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Interlude 3 - Divine Will

Started by Johan, February 02, 2007, 03:50:13 PM

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Morning, the 14th day of the Sprouting Grass/Egg moon.

Corryn watched the five companions embark upon their quest to save Dannobar. It was not long before they were swallowed whole by the dense forest that was home to the Keep. Coris knew, of course, that Corryn had never supported the decision to build the keep and populate it with soldiers. That plan had been promolgated in the name of "Establishing a presence" in the forest.

She had long considered whether there weren't some ulterior motive for this effort. Of course, there had to be. Money, she had thought. Surely it was greed that motivated this occupation. But for what? Did they think that there was gold to be had? From where?

But watching her new friends embark upon their holy mission, it dawned upon Lady Corryn that this was the will of Ehlonna. It was Her will to save Dannobar, and From Vorntoque, no less.

A deep conviction settled upon Lady Corryn as she came to the realization that this keep had been placed here to combat the growing threat of Vorntoque. She would have known that he was growing to power in those mountains.

Why else would Corris have been selected as Captain of this place? He was far more than a mere captain. But they had selected him for this post, and he had manned it well. She wondered whether he was aware of Ehlonna's hand in this keep.

With a wry smile on her pretty face, she dismounted the wall of the keep and proceeded towards the Inner Bailey.
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