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Session 26 - Crossing the River

Started by fraz, February 17, 2008, 03:16:40 PM

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Forest Keep
Episode 26:
[Sat 02 Feb 08]

Arlen: fraz
Belwar: Matt
Farramore: NPC
Himo: Rob C.
Mirri: Jim
Saul: Rob R.
Zurn: Drew

[starting from when PCs arrived at keep and split up]

there have been upgrades to many of the buildings within the keep during PCs absence
inn now has 2nd floor

-Mirri awakens
-Himo awakens and leaves in to walk about the keep

-Arlen awakens and enters tavern to get food
There is a halfling entertaining folk in the tavern with pennywhistle

-Saul awakens and goes to weaponmaster: buys weapons

-Zurn awakens and checks on acolytes in temple

-Belwar awakens:
enters tavern and talks with Arlen, Mirri, Saul
Belwar would like to lead expedition to ruined temple of Moradin (after Danobar's funeral this evening)
Arlen asks how we will find it (it's only about a day away) and there is a scout (Farramoree) here at the keep that can guide us
Belwar explains
Zurn returns
Himo returns

All attend Danobar's funeral

Zurn returns to temple with folks
Saul follows

Belwar, Arlen, Mirri & Himo return to tavern
festive atmosphere has spilled outside into street
men wrestling
Arlen tries to entertain them?  hrm
Belwar talks with Farramoree (guide)

rest during night

Belwar talks to Coris about temple tunnel

Farramoree leads party out of keep SW

Reach river chasm:
there is a log suspended across the river
there is about a 35' drop from bank to water
Farramore bounds across the log with no problem and secures one end of a long rope
Belwar crosses next
He threads the rope through his belt and secures it to a tree on the bank
but the plan goes awry when he slips off of the log and ends up dangling helplessly
after some discussion, Zurn eventually produces another rope
one end is thrown to the helpless dwarf and he is reeled in
after much trial and hub-bub the rest of the party eventually gets across

Saul hears sound during watch
like a band of grey dwarves having a great time
Saul awakens the rest and all stealthily approach the sound

There is a group of orcs and bugbears with several antmen prisoners
two of the antmen are chained together with a large bonfire in between them - they constantly pull on each other as they try to avoid the burning flames
two ettins watch from the sidelines, enjoying the show

Belwar leads a charge directly at the ettins
he hopes to eliminate the leaders first and thus demoralize the others

Round 1:
Belwar misses ettin01 [1]
Saul misses ettin01 [1]
Mirri hits ettin01
Arlen moves into postion behind a tree fires and arrow into the melee: missing ettin01

Round 2:
Belwar hits ettin01
Saul misses ettin01
Mirri hits ettin01
Himo casts mirror image (there are now 5 Himos)
Zurn casts entangle on bugs
Arlen sings a song of courage

orcs attack Himo (2 fake Himos disappear)

Round 3:
(Arlen's song of courage round 1)
Belwar hits ettin01
Saul hits ettin01
Mirri kills ettin01
Himo casts mage armor (attack of opp 2 fake Himos are killed)
Zurn casts heal on Saul (it fizzles in combat after failing concentrate)
Arlen fires at ettin02 and misses

bugbearears attck Himos
orc arrow strikes tree next to Arlen (and orc has out-flanked him)

Round 4:
(Arlen's song of courage round 2)
Belwar hits
Mirri misses
Saul uses psioncs on his mace
Himo casts magic missile (attack of opp) [12 pts on bugbear]
Zurn casts heal on Saul!
Arlen kills the orc with an arrow!

Round 5:
(Arlen's song of courage round 3)
Belwar hits
Belwar is hit twice
Himo is missed
Arlen is hit by bugbear w/ scimitar
Saul misses
Mirri hits
Arlen drops his bow and draws his sword: misses bugbear
Belwar hits w/ attack of opp & kills ettin02

Round 6:
(Arlen's song of courage round 4)
Belwar charges and kills bugbear and hits Arlen's bugbear too!
bugbear misses Belwar
Saul crushes bugbear
one orc is fleeing
Mirri leaps into midst of tangled bugbears
Mirri is hit by attack of opp [4]
Mirri misses
Himo fires at fleeing orc [misses w/ 1]
Zurn fires bullet at fleeing orc: misses
Arlen fires arrow at fleeing orc: misses

Round 7:
(Arlen's song of courage round 5)
Belwar runs and throws his axe at entangled orc
bugbear02 hits Mirri: 14
Saul shoots entangled bugbear02 w/x-bow
Mirri misses
Himo casts MM at bugbear02
Zurn fires sling bullet but misses
Arlen fires arrow at bugbear3: miss

Round 8:
Belwar kills orc
Saul misses
Mirri kills bugbear2
Himo fires bugbear5: miss
Zurn releases spell
Arlen casts Comp Lang as he removes a blindfold from a bound antman
Farramore is free and charges forward into "battle"

Round 9:
Belwar kills bugbear5 [22]
Mirri misses
Himo fires at bugbear3: miss
Zurn searches the ettins for keys but finds none
he moves to free the chained antmen, who are tangled in the trees and blindfolded
Arlen unties and frees the bound antmen as he speaks to them in common
Zurn frees the chained antmen - they flee wildly into the forest
Arlen is able to retreive one spent arrow
Belwar sharpens axe