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Session 27a - Return to the Garachi

Started by Johan, June 23, 2013, 09:21:04 AM

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This is what I found in my e-mail for notes on the "next session"..."next" meaning "after Session 27":

There is at least one other session out there somewhere, since there is consensus that the Companions are at the chasm with four Garachi in tow for a look-see at their prospective new home.

I'll get around to a rough re-cap / "State of the Union" to put us all on the same page.

Note apparently taken by Matt:

Last night's session was pretty straight forward...

- Warm mid june day.

- Belwar, having just left Trillomore's Apartments, swings over to the bar, has a beer, and then goes to ask for a blessing at the temple. He is very uncomfortable, but goes through

the motions as he's seen Zurn do.

- Some refresher text: The keep is a lot busier than it used to be. Lots of people, lots of noise. Lots of ("tons of") Paladins and priests of Elohnna.

- The party comes up upon a pile or big rocks. Big pile, about as tall as Belwar. Mirri moves the top three layers of rocks. Belwar realizes it looks like the ettins are getting

ready to mount an attack on the temple. This is a pile of projectiles.

- Belwar asks Mirri to go look for other such piles in the perimeter. There iss one other.

- Mirri rolls a few spot checks, but seems to have failed them. Comes back and reports.

- Belwar ponders what to do. Blow the spell, talk to the Mants? tell then about trap?

- The group decides to hide and wait for the badies. Belwar rolls a bunch of awesome numbers. (himo did too, if you can imagine that.)

- GM Clarification: Technically only HALF the group hides. Mirri and zurn can't get out of each opther's ways.

- Eventually, the bad guys come in. They come all from seemingly  the same location, and start to split into two groups. The group decides to try to keep them all together, so they

don't have to deal with any of them throwing rocks. The good guys move to come in on the eastern side of the group, and Himo casts dancing lights, on the far side of both groups.

The two groups gather a little and boggle at the spell. We attack.

- Belwar runs in, throws an axe. Miss.

- Belwar gets hit by a gnoll, ker-thunks belwar, and he takes no damage. Four or five surround Belwar

- Mirri rushes in with her new spear. Attacks a big one. AC-14, rolled 18-modified 27. No crit (only nat 20). 14 points of damage. Mirri engages the bad guy.

- Zurn casts "prayer".

- Himo launches a magic missle, shoots 2 missiles, kills an orc.

- Belwar hacks an orc for a kill, then a gnoll, who also dies, does 8 damage to a third gnoll, who doesn't die, and runs away.

- Mirri is attacked. She's ac 15. hill giant who was just stabbinated, screams, shakes the forest, golfs mirri for 14 points of damage! OW! He's pleased.

Belwar gets an attack of opportunity on the Gnoll who is turning to run.

Himo is missed, and then hit by an arrow for 3 points.

- Belwar is being attacked by 3 gnolls, but they can't hit me. (attack rolls of 1 and two 2s).

- zurn is missed.

- Mirri launches. Rolls a 20-something. Hits. Does 9 damage (on a roll of 2).

- Zurn: a swing and a miss.

- Himo's up. He attacks the guy who shot him with a magic missile. 11 points of damage. Kills.

- Belwar is missed a few more times.

- Mirri is whacked for another 13.

- HUGE rock whizes by Mirri and bounces away.

- Zurn does a few points of damage to something.

- Himo casts a couple of magic missles, kills something.

- Belwar kills the Gnoll from last time, then hits another prettyu good, but doens't kill it.

- Belwar gets hit, but doesn't take damage.

- Mirri get hit for 18, and then 14... by a rock.

- Orc misses Zurn by a single attack point.

- Mirri enrages! attacks the hill giantish thing. Hits... does 16 points of damage. It dies!

- Zurn hits. does 10 points of damage. kills his thing.

- Homo's turn. he casts mirror image, and now there are a bunch.

- Belwar downs the two remaining foes on him, and runs 20' to close in on the rock thrower. That one is still 70' away.

- Hill giant throws at Mirri. Hit for 14. And then turns and runs.

- There is a hill giant, two orcs and a gnoll, running away. A raging Mirri Gives chase.

- Zurn casts hold person on the giant. Success!

- Himo runs in chase

- Belwar chases.

- Mirri attacks. rolls 16, hits, does 12.

- Hill giant breaks free and swings at Mirri! And misses.

- Mirri gets an attack of op. Hits, does 15 damage.

- Zurn casts Searing Light. touch attack AC 9. Hits. Does 2d8 damage for a total of 12. It screams, and continues to gime away.

- Himo finishes him off with a magic missle.

- The group decides to let the few orcs escape.

- Mirri is the focus of Zurn's healy lovin. Gains 27 points after the healing event.

- Experience is doled out. 1025 XP a piece.
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