother and he.

As for Valen, after growing up in the Living Tower, he found that he would never be truly accepted by his peers. Most of them would not befriend him, as he represented an anomaly within the human settlement, others showed him outright bigotry. He therefore fled his home to gain experience and knowledge from this world. The first member of the Order in five hundred years to venture beyond.
Valen himself appears to have some elven ancestry as he has sharp chiseled facial features, fair skin, long black hair and green eyes. His thin frame is covered by well-made leather armor. He carries a heavy wooden shield that is adorned with the symbol of Ehlonnna and wields a scimitar. He wears a small 1" diameter wooden symbol with a finely carved intricate relief of a tall but narrow tower covered in thick vines that form to what looks like tree branches, giving the tower the appearance of a massive tree.