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Session 23 - Melzak

Started by Griznuq, February 15, 2007, 01:55:07 PM

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I apologize, I was off that night, and didn't keep much of a log... What I have is below. Please edit this post and add what you remember if you have the chance. I will try to do so later on as well.

Rob c is missing...? Hemo is gathering firewood.

Sol comes to sit by the fire, where Belwar is Seeting...

Sol is looking at Belwar undetected through the sunglasses.

Zurn looks about for Valen, alas there is no sign.

Zurn comes to the fire.

Mirri intimidates at Sol.

Belwar goes to bed, while Sol makes nice. Mirri wants to know where Valen is, Sol says he just got there. shows a black ring on his finger.
Explains that it's a cursed item that teleports him from place to place inexplicatively. Mirri kicks him, and repeats "Where's Valen".

Says he was underground last time.

Sol goes to pee, the rest of us huddle.

Sol is Looting the bugbear while we huddle
5 highly polished gray stones (12 siders)
4 Sacks of gooeyness.
4 small 12" long, 1 inch in diameter rods of soft wood
8 crystal vials, 2 yellow liquid (Bubbly and smells Ar, 6 red (Smells like cinder)
1 day of rations on the bugbear

Belwar cuts of bugbear's arms, finds the ring of invis, takes it. Looks for anything that connects him wiht the gargon in the Chasm... nothing.

Sol asks where we're going. Belwar has no quarms with telling him.

Next day.

We travel and start to travel later into the night, and sleep in a little more, so that eventually, we can travel only at night.

Next day, uneventful...

Thirday, after we set up camp, the camp is hailed.. Zurn is elected to handle it.

"Permission to appraoch the camp?" He's coming from the direction we came from... Diminutive fellow with a big dog... Wicked good spot check shows that it's Melzak!!

Melzak is looking for the book. Belwar explains that it's gone... Melzak is upset... paces, complains and leaves. we let him leave...


two days later, we come up on the chasm... There are only three fires... whereas before there were 10...

We go around, and enter the cave marked "k"

We wander, and have to roll a will check... Numbers are given out.

Matt = no number
Himo = 2
Robr = no number
phin = no number
Andrew gets no number.

AS we make our way up the corridor, there is a tacky slick drizzing substance, and Himo is effected by PHEAR!!

Zurn casts bless on Himo, while miri detains him... Himo's number changes to 4


This session opens on the evening of Sprouting Grass/Egg 15, right after the Bugbear battle.

This session closes on Sprouting Grass/Egg 19.
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