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The Satyr People and Fir'Ath's Opinion

Started by Dray, May 04, 2008, 09:25:58 PM

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I wanted to take the discussion currently happening on page 8 of "Satyr Tracks" out to this forum so we don't lengthen a very nice thread with OOC.

To continue....

Totally get you Griznuq, and I (the player) never once thought that the backstory wasn't viable or justified in the minds of the Satyrs. Even though I personally wasn't aware of the specifics behind the content of Serephus's words, I got the meaning behind all of it as very serious and honorable.

Fir'Ath however, isn't exactly the "touchy/feely" sort, and thinks its a load of sentimental shit. He thinks any racist problems are solved with only one solution...tearing an elf's head off. OOPS, did I say elf? hehe

Maragarn and Eswarth are very "noble" and well spoken characters. Fir'Ath is not, he is a proud creature who has spent far too much time in solitude sulking about what Fate has chosen for him. Don't get me wrong, he doesn't consider himself cursed, but he has his own demons that he deals with privately.

So in order to keep going and to not have to rewrite the thread from page 7 on, my suggestions is to have us just assume that Fir'Ath hasn't heard the story of the Satyr creation and hasn't made the connection that it is the former W.A.G.E. who have been "cursed" with a change.

Then, excellent role-play fodder will be had as Maragarn brings it to Fir'Ath's attention at a later time.





Quick question: what does "W.A.G.E" stand for.

War Against Gay Elves?
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As stated in my OOC of the Satyr Tracks thread:



Aye, I look forward to the future ICD's regarding this...well done all around!

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