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Game Session 4A - War Games

Started by Dray, November 23, 2008, 01:12:11 PM

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The five girls watched with uninhibited indignation as Shannon made her initial lurch. But upon the splattering of actual chunks all over Jenna Black's chest the four other girls couldn't run away fast enough. As boys at an adjacent table burst into thundering laughter Jenna was left standing at the door in a teary mental breakdown. The soldier guarding the door took no time at all to manhandle Shannon and throw her from the premises. A turn after skidding across the snow, Jenna slid up beside her, obviously served the same punishment.


Leslie made her way down to the basement. Invisible, she sneaked from open spot to open spot, making her way slowly across the busy kitchen. The Outer-Rim Defense soldiers were doing double duty as cooks for this celebration. Twenty men and women, a mix of ages and gender worked busily as they cleaned up after the dinner festival. Most were scraping and cleaning out pots and pans while others prepared dessert, the place was a flurry of activity. Leslie wondered why the Clergy were being so nice to the students; a feast like this was unheard of. It was so hectic that on her route across the kitchen Leslie couldn't help but brush up against those who were visible. But it was as she watched an apple pie go by that Leslie backed right into a fat and completely bald cook.

"OOPH!" the man exclaimed and then stopped in his tracks to look straight at her.

'I'm dead', Leslie thought. She started to shake her head while in his gaze, inane excuses forming in her mind to attempt to explain why a twelve year-old girl was magically invisible in the kitchen. She saw that a couple of other workers in the kitchen had also stopped to look, but they gazed at the fat man, in wonder to what he was doing.

Suddenly the cook's gaze turned incredulous and he held up a forefinger in an act of epiphany. Leslie put up her hands and her explanation started to erupt from her lips when suddenly the cook instead turned and walked away. He proceeded to yell at some younger men at a table across the room about sliced cheese.

Dumbfounded at first, Leslie finally sighed in relief and continued toward the bulkhead, the exit that would lead her to outdoors and hopefully to River before Marcus and his thugs got there.

(OOG: Temmit's turn me thinks.)



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I'm sorry, guys. I've  been mulling this around and around, and in my over-thinking self, I've got nothing.

My thinking is that here's Temmit sitting in the can and watching Marcus and his thugs exit a party that they are NOT supposed to be able to exit, (I'm hoping to be able to) watch them claim weapons from out their butts, and I'm supposed to what? Creep out of the latrine to follow along?

Ok, that would work, but I think that I heard that as long as Temmit is in that can, no one else is allowed to go. I think that Temmit would be missed by a guard after what? Three, four minutes? So if he runs off, there will be a guard knocking on the door of the latrine in a moment to haul his ass back to the party, and he won't be there. Big Trouble in Little Save Haven.

Great kudos to Wildflower for the brilliant distraction and getting tossed out!

Overall my creativity is lacking still, and I just can't see how to wander off without being missed. In fact, if there are...what...a few hundred teenagers in the party, well I'm thinking that Temmit is already being missed. I don't think that there are three minutes in a row where there won't be SOMEone who needs to bleed the lizard or pinch a loaf (or squirt the solids). Whenever I go into a bathroom there is pretty much ALWAYS one or four other folks there. How can this work?

I'll keep on it, but at the end of two months...I got nothing.

Good bye, River, I knew thee well.
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Marking this post as a reminder to myself; this is where we left off in the story.