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The Sky

Started by Griznuq, March 13, 2005, 07:45:56 PM

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This vast blue sky hovers over me so far away, though I feel less threatened by a jagged cavern ceiling only inches from my head. Though not long ago was I walking by my father's side through the twisting tunnels of Derkenwold Hall, it's memory seems distant; burned by this sun as it laughs at my every error.

The Elf watches the sky at night like the stars were a woman bearing beer. The humans seem to look to the sky when times grow difficult, searching for something, though more often then not all I see come from the sky is freezing rain, burning sun, and bird droppings. The Druid named Valen seems to enjoy the sky more than the any other in the keep. Sometimes in the morning, I swear he sits and converses with it.

Far better the ground that I walk under than the ground I walk upon.

-Belwar Fireforge