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Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on November 22, 2011, 01:11:56 PM

[color=#00ff00](OOC: This is a continuation of 2127.07.25 – A Girl in Hell)[/color]



The myriad of stairwells, corridors, and passages became a dizzying frenzy as Judge Nathaniel Criss guided the attorney, Nataska Marks, and her charge, Shannon Auvryndyr, through the majestic cathedral. Shannon stared at the back of the Judges’ armored feet as they followed. Lost in her own thoughts, she ignored all the artistic creativity of the Faith of Kaine which was abundant around her.



They had just departed her parents’ trial. The remainder of which had left Shannon dazed and in emotional confusion. For it was after her attorneys’ warning that Shannon had expected to be challenged by Fresenius and his cohorts. She was terrified that they were going to throw angry words of false accusations and blasphemy at her while her father looked on in shock and despair. Instead, much to Natasha’s surprise (Shannon noted) the trial proceeded without her father’s presence. Instead, the Council woman Mindera did nothing but spout bloated legal jargon that no one in attendance seemed to pay any attention too. Even Shannon, with her acute linguistic capability, couldn’t manage to follow the archaic legislative words describing the entire case in minute detail.



Shannon actually became bored with it; an apathetic emotion that snuck up on her life a thief from an alley. Upon her discovery of the rogue she mentally shook herself as she stood listening to Mindera’s monotone voice. She decided to prepare an eloquent speech for this assembly, one that would allow her to convey her complete disappointment with the government and its leaders but didn’t directly perjure herself before the court. As she weaved the narrative in her mind, she had smiled at its brilliance. Finally, at the close of the trial, Fresenius had offered her one last opportunity to make an official statement before all in session. As they all watched she steeled herself for the moment of truth…



…but one last look at Natasha Marks reproachful glare shut down her tongue. Within her attorneys’ gaze was the warning she had made to Shannon in the waiting room, [b][i]‘Miss Avryndyr, if you can promise to refrain from speaking out of turn, I promise you that you will have a final conversation with your parents’[/i][/b].



“No…your…your Honor,” Shannon had replied to Fresenius. The word of his title burning in the back of her throat as a few tears escaped her eyes. This was the world’s justice, and beyond the torment of losing her parents the small girl also lost something even as precious, she had lost her faith in her fellow man.     Shannon sighed as a Quintescent Cleric came from an adjoining hallway and strode aside them on a parallel route to somewhere in the massive building. The smelled of odd powders and fumes from wherever his laboratory resided broke her out of her memories of just a hand ago. When the cleric turned down a side passage Shannon was thankful to be able to breathe fresh air again.



At some point Shannon lost sight of any of the large windows which gazed upon the splendor of the park outside. She wondered if they had completed their journey of the upper thirty floors and were now traversing the dungeon levels below. Sure enough they turned a corner and she recognized the passageways. She shivered at the memory of being lead down into this very same dungeon when she had been jailed during that first night after her parents’ arrest.     “Almost there,” said the Judge from inside his massive plate-mail helm.    

Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on November 24, 2011, 07:13:47 AM
Shannon replayed the experiences and events of the last few days from the beginning in the infirmary up until now as she turned to march down the cold prison hall. She could see her mother healing her father. She thought of the moments her father fought the guards. She remembered conversing with the Judge, that she was now following, while in her cell. She recalled the beastly orphanage headmaster pitching her into a wall. She dreaded the moment she would say good bye.

Shannon felt numb from it all. It was as though her recollections were born of some surreal world and lived by someone else. The hope she had that was true came and went as quickly as bird flying to safety from a passer-by.

She continued to hold the rolled piece of parchment on which she drew a favorite memory for her parents to see. “Judge Criss, how much time will we have?” she asked, a hint of nervousness in her voice.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on November 24, 2011, 09:55:49 AM
“Only a few moments child,” the Judge stated gently.

Natasha took her hand at that moment and gave it a squeeze. “Be strong for them Miss Auvryndyr,” she said. The three entered the last check-in point before the prison hallways.

(OOC: just giving you the one last opportunity before you see the two of them).
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on November 25, 2011, 05:52:20 AM
The moment Shannon dreaded was upon her. She knew it was going to arrive but her hope had also suggested that if it never did arrive then there was time for the situation to be set right. She quietly laughed at herself thinking that maybe if she put her hands over her eyes then the circumstances she was in wouldn’t see her. It was preposterous of course but part of her still clung to her seemingly deceased childhood.

All thoughts of what she would say escaped her. She imagined how the last meeting might be and none of those scenarios prepared her for how she felt right now. It was as though her mind was overfull and she just needed time to digest the emotions. How long would that take? For as long as she was alive she supposed.

Her fathers words echoed back to her once again, “Be brave” she whispered to herself rolling her drawing between her fingers nervously.

How ironic it seemed to her that she should be in a prison about to wish her parents well until she saw them again. The prison was made of callous stone and hard iron bars. It was not unlike the court council or the barriers she sought to overcome in her mind. The stone and iron would show more mercy to her it seemed.

Not wanting to think of the oncoming moment Shannon stated quietly, “Judge Criss, this is where we first met. Do you remember that? We shared a cell together…only you were there to talk to me. You, like my father and mother, weren’t a criminal.” Just after she asked her question Shannon realized that her question and the judges answer would probably only serve to fuel her anger. She needed that right now…at least she thought she did. She also hoped that he wouldn’t misunderstand her statement of ‘weren’t’ thinking she felt him to be one now. In truth, she wasn’t sure of the extent of his role in any of this.

OOC: I added the last two paragraphs as an edit to this posting.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on November 27, 2011, 11:09:43 AM
OOC: Is Natasha, Shannon's lawyer for her trial, Leslie's mother?
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Johan on November 27, 2011, 11:21:14 AM
I had wondered this too, but Leslie's mother's name is Pamela. Could be a Russian aunt though.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on November 29, 2011, 12:28:56 PM
Natasha is Leslie's father's unmarried sister (need a graph?). Oh, and she is Albanian, not Russion.

Wildfire, I didn't realize the ball was in my court on this thread, I will post as soon as I can. Since the next post is a "doozy" it may be a day or two until I can get to it.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Griznuq on November 29, 2011, 10:13:59 PM
Aren't they all.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on November 30, 2011, 08:09:44 AM
(OOG: Yes, yes they are.)

They had been walking the main prison hallways for a few turns (OOG: 1 turn (of the clock) = 1 minute). The prison cells to the left and right were simple cages with open bars. Shannon had been careful not to look at anyone in the cells, instead focusing on the Judges’ feet ahead of her.

They had just reached a door with the words ‘SOLITARY CONFINEMENT’ on a sign above it when Shannon had finished speaking to him:

”…you weren’t like my father and mother, weren’t a criminal.”

The imposing full-suit of plate mail that was Judge Nathaniel Criss stopped abruptly at the door. Shannon, oblivious to the change in attitude in the Judge, walked quietly around the tall man and discovered a pair of eyes that had appeared beyond the small barred window of prison steel door.

Nathaniel’s ornately decorated helm didn’t move, nor did any part of steel underneath it. He just stood there ignoring the questioning eyes two feet in front of him.

“Sir?” asked the man beyond the small window, awaiting the order to open the prison door.

Still the Judge remained frozen.

The epiphany of the Judges’ tension hit Shannon like a mongrel boulder.

’Oh my gosh I said something and he is going to refuse my last visit!’ thought Shannon in a sudden panic.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she held her breath.

For a full turn he remained still. It was as if the man had disintegrated inside his armor and left it behind.

But then slowly, the giant of a man flexed his left mailed gauntlet. This only served to scare Shannon more, for the movement was even scarier than his previously frozen status. He then tapped the door with his metal-plated knuckles and stood aside. The door swung open.

Shannon almost forgot to breathe as she slipped past him and entered the corridor beyond.

The light was even dimmer beyond. The prison cells to the left and right had stone walls instead of open bars and each cell had a solid steel door with a small hatch at the bottom for sliding food through. It was completely quiet.

The prison guard beyond was dressed in chain-mail and was armed with a heavy crossbow. Shannon saw that it was loaded with a bolt that had a thin glass vial of some liquid attached to its head. What the poison within did to its victim she could only guess.

After the Judge and Natasha came in behind her, Natasha said to the guard, “here to see the Auvryndyr family.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on December 01, 2011, 08:53:16 PM
Shannon had thought nothing could be as gloomy and hopeless as the prison cell she had occupied before her trial. She understood now that she was profoundly mistaken. This was the place they kept her parents, her innocent parents, that had done nothing wrong. Clearly this was a place to hold the most reviled and dangerous of criminals. The girl of ten years closed her eyes, bowed her head, and took a deep breath. It seemed to her there were too many of these moments that she did this in the last few days. The moment was upon her and her heart began to pace. Her throat became choked and began to hurt in the back. She tightened her tear rimmed eyes and desperately searched for the resolve to take the next step.

“Be brave and don’t give them the satisfaction of misery. Instead let them wonder at the strength of your hope.” she thought to herself. She imagined standing on a tall tower with the wind blowing a long red cape behind her. In her hand was a bright and gleaming torch that she held out. It was burning hot…hotter than the flames that kept the Kar’Thul at bay. Around the tower was a throng of people looking up in wonder, dazzled at the sight of the flame and its wielder. They were cheering. Among the people in the crowd only two faces stood out.

“here to see the Auvryndyr family.”

Shannon’s eyes snapped open and her tears were gone as was the lump in her throat.  In her hand was the picture she had clung to all these days. She lifted her blonde head to look forward and take her next step. She was ready.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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The guard simply nodded to the Judge and turned, leading them to the second door on the left. He procured a key, unlocked the door and left it ajar as he stepped back.

“That will be all soldier,” stated the Judge, his voice echoing coldly within his massive steel helm.

For just a moment, the soldier looked at the Judge a bit startled by the dismissal. He recovered quickly however and proceeded to move out of solitary confinement. As the door to the main corridor closed behind them with a gloomy thud, Shannon noted that Natasha and Nathaniel weren’t moving. They weren’t intending on accompanying her into her parents’ prison cell.

A cold shiver went down her spine, as she also realized something even more dire, her parents weren’t coming out of the recently opened door.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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OOC: Edited for consistency
Shannon took her steps towards the inevitable departure, trying desperately not to clutch her drawing. She had to keep her composure for losing it may only send her parents into a state of despair when they needed hope the most.

 “Be brave” she whispered as her heart nearly burst out of her chest.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on December 07, 2011, 07:39:06 AM
(OOG: I am unsure how Shannon would be running towards the door? The first paragraph of my last post intimates that Shannon, the Judge, and Natasha are standing at Shannon’s parents’ cell door. Although this is just semantics, for clarity purposes you may want to edit?)

Beyond the door was a ten by ten stone block cell with no windows. At the center of the ceiling a single hooded lantern mounted on a chain provided a pitiful amount of light.

Her father hung by chains on the wall to Shannon’s left, her mother to the right. The shackles about their wrists held the chains taunt, keeping their bodies upright against the wall. Both were blindfolded and dressed in mere rags, and in addition her mother was gagged. While her father didn’t seem worse for wear, her mother looked devastatingly beaten. Rips along the peasant shirt and breeches indicated she had been whipped or slashed at least two dozen times and blood soaked the gag in her mouth.

Neither of her parents moved, perhaps unconscious or unaware of their daughter’s entry.

edited on 12.09.2011...took the gag out of Shannon's father's mouth (otherwise it would be hard to speak me thinks)

OOC: I had actually thought of that but decided not to sweat the details on it.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Shannon wasn’t sure if she was prepared for this or not. No amount of imagination could have compared to the sight before her. She continued to think they had done nothing wrong and that this was a severe punishment, especially for her mother, for doing nothing more than saving a life. Shannon remembered what the judge in the cell said to her “…your father was healed by the white magic, but in the end, three priest and a soldier were seriously injured because of it.” It dawned on Shannon that this was a manipulative lie meant to promote fear and compliance. It was that fear that justified the beating of her Mom. She realized that she had time enough to dwell on this and more. Now was the time for her parents.

In a quiet voice she said, “Mom…Dad? I’m here to see you.” It was everything she could do to hold in the inevitable flood of tears.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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“Shannon!” her father said in a firm but hushed tone. “Oh my little one, quick go to your mother and hold her,” he said. As she looked over, Shannon saw her mother’s body start to shiver. For a split second she thought her mother was cold, but then realized this was not the case. Her mother was crying…but because her crying lacked any kind of sound, it looked like she had been convulsing. The only sound Shannon could only hear was from her mother struggling to breathe through the gag.

“Shannon, don’t be afraid. But know that your mother can’t talk. Her throat…well, its injured honey,” her father added.

Shannon could see no discernible marks along her mother’s bare neck. ’What did Daddy mean? Her mother’s throat was injured, she looked fine, there wasn’t a mark….’

And then it hit her like a mongrel boulder. They had injured the inside of her mother’s throat; to keep her from speaking, to keep her from being able to use magic.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on December 08, 2011, 06:50:18 PM
Without a thought Shannon rushed to her tortured and shackled mother. She wrapped her arms around her and held on as an infant clinging to a blanket and buried her face into her mothers chest.

She soon turned her head to the side and said, “Mom, I don’t know how much time I have with you and Dad here. Do you remember our days in the park? Those were my favorite days. I drew you and Dad a picture of our happy time there. I’ve waited a long time to give it to you. Although they won’t let you keep it I wanted you to see it.” Shannon untied the scroll ribbon and unrolled her precious memory and then rolled it back the other way to straighten it out. Holding her art in one hand she reached up and slipped the blindfold just a bit from her mother’s eyes so she could see it.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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(EDIT: a post above (in yellow), the father would not have been gagged.)

(OOG: Do I have record of your parents first names?)

Shannon moved one side of the blindfold up at a time. Evidently her mother had been blindfolded for quite some time for she kept her eyes closed. But with great effort the exhausted woman attempted to manage her emotions. She slowed her breathing, stopped her crying and the shivering abated.

After Shannon had worked both sides of the blindfold to her forehead, she didn’t see any reason why not to continue with the gag. She reached up again and after losing the knot the bloody cloth fell to the floor to her mothers’ shackled feet. Her mother couldn’t help herself, she took in a deep gasp for air.

’Her tongue has been cut out!’ Shannon observed.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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OOC: You do, in fact, have a record of them.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Shannon desperately tried to contain her shock and outrage. She didn’t have time for her whirlwind of emotions right now since her time for farewells was growing shorter by the minute. Sorting out this injustice would come later and almost certainly while she was with her pen.

“Mom…please…if you can, open your eyes. It’s not at all bright in here. I think you’ll like the picture I drew for you and Dad.” The girl looked back to her father for reassurance.

As she noted earlier, he was relatively unharmed. This fact unnerved Shannon and offered her more insight into the system of laws and morals of the society she was stuck in. Her father, Dakin, an officer in the army defense on the rim, had seriously injured three guards almost killing them with efficient ease. Yet he was minimally physically punished, if at all. Her mother, Sasha, healed her father, saving his life when the medics could not. Here she is with her tongue cut out and whipped until her flesh was raw. The toll extracted from each seemed to be upside down. There was fear of her mothers gift. It had to be more than the excuse of it, “leading to bad things” as Criss had said…much more.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Sasha leaned her head back against the stone wall. Her arms looked so emaciated from hanging taut against this wall and Shannon wondered how long she had been down here like this. Breathing steadily, she slowly managed to open her eyes against the light. She blinked a thousand times and then finally lowered her gaze to her daughter. She gave her the bravest smile she could muster.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on December 11, 2011, 09:38:40 AM
Shannon smiled back showing her mother the picture. Sasha barely noticed the picture since her gaze was fixed on her daughter. The girl placed the picture on the stone floor of the prison cell being careful that it didn’t touch anything wet. Again Shannon went to her mother and hugged her gently being careful this time not to irritate her injuries.

“I’m proud of you, Mom. I hope to be as strong as you someday. They can take away a lot of things but they can’t take away love.” Shannon held Sasha close to console her crying mother. In the slightest whisper Shannon reassured Sasha, “You did the right thing.” At that Shannon reluctantly let the embrace slip and walked to her father.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Dray on December 20, 2011, 07:14:10 AM
Hearing her come closer, Shannon’s father gave her a small smile and a nod in her general direction. “And I am proud of you my daughter. The courage you are obviously possessing against this injustice is truly heroic. You surely are as strong in spirit as your mother and you will endure and survive.”

Her father had made no attempt to hush his voice for it was loud and commanding …and meant to be heard down the hallway. He was as proud and forthright today as he was the day before all of this had started, they hadn’t taken any of his pride from him. ’He will continue his rebellion in the mines,’ Shannon thought.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Admiration of her father swelled in the young girl. Despite being chained to the wall, his defiance, strength of will, and dignity were all intact. He was a soldier trained to face the evil denizens of the rim. Retreat or surrender was not an option. Professional soldiers of this sort were among the hardiest of warriors harboring a disciplined bloodlust and unwavering dedication. Shannon knew they had unleashed his bonfire as well. ‘They have no idea what they have just done to themselves.’ thought the proud girl.

Shannon approached Dakin and lifted the blindfold from his eyes. She looked at him intently “Dad, the last thing you said to me was to ‘forgive you’. Be brave, Dad. There is nothing to forgive…you did what was right.” Shannon professed. She lowered her voice to a near inaudible whisper “I’ll be brave too…for you and Mom. Someday I’ll get you out of here, I swear it.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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When her father immediately replied, he used a tone of voice that was all too familiar to the young girl. It was the same hushed tone that Shannon heard countless times when her father would lean down to her and tell her secrets, conspiracies, or opinions about those around them. He said, “Shannon. Listen to me now. You will do nothing of the sort. You will not try to free us for your attempt would ruin our plans. When the time comes, your mother and I will escape our prison and come save you from yours; save you from the prison walls around this city. We will free you Shannon from this corrupt society and flee to a new land.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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The young girl understood completely. All her life she knew that when her father had plans he would follow through. Add to that the vengeance her mother must be plotting and Shannon knew there would be blood flowing when the time was right. How long would that be? She wondered.

Another thought occurred to her as her father spoke. He had said ‘…to a new land’. Safe-Haven wasn’t the only sanctuary in this world. The lies told by the authorities began to unfold in front her.

Shannon nodded her head in acceptance of her father’s orders despite her twinge of disappointment. “I will write you and Mom letters…to tell you how things are going. Maybe even some pictures if they’ll let them through.” she said quietly.

Shannon closed her eyes and bowed her head slightly. She spoke softly but forcefully, “I hate them Dad. I hate what they’ve done to us. I hate their rules and fears. I don’t understand how to be a kind person that you would be proud of and yet want to hurt people for what they’ve done.” Shannon looked at her Dad, “I don’t understand how the sun can shine while I feel surrounded by darkness.” she stated sadly.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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“Sun can’t penetrate a veil so finely woven with deceit my daughter,” her father whispered back. “Someday, we will escape the darkness and seek the shard of light known as justice. With that shard we will pierce that veil, rip it into two and free all good people of SafeHaven.”

Shannon heard the steel footsteps of the Judge enter the cell. She turned and watched as the gigantic suit of plate mail walked over to her mother and looked down upon her hanging form

“Come here Shannon and hold your mother,” Judge Criss stated and then rested his hands on his scabbarded greatsword.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Shannon smiled at her father and looked over her shoulder at the judge’s imposing form. Just as the judge instructed, she went to her mother and gripped her tightly enough to be protective but not so tight as to irritate her mother’s obvious wounds. “I’ll write to you Mom. I won’t say goodbye. Instead I’ll say, until we see each other again. You are my lantern in the night Mom.”

Shannon embraced her mother showing no signs of letting go and trying her best not to shed any tears. She had to stay strong for her parents.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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The ring of the steel as the greatsword was withdrawn from the Judge’s scabbard sent a shiver down Shannon’s spine.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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Her eyes opened wide as she truly realized one, of many, implications that sound meant. Was the judge going to execute them here and now? Shannon wanted to push that thought completely out of her mind. It was too horrible to consider. Maybe the judge was going to free them or maybe he was going to hurt Natasha for some reason. In the seconds her mind raced and hoped for other reasons, the thought of execution endured.

Shannon turned her head to see what was happening despite the judge’s command to embrace her mother. She simply couldn’t help it.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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The helm conveyed no emotion.

The Greatsword swung through the air at a speed that defied reality, it smashed into the chains that held the manacles about Sasha's wrists. The rungs of steel shattered, showering down over the woman and her young daughter. Shannon caught her mother and lowered her quickly to the floor.

Her arms finally freed from the frozen torture above her head, Sasha cried out in relief as her body laid to rest.

Judge Criss retreated to the door a few steps away. He turned and offered “Five more turns Shannon,” and then took a step out, closing the door behind him.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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OOC: I do believe the manacles and chains are around Sasha’s (Mother) wrists not Natasha’s (Lawyer), yes? Similar names, easy mix up, no worries.

Shannon scrambled to help prop her weakened mother up against the wall. The thought of exactly what the judge was about briefly shot through her mind like a burning spear. Was this a show of mercy for the two of them? Was Judge Criss secretively rebelling against the system? Was he trying to enable a rebellion? Was he also a parent showing the same empathy he would want if the placement was exchanged? None of that mattered Shannon thought. She was given an opportunity that should not be squandered on thoughts for another day.

After settling her mother on the wall, Shannon placed her hands on both sides of her head and looked in her eyes. “Mom, you’ll be okay.” Shannon assured her. “I’ll write to you and Dad all the time so you’ll never be without me.”

There was something else Shannon wanted to reassure her mother of. Moving close to her ear she whispered, “I won’t rest against them. Every day I’ll fight them, every day I’ll work to bring down their walls. Soon, our gifts will not be feared.”

Pulling back some Shannon spoke in a regular voice, “Promise you’ll fight against the misery of the prison mine, Mom. I won’t give up and neither can you, okay? You can’t let them beat and grind you down…ever.”
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
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(OOC: Thanks! Edited her name.)

Sasha lay on the floor, grimacing as she flexed her hands open and closed. She had nodded while Shannon had spoken and a smile crossed her lips. But when asked to defy her future captors she looked up at her daughter with a new spark in her eyes.

Her father answered for his wife, “we shall Shannon. We already know how we are going to fight from the inside.”

Shannon turned to him, he continued. “This is the part in our goodbye that I am supposed to tell you, keep your nose clean kiddo, don’t worry about us…

Shannon smiled, sensing the words her father was about to utter. Her father had always shared his rebellious passion with his daughter, she was always afforded the government an equal share of the hate.

Mate that my daughter. You give them hell.” he whispered harshly.
Title: 07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye
Post by: Wildfire on January 24, 2012, 06:57:29 PM
Shannon’s internal, searing torch of fury flared to life upon hearing her father’s promotion. It seemed strange to her when she realized that it was not just fury but also inspiration framed with a measure of peace. Three emotions all connected but very different. It seemed ironic to her that they would dance together.

She smiled at her father and mother, looking at them with utmost pride. She knew that whatever they had in store for a rebellion in the mines it would not fair well for anyone who was the target of their vendetta.

“I will Dad. Hell hath no fury like an Auvryndyr’s scorn.” she said quietly nodding her head. “I won’t be dumb of it either…I’ll be patient just as you and Mom taught.”

The girl knew that her time with her parents was quickly coming to a close. She didn’t want to leave with sad steps but instead, the encouraging words of resilience her father offered. Still, Shannon couldn’t help but proclaim her one enduring thought. It was a thought that far outshone her torch of fury. “Mom…Dad…I love you both so very much. Ten years seems like only seconds right now. I look forward to the day…” and she picked up the picture she held dear for the last few days “…that we can do this again…together.”

Shannon began to capture the look, feel, and mean spirit of the jail room that she was in and note it in fine detail. She had every intention of taking this commitment of memory and using it as a weapon for the future.