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Session 24 - Bones going Home

Started by Griznuq, February 15, 2007, 01:56:39 PM

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Sunday February 11th, 2007

Players in Attendance:
Rob C
Steve C
Matt C
Rob R

Session starts out with a mess of d20 rolls... Sol first, Himo second, Zurn third, Belwar forth (and they really sucked), Mirri Fifth.

Rolling Initiatives! (Not that we know why...)
Himo: 20.
Zurn: 18
Mirri: (surprised by her own existence) a modified 5
Sol: 18
Belwar: 16

GM asked for a few agility rolls.

The group then wonders in what order they'd leave the cave.

Zurn brings up the point of, where would all the Gargon go?? There used to be a countless amount, and now that's not so. At any rate,
The decision is that we're going to go to take the body to where it needs to go.

Belwar takes the lead. Zurn takes the body.

Zurn swears that he saw a silhouette crossing the doorway. Tells the group.

Belwar Suggests someone move silently and wear the invisibility ring. Sol just pushes his way through and goes outside.

*Cave is a fairly steep cliff edge.

Sol says "here kitty kitty" on his way out.

Sol rolls a 22 spot check.

Belwar comes up behind Sol, just as sol turns around to say stop. Belwar doesn't pay any attention.

Sol, having initiative, he uses "one-point" action, whatever that means. He expends his focus and now he's 50% displaced for all missiles.
They all missed anyway.

Javelin goes skittering into the cave.

Himo's next.

Himo Casts Mage armor and moves to the mouth of the cave.

Zurn casts Bull's strength on Belwar.

Belwar runs up to the mouth of the cave and throws an axe. Hit's for 11 damage. This fellow's day is ruined. Slides down the cliff.

Mirri tries to run and jump over them, with great success! Landing DC13, Rolls 14! Amazing! The she hits and does slaughterhouse
damage, and the dood dies.

Sol's turn!
At the end of the night, he decided to take an action first, and THEN do his displacement. Casts a goo spell on his mace - a glowing
grayish cloud.

Mirri takes 9 points of damage from an Orcish Falchion. Also, a Javelin flies by her.

Javelins (3) missed sol.

Himo's turn. Himo wields his staff, rushed down hill to attack! Rob C Busts his head on the table (Oak: AC 25). Takes damage. (We guess he missed)

Zurn moves ahead, looks about assessing the situation. Casts sound burst on 3 targets. Both take 1d8 damage, must succeed on a fort check
to avoid being stunned for a round. Damage is 7 for one, 2 for a second, and 1 for the third. The fort save DC is 16.

Zurn is asked to roll a D8. Rolls a 7. then he has to roll a dc18 Listen check. Rolled a 13. the three all appear to be pissed off and staggered.

We just realized that we alerted the entire chasm... A clarion Gong rings out in the night.

Belwar hits another for 11 with an axe. Down he goes. (Belwar just realized he should be down doing melee... -RP xp!)

Mirri hits one for 5 points.

Sol makes a big deal of the fact that it's his turn... casts expansion. Becomes 6'8 and weights twice what he did earlier.

Sol is now the biggest target! And now he has to make a reflect save DC20! Rolls a 19 with a +1 modifier!!!

Zurn does not make his...

Belwar does not make his...

Himo does not make his...

Those of us who do not take 10 points of damage, Sol takes 7...

There's a howling wind that fills the whole area! (cone of cold). ALL of the Orcs in the area die.

It's really freaking cold. There's driving sleet and ice shards and all that happy rot.

There are two Blue skinned brutes with tusks and horns!

Sol is hit for 5 points of damage from a short bow. two miss. These came from down the hill a little bit to the south and east...
NOT from the horny-tooth monsters.

Himo's really cold. He wants to shoot bolts at the Horny-tooth monsters. Missed.

Zurn positions in the mouth of the cave and continue to assess.

Belwar rushes and attacks! There are all sorts of criticals involved, Belwar did 48 damage... cleaves the guy in half.

Mirri goes berserk!!@#21!one!!11!
Does 10 points of damage to one of three Gnolls snipers in a copes of trees.

Sol does something else inconsequential. His weapon now sizzles, and walks towards the other horn-tooth. He missed.

The horn-tooth starts to shimmer and fade. Sol swings his sizzling muck stick and he hits!

Himo shoots his light xbow and hits the ogre-magi for 8points.

Zurn holds his action.

Belwar charges the copse of trees where Mirri is. Belwar hits one, does 10 damage. That one falls to one knee.

Mirri hits another, and he dies.

Sol runs over to help Belwar.

Mirri is attacked and hit for 11 dmg! Then the attacker turns to flee! (invoking an attack of opportunity) Mirri hits! 9 damage brings this fellow to his knees.
The Gnoll.

Himo is asked to roll a spot. rolls a modified 25. Sees the carnage that Belwar and Mirri is causing. Casts magic missile at Belwar's target... It dies.

Zurn's turn.
Leaves cave, and heads out to the copse. Realizes he won't get there in time to do anything, but ascertains the situation. Looks for damages allies.

*Laughter emanates from the chasm floor*

Belwar's turn. Looks about the area, there doesn't seem to be any immediate threat.

The laughter... Multiple... a group of laughter.

Mirri sees a group of Gnolls. Maybe a dozen.

As a group we decide to leave the area.

Zurn cure's Sol's light.

We climb the cliff and head east. Belwar suggests that we bring the body back to the keep and have Coris and Corryn perform the ceremony.

Belwar recovers his axes.

We find some circles of squares. Can't have too many of those.


This entire session takes place on the night of Sprouting Grass/Egg 19. It *might* actually be early in the morning of the 20th.

Travelling now at night, to accomodate Saul's aversion to bright light, the companions arrived at the Forest Keep a little before sunrise on the 25th day of the Sprouting Grass/Egg moon.
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