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Erinalia's hawk (Aeith)

Started by fraz, May 22, 2005, 12:12:41 AM

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Hiya Dray,

I've been reading up on the details of a druid's Animal Companion and the Handle Animal skill and have only just figured out the relation between the two!

Ok, so Erinalia's hawk, with an intelligence of 2, can learn up to 6 tricks.  Plus, as an Animal Companion, he gets 1 bonus trick that requires no training time or Handle Animal check (from PHB p36).  Kewl!

So... I would like to take Defend (PHB p75) as my hawk's bonus trick.

Also, I am wondering, since Erin has been on the isle for a week now (which is the training time of a trick), if you'll allow me to choose another trick also.  If so, I would choose Fetch (which I'm assuming will allow her to send the hawk to catch and retrieve fish).  Fetch has a DC of 15 and I'll be happy to make the roll at the beginning of our upcoming session if necessary.

That leaves the hawk with 5 more tricks to learn which we could then play out normally over the course of the campaign.  Does this all sound okay to you?  Please let me know what you think.  Thanks!


Never assume, as I am a distracted man.

I have now (14 years later) have read the post and I am completely okay with it.

I'm also very enthusiatic about how it works out, as my druid Valen in the FK campaign will be doing the same with his wolf pup.

Go for it Erin (fraz), we will work out any necessary details at the upcoming game time.