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In Character Discussions / 01.02.2133 - Xavier Wakes to the Game
« on: November 21, 2008, 11:22:25 PM »
A thin layer of sweat was all that separated Xavier's bare flesh from Renee's. He had heard rumors about her "skills" and it seems that the rumors were all true! It had started with an argument about how Xavier didn't think that she was fit to lead Whisper and it quickly progressed to a passionate embrace. Xavier never though this would happen. He hated Renee and he was pretty sure she hated him, too. That mutual hatred seemed to fuel their passion. "Take me NOW!" screamed Renee. That was the first order Renee ever gave that Xavier agreed with. He rolled on top of her and ... was awakened by the sound of the approaching battle wagons.

"Huh?" Xavier looked around his room, slowly waking from the dream.

"Hey, are you up?" asked Jared from across the room.

"Um, yeah. I guess you could say that." replied Xavier, quickly repositioning his pillow.

"That's the battle wagons!" exclaimed Jared, his excitement evident. "Do you think they'll pick us?"

"I sure hope so," replied Xavier. "Cause today I really need to break some faces."

In Character Discussions / 04.16.2132 - Gone Camping
« on: April 06, 2008, 09:44:55 PM »
It was the last day of school. Summer was finally here and with it, freedom. Normally Xavier dreaded his summers. Being cooped up in the orphanage, dodging punishments from Headmaster Shanteel for some imagined offence or another was not Xavier’s idea of a cold summer. It’s as if that guy got off on hurting kids. No, this summer would be different. This summer Xavier would go wherever he wanted, do whatever he wanted. This summer he would go to the Outer Rim and kill a Karh’Thul.

He first had the idea while nursing his wounds after yet another Shanteel beating. Xavier was so furious that he very nearly followed through with a plan to assassinate the bald mother-mater. Xavier never got the nerve to actually do it. Shanteel was a powerful man and Xavier was unsure of his ability to stand toe-to-toe against him. He knew that it would only be a matter of time, though. Eventually Shanteel would push Xavier over the edge and one of them would end up dead. Xavier often daydreamed of how the battle might go. It was during these imagined battles with Shanteel that he first came to think of the man as a vicious, and bald, Karh’Thul. And that is when the though struck him. If Xavier could take down a Karh’Thul he could certainly take down Shanteel.

So it was that Xavier’s plan was put into motion. He would claim to be heading to his friend Jared’s home to work for the summer. Jared would tell his father that they managed to get a work detail with some engineers looking to improve the roads and bridges in some distant village. They would actually pack their belongings and head out into the wilderness. Just surviving on their own would be challenging enough, but Xavier was determined to at least see the Rim, if not actually fight a Karh’Thul.

Xavier finished packing up his gear and started to head out of his room. He was to meet Jared in a hand to start the journey. Xavier was a little early, but he had no reason to hang around the orphanage. With any luck he could avoid running into Shanteel on his way out.

Character Info / Charon
« on: January 08, 2008, 08:19:52 PM »
The Tale of Magda, the Mother Ghoul.

Folks tell misbehaving children to do as they are told else Magda will come for them in their sleep. She’ll take you away and gobble you up, or worse, she’ll make you like herself. The story is different with each telling and folk have a way of bending the story so’s it’s most effective for their particular child. Many have heard of Magda. Few know the truth of the tale. It was just over twenty five years ago when the woman who would be known as the Mother Ghoul died. It was not an easy death. Nor was it the only death that night. Come the emerald dawn six lives had ended by claw and by tooth … and two lives had begun.

They descended upon the farmstead in the middle of the night. A pack of wandering ghouls slashed and chewed and tortured the unsuspecting family. Distracted by the rush of blood and the frenzy of feeding they allowed one to escape. Magda, the eldest daughter, was able to bar herself in the storm cellar. She found safety from the ghouls there. She lit a lantern to assess the damage done to her body. She had escaped, but not before the ghouls had slashed her terribly and nearly gnawed off several fingers. She tore up her nightdress to help bind her wounds. She was in bad shape, but she would make it through the night. That is when the first contraction hit her. It was too early; Magda had nearly a month to go before her child was due. With the next contraction she knew something was terribly wrong. Magda’s birthing screams were echoed by those of her dieing family above. Alone and locked away in a storm cellar Magda died, her child still not yet born.

That was the end of Magda, and the beginning of the Mother Ghoul. Some say that the ghoul’s curse of unlife was passed to Magda in her moment of death. Others say that it was love for the unborn child still inside her that triggered the transformation. Whatever the truth may be, the result was undeniable … Magna was now a ghoul. She desperately ripped at her flesh with razor sharp claws, tearing the child from her belly. It was alive!

From here it is uncertain exactly what happened. It is known that Magda the Mother Ghoul managed to care for her child. She raised it for six years out in the wilderness. She survived by hunting game and foraging. In desperate times she was forced to raid nearby livestock. It was these raids that caused her undoing. Too many complaints of slaughtered cattle got the attention of a local lord. He sent a party of adventurers out to investigate. They were able to track Magda back to her lair, a storm cellar under an abandoned farmhouse. There they confronted her. She killed many in the group, but in the end she was forced away by the overpowering will of the group’s paladin. What they found in her lair shocked them. It was a young boy. He was a savage, wild thing. They captured him and took him away from Magda’s lair.

When Magda was finally able to overcome the paladin's will she raced back to her lair. She found her son was missing. They had taken him from her. In that moment the last bit of humanity slipped from her rotting mind. She would find her son if she had to search an eternity. And search is what she did. She would slink through the night, sneak into homes, and snatch children from their beds, hoping it would be her lost son. At first she would just let them go once she realized that it was not her son. Over the years, as the grip of insanity grew tighter, she would devour them. Sometimes she would leave them mortally wounded in their beds so they too would rise as ghoulish children in the morning. To this day it is believed that Magda still searches for her lost child.

In Character Discussions / Into the Archives (Completed)
« on: November 26, 2007, 02:04:45 PM »
Charon headed straight for the morgue archives. He spent a lot of time down there amongst the old records. In fact, if he was not working on a corpse he could usually be found reading about someone else who had. There were plenty of files to be read, too. Years and years worth of records were stored down here. There were even files from long before the coming of the Emerald Skies, although it was the period just after the meteors fell that truly interested Charon. So much information was available down here, family lineage, local history, medical procedures, records of wars and plagues, even reference to the first undead. All of this and more could be discovered through careful inspection of the death records. And this was the greatest collection Charon had ever encountered. He was looking forward to spending years researching in the solitary tranquility that the archives offered him. Unfortunately, this would probably be his last journey through the stacks.

Charon started to examine the records looking for any information on centaurs or the unusual tattoo that he saw.

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