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Interlude 1 - Plans Made

Started by Johan, May 24, 2005, 04:56:24 PM

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The air is thick with smoke from burning incense. The room is dimly lit, but there is little need for light in these tunnels.

Nimble fingers fly in arcane patterns and four orbs begin to glow and convulse, forming faces to light the chamber. An elf, young and energetic. A human, serene and older than his years. Two dwarves: one holy, one not.

"These are the thieves who stole my work." The voice is smooth and measured. "Bring it back and my master will reward you with your wishes. But be warned: the cost of failure is death."

"Failure is not part of my being." A hooded hulking figure responds coolly. "I will kill these infedels and bring your tome of power back, and you - or your master - will give me this forest. The mountains are yours, but the forest is mine."

A handsome grin splits a face that looks like it forgot how to smile. "How will you find them?"

The face buried deep in the hood tightens. "Do not question my methods." The dark figure warned. "I will do this thing for you, but do not presume to own me." The huge figure turned away and strode from the chamber. From out of the darkness at the end a large dog-like creature rose from its place and followed the retreating being.

"Can he be trusted?" A nasal voice queries as the four faces pop out of existance.

"Of course not, don't be a fool. But he will do what he says he will do."

"What if he fails?"

"Then you will be there to pick up the peices that he leaves undone."
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When exactly does this fall in the grand scheme of things?