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Fodkier's Character Survey

Started by Johan, December 21, 2005, 05:11:06 PM

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The original questionaire can be found here.

Basic Stats:

Player (you) Name: Steve Conlon

What is the character's full name? Nicknames? Fodkier (Fod-Keer)

What is the colour of the character's hair, eyes, and skin? Black (but very short, so as not to attract bugs and lice and stuff), Brown, and Ruddy, respectively

What is the character's general appearance? Fodkier is a tall, lanky fellow with hard, angular features, very short black hair and a few days? worth of stubble. He wears tight-fitting somber clothes of earth-hues and covers them with browned leather armor and a gray cloak. He carries a morning star, a throwing axe, and a short spear. Upon his belt depends a dagger and a small pouch. His only other obvious possessions are a backpack, blanket, and a water skin.

He keeps his equipment neat and well-maintained, and takes a Spartan attitude towards belongings (owns only what he needs, and those items focus on the functional with little or no regard for the decorative). He dresses in plain, simple garb of earthen colors (browns, dark green, grays?)

He does not present as a particularly clean person. Typically his armor and cloak are smeared with mud and dust, twigs and such. When you get to know him, you realize that he goes out of his way to keep his cloak and armor in this condition, extolling the edge that it gives one in disappearing into the forest.

What is the character's age? Early 20s

Where was the character born? ??

Describe the character's family. Introductory paragraph.

Has the character begun his/her own family? No. No current prospects, either.

Has the character ever done anything else (besides adventuring) for a living? In Fodkier?s youth (starting from a young lad), he often ran messages for people from his native area. He did this for the reward of money, valuables, training, or food. He was a good runner, having long legs, and it was a tactic needed for survival. He is too proud to beg for handouts, but he would beg for a job. He grew up delivering messages or goods from one party to another (whoever would pay). Shelter was never an issue; you can always find a place to stay out of the rain or snow. Over time he earned enough to keep him healthy, and to purchase basic arms and armory (people might sometimes try to take whatever goods he might be moving), and necessities. He also got the reputation of reliability.

At one point, having done this sort of work for many years (early teens at this point), he was entrusted to deliver a message from one body to another (GM?s choice of third parties). This delivery would have been a several day journey. En-route, he was beset by a third party (GM?s choice again), who didn?t want the message to get through. He ended up hurt, bloody, traveling over-country (as in, not on the road) and stumbling upon the camp of the ambushers. He listened enough to find out what was going on, circumnavigated the camp (eluding a couple of sentries on the way), delivered the message along with the bit of intelligence that he had gathered from his ambushers, and ?saved the day?. He spent some time thus in the employ of the message deliverers, and that often met with the sussing out of moles, or hot beds of rebellion or even inter-clan raids being planned, or what have you (this all depends upon the rural / urban setting of your campaign, of course). A higher order scout was impressed with these abilities that he saw and took him into his group (Employ? Guild? League? Scout Division? Whatever) and there he learned ?proper? fighting, additional skills, blah, blah, blah. The work was good, the pay was good, the learning was challenging?

General attitudes & approach:

When or how was the character educated? School of life, baby!

What are the character's political and religious beliefs? Fodkier doesn?t really hold with religion (but to each their own), and politics are for the nobles.

What is the character's moral code? Fodkier is an honorable sort. He?s not necessarily motivated to help everyone who is in need (people should learn to help themselves first), but he will help the victim of a crime, based upon honor. He believes that people should be held to live with the consequences of their actions. He would try to help someone who is trying to help themselves, or who has been hurt and is currently physically compromised. Honor, above all other things, dictates his actions (it?s really what kept him out of trouble for so many years).

Does your character have any prejudices? Aristocracy; people in this class seem to place higher value on presentation than on the underlying person. Ceremony is superfluous and serves no real function.

How would your character handle an insubordinate servant? (If you're a "wouldn't have servants" type, then an insubordinate hireling.) Fire them. We don?t need contention here; if you can?t follow directions, then you should be somewhere else. No hard feelings (on my part).

What would the character die for? What would they be willing to sacrifice the lives of their friends for? Fodkier has never run into anything on the belief-o-meter that?s worth dying for.
More psychological stuff:

Who is the one person your character trusts the most? Himself. Most other folks, even if they don?t admit it, have self-serving ulterior motives. Elder scout, perhaps.

How would your characters parents describe him? My vision:
?Fodkier who??
?You remember ? the lanky one that used to be here.?
?Was he ours??
?I think so.?

What was the best moment of the characters life? Worst? Best: Delivery of that so important message that ?saved the day?. Worst: The first item that he failed to deliver (as he was way-laid).

What flaws does the character have? Is he quick to judge people? A slob? Fodkier is neat, but not necessarily clean. Placing function above the aesthetic, Fodkier would have no problem using a short rope in lieu of a belt.

What advice would you give your character? If you keep away from everyone like that, you might not get hurt, but huff-puff, you won?t get loved either. (A line from ?The 10th Kingdom?). Some people are actually trustworthy.

List the 5 most important people in the character's life. Parents (seems contrary, I know, but they are as much influencers as anyone), Elder Scout, That bastard who caused him his first failure, The livery attendant (who often lets Fodkier bunk in the stables).

What is the character's "big secret", and what will happen if it is discovered? He actually roots for (and will help) the underdog. He has a soft spot for orphans or neglected children.

"Hey, I've got an interesting job for you..." Name 3 jobs that your character might find interesting.

We?ve been citing smoke columns from the mountains; go see what?s up.

This princess needs to be gotten to southern nowhere, and it needs to be anonymous. She?ll be traveling as your concubine (but watch it) while you ostensibly delivering this prized horse to Sir what?shisname.

Noble approaches: ?My son thinks he knows everything. He?s been pampered and knows nothing of the outside world. I?ve given him a task to deliver this thing here. Could you go with him and demonstrate to him what it?s really like in the outside world? I?ve hired these other people to try to stop him ? rough him up a little, but no permanent damage ? I?m hoping that he?ll come away having had some hardship (real or perceived) and appreciate what I?ve given him. He needs humility. The destination is a few months off; far enough for him to have to endure some elements. I wouldn?t be too concerned if he had to walk most of the way *wink, wink*.

How will the character die? What would you consider a good end to a life well lived for this character? Scouts live notoriously short lives; if Fodkier is able to grow into the point where he is able to help or to inspire young, upcoming kids to be successful scouts, he?ll consider himself to have been successful.

Informal "about this character":

What might someone seeing the character for the first time think? Derrelict. Vagabond. Uncultured.

Does the character have any goals? Get tomorrow better than today.

What is the character's personality? Quiet. Often sarcastic. Pragmatic. Loyal to his friends, but likes to keep his name out of the proverbial papers (a behind-the-scenes sort). If he renders aid to someone (be it physical or inspirational) he requests typical payment: money, food, bed, anonymity, or ?I?ve lost my waterskin, would you have one that I can take?? He would rather that people know him and appreciate what he?s done for them, so that at some time when he?s in need, they?ll be likely to give him a hand (hiding place, a spot to sleep, a meal?). Fodkier is perfectly happy to play second fiddle or third flute, but he is capable of taking the lead if it?s necessary.

Any reoccurring mannerisms?

What is this character's "thing"? That is, what action, activity, saying, motion, mannerism, etc., would be considered their "trademark", such that if I were to do it, others would say "oh, now you're acting like [this character]"? It's ok to have more than one, but they should be something that is exaggerated or strongly associated with your character.

What is her first reaction to a situation? That is, does she run in, swords-a-swinging, or always attempt a peaceful parley, or examine every fact and mitigating circumstance in great detail before making a decision, etc.? Look for the hidden ambushers; what you see is often only a portion of what you get.

What would be the ultimate magic item for this character? Fodkier carries everything that he owns, and travels light. I suppose the ultimate magic item collection might be:
A ring of warmth to keep the winter winds at bay.
A cloak of hiding (elvin kind).
Something that will allow him to see and hear things at a distance (a pair of binoculars and one of those high-tech radar dishes that the CIA uses in all the movies).
A phantasmal mount (now *that* would be a cool thing).

What would be the worst curse this character could ever receive? One that robs him of his vision and hearing.

Note any other notable aspects of your character, or anything else you'd like to add;
More In depth stuff:

What special qualities does the character possess? NOT your PHB-skills, but what else can the character can do well? Does he get along well with other people? Is he skilled at taking care of business? Prioritizing tasks? Planning ahead? Fodkier tends to judge a situation based upon its tangibles. How high is the cliff? Is it craggy? Lots of handholds? How many people? We?ll never make it ? let?s find another solution. He?s not one for motivational speeches or the notion that hope and belief can move mountains. Dwarves move mountains, and they do it with picks, shovels, and rail systems. Even if they don?t actually exist. Earthquakes move mountains too. He tends to see the humor in many situations where humor might not otherwise be seen. He?s good at reckoning distance and time.

Are there certain things the character just cannot do? Get close to people; perceive himself realistically, etc. That is, what do people who know this character well critisize about them? Understand the value that people place upon etiquette, ceremony, and aesthetics.

What does your character hate? Loud, obnoxious morons. Bullies. Actually, bullies who only pick on small weaklings.

What does your character love? Mead, and watching people in the tavern drink, sing, and dance. Observing the merriment at the seasonal festivals.

How does the character perceive government? Those who are opposed to the government? Government has its place, but that place is not in the day-to-day dictation of the lives of its people. Rule firmly, but with mercy.

How did the character gain his abilities? What motivates him to act as a hero now? Let?s get this straight: Fodkier is not a hero.
?Oh, my husband was just killed in front of me by a band of orcs!?
?Gee, that?s a shame.?
?What will I do now.?
?Well, I?d suggest you make your way pretty quickly over that hill and to the other side of the lake that?s on the other side of the hill. Do it fast because the orcs will be back looking for desert.?
?Will you take me there.?
?No, I?m on a schedule.?
?Can I go with you??
-3 days later ?Where are you taking me??
?No where. You?re following me, remember??
?Well where are you going??
?That?s a month away!?
?Three weeks, five days, two hours.?
?I?m not going all that way.?
?Ok. [shrugs] Maybe I?ll see you on my way back.?

How did his peers treat the character as a child? His elders? There were no particularly onerous folks around. Fodkier has led a rather nondescript life to date. There are assholes, and there are kind people all over the place.

What does your character hope to accomplish by adventuring? If he actually leaves his ?job?, it?s just to see the world.

Why is this goal more important than his safety? (i.e., Why would you take up adventuring, rather than being a nice, safe accountant?) Safety is an illusion, and it?s a fleeting one at that.

What is the character's kryptonite? What is their weakness or what will paralyze them with fear?

What does the character do to relax? He whittles by the fire at night. He makes crude figures (dogs, cats, trees?), which he ends up either throwing into the fire or giving to some kid somewhere. At night, if nothing?s going on, he might make animal noises (owls, raccoons?) into the darkness to see if there are any answers.

Describe the characters ideal mate. Low Maintenance. Maid Marian, perhaps.

What is in your characters's pockets, right now? Two feet of twine, an old button, a crust of stale bread, and a map to untold fortune (which he made for giggles).

What do they normally carry in their pockets that they don't have right now, but wish they did? A hook for fishing.

What is the silliest thing your character has ever done?
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