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MSI Sorcerer

Started by Dray, September 14, 2005, 12:55:29 PM

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MSI Sorcerers are getting a revision for this campaign. I feel the class is underpowered in some ways, and is also too similar to the Wizard Class.

It has always been my thought that the Sorcerer derives power not from sitting in a library reading scrolls and old books. Nor does he gain power from learning under the watchful eye of a teacher, over many long years of dedicated study. Instead, the magic from a Sorcerer, or at least the link to that magic, is inherited within the bloodline passed down to him. It is from this taint/blessing in his ancestry, the touch of a being from another plane of existence, that allows the Sorcerer to tap into an unpredictable source of power. A power that, when honed with experience, can be quite deadly to his enemies.

This bloodline is always strong, despite it sometimes skipping many generations before making itself apparent in the one who becomes a Sorcerer. The character, unless known and usually in the company of those familiar with the profession, is usually surprised by the birth of his new abilities. It is an unpredictable event, accompanied by danger surrounding the individual, as the unfocused magic is released. Sages have debated many decades on what triggers the bloodline and have come to no conclusions. Stories are told of young toddlers who have unwittingly burned their homes down, of the elderly finding that they can float instead of walk to the general store, and of children reaching the age of majority and suddenly striking out as an adventurer. No age or race seems to be immune to the possibility of having the bloodline.

In game terms the following apply:

?Sorcerers do not acquire a familiar at any level in the MSI campaign.
?D6 hit die is used in lieu of d4
?At 1st level, the new Sorcerer gains ?Eschew Materials? as a bonus feat.
?At 1st level, a bloodline is selected for the character, whether by DM or player is something I haven't decided yet. This bloodline is similar in abilities and level progression to that of the Variant described in the Unearthed Arcana, but with many modifications. A list of bloodline races will be forthcoming, along with the abilities, traits, and restrictions associated with that race.

You may post your thoughts on this subject here, if you would like.


I like this a lot. I have never played a finger-wiggler, and it's mainly because of the Hit die thing. (Emphasis on the "die" part)!