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Where are we in Time?

Started by Dray, July 01, 2009, 12:57:12 PM

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Johan coined the forthcoming Eberron session, which is only our 2nd(!), "The Day After", in a recent thread to coordinate our campaign choice for play next week.

This spawned a question in my mind....where does each of you specifically see your individual characters within current plotline at this juncture? All of you have various things going on independant of one another, and in different time periods. Do we need a campaign session to get all of you, and perhaps a number of NPC Whisper members together so you can role-play a conversation that coordinates your thoughts?

Or would you guys like to attempt this "joint session" of the said committee within a group ICD and get to the action next time we meet?

I ask because there are now a dozen different directions you guys can take with a dozen different results, and I need to prepare my flowchart. No matter what you guys decide, I will enjoy the outcome, the development and implementation of this world has become something I can finally be happy with.


Allow me to percolate your thinking with a shot of caffine to your memory:

As you point out, we did have a single F2F session, and in that session, we rocked! However, we're only at the end of day 1 of the war games (I had been led to believe that there were 2 days to this extravaganza).

Day 2 is before us, and we have no idea what the ruling class has in store. I was particularly interested to see what the fall-out would be from our complete landslide victory in the game of "ogre" that we played (old PC game: Phin might remember that). You had hinted that we were by no means expected to WIN, let alone dominate as we did.

I'd like to see what the next day has in store for us, and how this whole war game thing wraps up.

When we left off, we were all still in our positions from the Ogre game (me in the tower, Shannon at the siege engine, and Hemo running the infantry...Harrison was...SOMEwhere).

Of course, this bent does nothing for Phin, so perhaps FK Sr. is the right way to go.
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I remember stating that I may just ICD the second half, but since re-reading Game Session 4A, I am inspired to play the second day of WarGames at the table session.

Before we do so, I will complete the Game Session 4A thread.

Phineas? Got any leftover teenage angst in you? Want to play in my military school campaign?


Thanks, Dray. I do recall you stating that 4B could be ICD fodder, but I'm keenly interested in it prior to moving to the subsequent session.
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As am I, and truth be told, the second day promises to be even more interesting than the first.

*mwuah ha ha ha ha* <---typical DM diabolical laugh.


Quote from: Dray...the second day promises to be even more interesting than the first.

Let's hope so! :P


Yeah: Harry didn't have a lot to do on the first day. And Matt didn't even fall asleep! :)
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Yeah, Harry's medic team was unnecessary because the meta-gaming-work of Himo and Johan foiling my diabolical plans. MOAB's and small missile fire will be used in the second half of this WarGame.


I think I would prefer a face to face game session for day 2. Why? Well, not to sound like an asshole but vigilance in posting is not necessarily met with enthusiasm or attention from everyone.

That said, if it would serve the overall story better and get folks involved with finer RP for their characters then let's ICD it...with enthusiasm and attention.

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