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Fear and Doubt

Started by Wildfire, May 28, 2006, 08:20:14 PM

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[color=green:cf19d7f7c0]The morning after "Dreams of a Tortured Soul"[/color]

Zurn woke to the marching of armored guards passing by the chapel. He had slept that night with one thought in his head: Saving Dannobar. He knew that they were walking into the mouth of the beast and that the others would be put at risk by doing so. He didn't want his own devotion to Ehlonna to bring the others to doom. Though his time in knowing them was brief, they were his friends and he cared for them.

He also didn't want to disappoint or betray Ehlonna by not trying to redeem Dannobar who, although became misguided, was still loved by her. He would not be able to accomplish this task alone though. He knew that Vallen would go with him to do this but that would still not be enough. He needed the others. He admitteded to himself that he had fear and doubt about it all.

He had never been charged with a quest like this before. Gorna was a sleepy farming town. Aside from the recent excursion through the wilds, the most adventure he had seen was helping to ensure a decent crop for the townsfolk. He wondered if he could meet the challenge.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity


Zurn closed his eyes and took a deep breath filling his nose and lungs with the spring air. He knew the scent very well as it was always one that he found to be a comfort. He also noted it's early arrival and the oddity of that scent here so tight in the forest.

Truly, it must be a sign of his divine matron! Zurn smiled and felt his heart and mind at ease. It seems Ehlonna knew just what to do to make him still and even. Taking another deep breath Zurn let his worries float away. Ehlonna believed in him and now he believed in himself...come what may. "Thank ye melady..."

Zurn's belly grumbled quite loudly and he decided that it was now time to feed the beast. He walked out the door of the chapel and followed his nose to the tavern.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity


The early morning sun began to filter through the cracks of the temple's shuttered windows. Zurn smelled the sweet aroma of apple blossoms fill the air. It was a scent that he hadn't smelled since before the cold moons. In Gorna, it was not yet quite the time for those blossoms to be burgeoning.
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"Perhaps Ehlonna can put me mind to rest." he thought.

Zurn rose from his cot that was located in the rear of the chapel. The scent of the earthy forest filled the air and he could feel the energy of his divine matron flowing about like a cool water. He knelt down in front of the alter and held his holy symbol in his hands.

The symbol of the rearing unicorn was carved of wood and had a wreath of holly leaves encircling it. It was a gift from his parents upon is appointment as a soldier of Ehlonna. He rarely ever removed it from his neck.

The altar was made of uncut stone. Ivy grew seemingly from within the stone and covered the altar in in an envelope of dark green leaves. Since this sort of plant needed sunlight to grow this was more evidence of Ehlonna's power.

Zurn closed his eyes and began to pray, "Me lady most most fair. She that gives tha forest it's beauty and tha flowers their brilliance. She tha makes the water flow and tha rocks sing. I pray tha you give me the strength ta be doin' what ye be askin' of me. Ye chose us fer tha task at hand and by my will an' yers I'll see it be done. But I have doubt melady. Doubt not in you but in meself. I know tha' ye sent me tha' dream 'cause you have faith in me ta do it. Tha' is a comfort ta me and I put ma faith in ya knowing what's right. I jus' be hoping tha' I can do it. Tha' I be making tha right choosin' when tha' time comes."

Zurn breathed deep and continued, "I dunna wan' ta be puttin' me friends at horrible risk neither. I dunna know how much wantin' they have ta be goin' to Vorntok's nest. They be glad tha' Dannobar's dead but they've not seen the state of his repentance for goin' astray as I 'ave. I dunna think they much care neither. If'n they go, they be going more as a favor ta Vallen and meself not to save Dannobar. Should any o' them die in tha attempt...the respons'bility o tha' would live me fer tha rest o' me days. So I hope an' pray tha' your hand be on tha shoulders of us all ta see through what needs be done."

"Though me heritage be of stone my soul is of tha' the forest and the life ya breathe inta it. Ya are forever me forest mother an I yer forest son. Help me put me mind at ease mother."

Zurn kissed his holy symbol and opened his eyes. Despite his growling belly and his dry throat he lost himself in the beauty of the great symbol hanging on the wall.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity