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Title: Quick Question:
Post by: Johan on July 24, 2006, 05:50:55 PM
Hey I have a rudimentary logistics question regarding the return the Threshold after "Return to River Cliff Keep"

How are we getting the dead priests back to Threshold?

We had suggested that we could rig litters for them from sticks and blankets or cloaks or cloth of some sort. But in so doing, who's carrying?

If we carry two per litter, how does that work exactly?

Carriers could include anybody, but can Laren or Sayer make it to Threshold carrying a body (this is an actual question, since I don't know the respective strengths of those people)? Jarmok himself has only a 13 Strength. Although his Con is rather high, and this would seem to be an endurance test, so he might be able to carry half a litter for that length.

Priest 1: Dale and Aelath'Ha
Priest 2: Maal and Jarmok
Priest 3: Ragnor and ...? Sayer and Laren?

Perhaps is Ragnor (Mr. Universe) were to be in the middle of a tandem?


Does Maal want another heal potion so as to make that trek less arduous?


Also, upon arriving back in Threshold, it is going to be past sun-down. I would expect that most of us will be due in for a conversation with Julius, at least. Severen perhaps as well.

Jarmok will want after that to go and talk to Ashe too.

For this run back to Threshold, we don't have an outrunner either. Not that this really matters, but it would bother Jarmok to not have a scout up ahead...can Laren fill that capacity?
Title: Quick Question:
Post by: Wildfire on August 25, 2006, 12:57:18 PM
As for carrying the bodies it could be done as a "first one down the trail a bit, then the other" routine. This would indeed take you well into the night. as you would effectively have to walk 3 times the distance.

Even if you were to have each priest carried by one person the group would likely still arrive very late with hampered movement and such.

So if you would like to work the logistics of such a task by all means. It adds some interesting detail and problem solving that would likely be encountered in a game session. It would would also add to any ICD's that would come about from such a monumental task.

I'm sure at some point someone would ask, "Is this really worth 15g a month?"
Title: Quick Question:
Post by: Johan on August 25, 2006, 08:51:59 AM
All right. This has been broiling in the back of my mind for a while. And much as I'd like to say that I'm flexible enough to not let these logistics get in the way of furthering ICDs and whatnot, I think that you all know that I'm way too rigid and regimented in my thinking to allow me to easily move past this point.


What I see is Laren scouting ahead, and the rest of us "somehow" transporting the dead priests back to Threshold. Exactly how that happens isn't important. It will likely be past dark by the time we get back to Threshold. I would appreciate if Laren could, as we approach Threshold, venture further ahead (further than "normal" scouting) and alert Julius that we're returning and have a quick "yeah, they're all dead" conversation. Julius might tell you to take them to this spot or that. I'm betting Severen's temple. Or he might venture up to the trail at the edge of town to meet us there. Nothing kills a town's morale more than their long-awaited priests being carried into town without hearts or HP.  :)

For Jarmok, unless there's something that Julius wants done, he's going to retreat to his home immediately thereafter.
Title: Quick Question:
Post by: Wildfire on July 24, 2006, 08:21:20 PM
Good points all. I'm glad you're thinking of such pedestrian things.

Please don't let logistics of returning with dead weight interfere with any ICD's that might take place on the way back.
Title: Quick Question:
Post by: Phineas on July 24, 2006, 07:34:35 PM
I think it would be impractical to have Laren carry a body.  While I am sure that he is quite capable to do so, Laren doesn't have long walking legs.  Having Laren scout ahead would a good role for him.