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Game Session 3B - Cell Cleaning

Started by Dray, November 23, 2008, 01:05:37 PM

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This session takes place after Game Session 3A - Stolen Spy. It was originally role-played at a table, but with indulgence of the player Johan, I would like to revisit the entire ordeal while keeping true to the dungeon crawl events.

With that said....


After passing through a non-descript door, one of many since leaving the Cordello district, Renee, who had been studious, if not a bit solemn, in her walk away from Sephlin's room of splendor, suddenly stopped.

Without warning, she leaned against the stone wall of the dark underground corridor, and began to weep quietly in her hands.

Temmit stood dumbfounded at first...


Visions of naked, nubile vixens occupied Temmit's adolescent mind as he followed his leader through the catacombs of Low Town, and the Cordello district in particular. So much had happened in just a few short hours; the world, he thought, was a much larger place than he had thought.

"They weren't really vixens, you know." Smokey interjected.

"I know." Temmit conceded. They weren't vixens at all, actually. They were articulate, and seemed very intelligent and worldly. More worldly by far than Temmit himself.

"You'd best not bump into Renee with that thing sticking out like that." Smokey teased.

Temmit flushed with embarrassment. He brought himself to bear, trying to banish the lingering visions from his mind, but it wasn't EVER that he had seen ONE naked woman, let alone the bevy that Sephlin maintained. Temmit felt sure that if he had ever been one to sleep, he no longer would be. He looked up then and noted that Renee had leaned heavily against the wall of the corridor. She held her face down and in her hand.

"She's crying." Smokey noted.

"Umm..." Temmit cast about the corridor.

"No one is here." Smokey informed him.

"Then why is she crying?"

"Becuase she's got you for a companion." He quipped.

"That would certainly do it." Temmit conceded as he stared dumbfounded at his leader.

"Do something."

"Huh?" Temmit blinked his eyes while he tried to understand what Smokey was saying.

"Do something." The crystal repeated.

"What am I supposed to do?" The echo that returned from the Low Town corridors made Temmit aware that his thinking had breached his mouth. "I's wrong?" He asked stupidly. He fumbled with his hands, not really sure what he was supposed to do or how he was supposed to react. He searched his mind on the hours past for a clue as to what was ailing Renee. Leslie's abduction? Not likely: too far in the past. All that money spent? Perhaps. What else?
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"Everything is always about sex," Renee whispered through her fingers.

She lifted her head and started wiping the tears from her eys, which looked to have a growing anger in them.

"I will pass the Rim before I serve that man six years from now. I am done serving the needs of pigs like him."


Temmit shook his head, visibly confused. "I'm sorry." He said simply. "I didn't realize...I just assumed that we'd find a way around that part of the contract."

He paused a moment, then continued. "I mean, six years is a long, long while hereabouts. From the looks of things there's plenty of opportunity for Sephlin to need our assistance in one way or another. One good favor is all that it should take to convince him to rework that contract. And not for nothing, based upon all that we've found out in just these past days - this past week alone - well, it's entirely possible that we'll all be passing the Rim before six years rolls around. He can come and get us if he'd like, but I don't really see that happening: he's too happy where he is."

"Really, Renee...look at Mia's shield that we found, and what we've learned that it can do for us. Imagine what might be if we could find more of them?"

He left the thought hang in the air, an unimaginable fancy until just a week ago, today: an imaginable one, no matter how unlikely.

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Renee considered her companion's words while tears dried on her cheeks, it seemed as if weeks went by before she actually made a reply.

"You know Temmit? You are right...we will get around that matin Midget!" she exclaimed with a bit over-zealous and therefore awkward thumbs up motion. She realized how silly she looked and let out a small chuckle before motioning on for them to continue down the corridor.

"So what do you think about that medalion (shield)? How do you suppose it works?"


"I have no idea." Temmit replied factually. "But if it does what it's supposed to do, then I'm hoping that we can use it. I also wonder if Mia can make them...she's quite a gifted craftsman. er...woman. Girl. Craftsman, I think. I think." This incidental thought suddenly occupied a great deal of Temmit's brain. Which one would be right?

He didn't even realize how much time had passed before...
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Renee, her mood changed, let out a small laugh at her friend's verbal antics.

"Well...sure, she could probably make the medalion, but do you think she could replicate whatever magic it might have in it?" she querried.


"I have no idea." Temmit admitted. "I suppose that we'll have to simply ask. The alternative would be to try to get our names on the list of folks who the Kar'Thul don't attack."
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She laughed again, "I would suppose that would be a list limited to a few select holy priests?"


Temmit unsecessfully stifled a wry grin. "Not a likely happening, then, eh?" He chuckled slightly. "I don't know though. It'd be great if we could locate the others; I'd be willing to bet that they weren't destroyed."

"Do we have any friends in the census office who might have access to geneological records dating back that long? Or maybe those would be in another part of the library. Or in Leslie's head."
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Alright, I posted and then realized that this thread occurs between 3A and 3B prior to Renee and Johan invading the cell to save Leslie. So please disregard my earlier post if you received an email.

I am going to review the chronology as soon as I can and get my head back into the game. Stay tuned (hopefully not for 6 months either)...