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Regurgitating Melzak

Started by Wildfire, March 08, 2006, 08:33:15 PM

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From "Between Two Disciples"
Quote from: blue:7027b34867That Melzak was a priest to a self-styled demi-god named Vorntoque the vulture king. Vorntoque was destroyed by...well, he was destroyed and Melzak was killed[/color]." His eyebrows raised and his eyes rolled, as though he was looking off to the left. "That was well over a decade ago."
Belwar may be interested to know:[/i]
From Session 12- Death to Dannobar
Quote from: blue:7027b34867When asked where the keys for the cage were, he said that ?Urgoth has them? (See Belwar?s character background here.)[/color]
This leads me to believe that Urgoth is in the stronghold. Now, this may have already been known but I want to state it for the record. I don't know anything about Urgoth but I think he definately had a hand in guiding the nasties into the tunnel under the Keep. He's probably at work doing other things as well. So while Belwar may not have any vested interest in redeming Dannobar's soul he just may be interested in vengeance. Personally, Belwar wanting to exact his brand of justice frightens me.

Any thoughts on all of this?

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From what I recall...

In my background, I had said that Urguth was a sort of shady fellow who would do and has done just about anything for a buck. He's rather un-self-motivated... There's little he does for his own gain, save filling his purse. If he's working for Magerth (sp?) there are great rewards...

Now, for what I recall, Urguth's involvement had something to do with bringing the hill giants into this thing as allies of the gargon... I don't remember who said that or where we were, but I do remember it having something to do with something... That being the case, there's likely to be something huge at the expected end of whatever they have planned. If they have the resources to first retain Urguth's services AND they have something to offer to the hill giants, they've got to be expecting a huge payoff at the end.

I think you are right though that he'd be down there with the gargon. He's clearly somewhat of an officer there too, if he's holding keys to cages.

The part about the book being about undead, I had already thought of too... Would only make sense. The fact that Melzak was a priest of this god who was killed and that everyone around here is wearing the symbols of said god... Perhaps they are trying to bring that god back from the dead.

Maybe what we need to know is WHERE that god was when he was killed? Perhaps that's what they want with the keep? Maybe it's closer to or between the site where this god's remains are?

Hey, there's the payoff right there... I know if I were a dead god who was brought back to life, my army would certainly all get some big christmas bonuses!

It's starting to look like Melzak (Or this Magerth) may be a bit of a necromancer?