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28a: Holy Water

Started by Himo, January 31, 2009, 01:30:17 PM

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Forest Keep
Episode 28a: Holy Water

Tavish: Drew
Luphy/ lupy/ loopy: Austin C.
Sir Pelinal Whitestrake: Rob C.

Tvish is given a order to explore a cave in the northwestern country for holy water, the trip commissioned by the priestess Lady Corryn to retrieve water from an underground spring.

Tavish is given a crystal vial, about the size of a football, with gold wire holding the stopper inplace.
Loopy and Sir Pelinal Whitestrake:
As new arrivals to the keep, you are for the most part very unfamiliar with the keep and know only but a few people who you met on the journey here, as well as a small black gnome who tells the most intriguing tales of some heroes of the keep.
To summarize the stories
1.) A dwarf (Belwar) and an elf (Himo) arrive at the keep and at the time most of the keep was severely starved, and most people thought they were all going to die here.
2.) These two arrivals bring some hope back to the keep.
3.) Valen, a druid, arrives with another dwarf named Zurn.
4.) Zurn brings a whole lot of 'hope' to the keep and everything flourishes.
5.) A cat-woman and elvish bard named Arlen arrive
6.) Valen disappears.
Sir Pelinal Whitestrake orders his breakfast and sits down at a table in the corner of the inn (now a 2 floor inn!) and is shortly joined by an elf who sits down and immediately begins to talk at the knight, who largely ignores the elf while he does a morning prayer to Heironeous.

Tavish walks into the inn looking for some able-bodied solders to accompany her on her journey to the cave and spots a empty seat at the table occupied by the Knight and the druid and makes her way to the table and recruits the two solders for the journey.

The party travels for a day and makes camp.

Pelinal has the first watch and notices a fire and points it out to Tavish at her watch.

Tavish notices two beady eyes in the bushes, and wakes Pelinal and gives chase to the creature.

Creature escapes but from the size of the tracks, Tavish is able to determine that the creature is a small, booted creature.

Tavish sets up caltrops.

The rest of her watch goes by without incident.

Loopy takes the third watch, which passes with out incident.

The party takes some time to investigate the other camp fire they saw, but nothing is there.

The party continues till the reach a chasm with two hills on each side, overlooking the chasm. The groups camps for the night on the ridge above the chasm.

Pelinal takes first watch; passes without incident.

Tavish takes the second watch, she sees movement out of the corner of her eyes, but nothing significant.

Loopy takes 3rd watch, and it passes without any apparent incident.

Loopy meditates for the day, Pelinal does his morning prayer.

The group enters the cave.

The cave opens up and there are 3 passages, Pelinal takes the one straight ahead, Tavish goes down the left passage, and Loopy goes down the third.

Tavish reaches a room that opens up almost immediately, and begins to explore the room. Upon entering the room, her torch light diminishes to half its range, and they are low pitch almost drip like sounds, but are distinctly different from that of dripping water.

Pelinal moves down the second passage until the walls fall away, and he returns to the initial room. Assuming that the others would have found an opening as well.

Loopy explores the 3rd corridor and this room falls open immediately, Loopy's torch light diminishes to half it length and hears a low pitch growling sound.

Loopys first reaction is to scream, and his scream is amplified by the room, echoing and becoming louder than normal...

Tavish immediately runs back to the initial room upon hearing the scream, and meets Pelinal in the initial room who cannot tell which direction the scream is coming from and follows Tavish.

The two find Loopy screaming into the darkness...

The party is attacked and defeats their enemies.

They continue to follow the cavern walls by holding one hand against them and walking around the perimeter of each room.

The party finds another passage and follows that into another room, they continue to palm the wall and find themselves under attack by more enemies.

tavish throws her torch into the darkness to illuminate the room and then the party sees four ink black mini centaur shooting darts at them.

Tavish is hit takes CHA. Damage.

Loopy fires a bolt into one of the centaur.

Another centaur fires back a Loopy and Loopy takes DEX. damage.

Pelinal charges the remaining centaur and kills another centaur.

The remaining centaur shoot at Pelinal.

Pelinal gets hit, but avoids taking stat damage.

Pelinal is critically hit for 3 points of damage! and takes WIS. damage.

Loopy impales another Centaur.

Tavish dispatches the final centaur.

The marching order changes to put Pelinal in front.

Loopy picks up the corpse of a dead centaur.

The party continues to explore the cave.

[Session Break]


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