- Chubby Dwarves are low fat.
- Pippen accused of getting drunk and feeling Merry
- Mexican Hobbit corrupted by One Ring. Known as Smiegel

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Started by Griznuq, March 13, 2005, 07:31:44 PM

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The closest forest to Dullstrand (the city from which our hero's made birth) is 325 miles away, approximately a two-week walk (at base movement of 30 feet). This forest comes up quite a bit in the game log.

RIEUWOOD (Common Year 591)

This forest lies entirely within the northwest region of Sunndi, the kingdom which Dullstrand is an eastern seaport of. The Rieuwood Forest, and its mighty Ipp trees, stretch between the Hollow Highlands (west and northwest) and the foothills of the Glorioles (northeast). It is heavily patrolled and defended by gray elves and many rangers, in case Ahlissa, an antagonist kingdom, ever invades across the Grayflood River in the north (border of Sunndi).

Rieuwood has seen many a battle over the past few decades. Warfare went on for a few years (577 CY to 580 CY) when Herzog Chellor invaded from Ahlissa. Twenty thousand men, dwarves and gnomes fought the Herzog back for the three years in a nasty guerilla warfare campaign. During the liberation of Sunndi, three years later in 583 CY, the nation was almost lost, when arose the powerful Almor Commandant Osson, who led Herzog?s army back to Rieuwood where his Glorioles Army was defeated.