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Session 10 - Hi, I'm Zurn and this is my Pal, Melzak

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 04:06:40 PM

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Basicly dananbar, Himo, Brescht and Belwar + 3 soilder (from an original 50 solders) survive and kill off the last of the orcs Belwar (uncounsious) Himo (badly wounded) and Brescht (untouch from the looks of him) all try to pile the bodies (except for Belwar of course) Himo goes over to try and talk to Brescht. Brescht isn't in the mood to talk so Himo walks away. Himo hears rustling in the bushes (Himo readies crossbow and calls for assistance) then Zurn emerges from the bushes with Melzak.
Then startled by three spears, a loaded crossbow, and an over-sized man with a double-bladed weapon jumps into the air saying "we come in peace".
Himo demands answers to questions that is expected in an interigation. Still Himo isn't too trusting of the dwarf. The dwarf changes the subject to Belwar and atempts to heal him. (also a previous attempt was made and almost revied Belwar but 2 hit points below 0)  :P  Zurn healing Belwar (to at least 10 hit points) heals him with a crossbow near his back.  Melzack  casts color spray And flees with Dananbar. Zurn and Belwar begin to chace him. Melzack and Dananbar nearly escape a human attacking with a simatar and ax.
Himo now reaches the site where the villans escaped and quickly relizes the man who nearly stoped the villans in there tracks as the man who previously helpped the party by warning them about the brigand's attack in the camp by the stream. The party returns to the keep and the session stops there.
Anyone want to add any thing?




This is skeletal and disjointed; I have nothing else to offer (this session was a long, long time ago now) :)

Let's ask Robbins!
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Look what I found (I'll try to clean this up soon, if no one else volunteers):

Tenth Session: March 20th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +15

Two travelers, Zurn Darkbrew a dwarven cleric and his gnomish guide Melzak just stop [They had actually camped on the road for the night; it is well past mid-night when the combat took place; nearing dawn, in fact] on the path for the night when they hear in the distance the noises of what may be a battle. They decide to investigate.

They approach the edge of the camp to see the results of the battle. Zurn comes and speaks to Dannobar, who seems to recognize Melzak. Melzak also recognizes Dannobar.

Melzak and Dannobar take a moment to talk to one  another privately.

Zurn lends Belwar some healing skills [Zurn tried with his skill, then used a spell]. When Belwar comes to, he sees the symbol of a wheat field, which he knows to be the symbol of Dannobar's god. He reacts badly, flailing his arms. He then realizes, as Zurn backs off, that it is not Dannobar.

Zurn goes over to speak with Dannobar, who seems irritated [I wasn't trying to convey "irritated"; sorry. He was clearly surprised and off-balance] that Zurn healed Belwar, though he tries to pretend that he is just surprised and happy... doesn't work.

While Zurn and Dannobar are talking, suddenly colors erupt in the small area that Belwar, Himo and Brescht are standing!! Himo is knocked out, Brescht spends some time howling in pain [blinded]... Belwar is unaffected!! (For a change)

Belwar is hurt, but he readies a throwing axe, realizing that the source of the magic was melzak. By the time the axe is ready to throw, Melzak is LONG gone.

Dannobar and Zurn give chase. Dannobar convinces Zurn to turn back and help the people in the camp. Suddenly there is someone else in the mix! A human with a scimitar at his hip. He tells Zurn that the Gnome is in league with Dannobar, and they both should be captured. He tries to get Zurn to drag Dannobar back to the camp.

In the woods, Dannobar and Zurn are confronted by yet another stranger who immediately accuses Dannobar of being in league with the Gnome. Zurn, frustrated and confused decides to go back to the camp. Dannobar casts Hold Person on the stranger when the stranger draws his scimitar in an attempt to capture him. He then flees. Later....

Zurn isn't sure what to do, so he goes back to the camp without Dannobar. [undelete this] The human introduces himself  as Valen. He says that he was watching the fight, and has been keeping an eye on the keep and the area in general, and has noticed a rise in orcs, ogres and other such things that don't respect the forest.

He also says that Dannobar is going to a place called Margent's Cave. Valen heals Belwar some more, with some Goodberries and gives a few to the remaining three soldiers. They seem to feel better too. [Valen cast an additional healing spell on Belwar, and "created" 5 goodberries: one each for the 3 soldiers and two for Himo]

[The sun begins rising, casting that pre-dawn pall that it tends to on a forest.] The six decide that it's time to travel on back to keep. They also send the three guards on to Gorna to get reinforcements.

Sap/delvers moon +16

[Night - ] Once inside the keep, Bresct, Himo, Belwar, Valen, and Zurn have brief words with Captian Corris, Who then tells us to go rest, and we will get to the talking in the morning.

Sounds good to the party. Belwar goes to the inn, and has some beer.

Zurn finds out where Dannobar's quarters are, and he goes to investigate. Unfortunately, the house is locked up tight. Zurn then decides to go to the inn, where Belwar invites him for a beer. Zurn is horribly dismayed at the quality or lack, there of, of the beer... It's bad even for griznuq beer. He has some food and water.

Valen goes about the town looking for a library. One of the guards around town tells him that there is no library. Valen then asks for a Garden, and is told that there is no garden either. Bored and uninspired, he goes off to bed.

Belwar, Himo, and Zurn go to bed to. Brescht goes to his apartment.

Sap/delvers moon +16

Valen wakes at dawn, and find a place to meditate. The best place to watch the sun rise is the tower overlooking the road. He goes there, and, [noting that there are but four guards watching the keep where usually there would be twenty or thirty] has a discussion with one of the guards about why they are staying out there. Valen seems to think it pointless. The guard says only that it is his job. Valen begins to meditate.

Valen's meditation is interrupted by a messenger asking him to come to corris'. He goes. [move this two paragraphs down]

Belwar is awakened in the morning by a knock at the door.  There is a messenger there saying that captain Corris would like to have his audience with us. Belwar says okay, and closes the door, and gets ready. When he opens the door again, the messenger is still there, and startles Belwar! EEK! He says he is to accompany Belwar. For some reason, he doesn't ask for anyone else. Strange

Belwar arrives at corris's place. Corris wonders where the others were. Belwar explains that they were not asked for. Corris sends the messenger out for them too. (That makes a little more sense)

The others arrive and we talk of what happened. Belwar recounts what he saw of Dannobar killing wounded men, and also explains that the three remaining guards carried on to Gorna. Valen concurs with the ascessment of Dannobar, and explains to corris about what

Zurn explains that he is from Gorna, who have written the keep off for gone. Corris is extremely disappointed by that.

I'm a little unclear about exactly what had happened right here. I don't really remember leaving corris's place.... I do remember a good amount about the fight though.

[Belwar went to the smith's to make an unsuccessful skill check for repairing his armor. Zurn went there also, but to get a masterwork flail; Himo accompanied Zurn. Valen returned to his perch to complete him morning ritual. I also recall Valen claiming a Masterwork dagger (or two).

Also, Zurn was given a key to Dannobar's rooms and he went to investigate that; searched for mechanisms to open the slab with no avail. Valen showed up and the three of them "Took a 20" in an exhaustive search of Dannobar's room, still showing up nothing. After a day of sucking at the anvil, Belwar went for food and drink, and then sought out the group. As a group, another 20 was taken in searching the chapel for a mechanism that would open the slab, also to no avail. It is now night, and Valen and Zurn begin to hear a vocal alarm. Stepping out into the early night, a shout is heard: "Ogres in the keep! Ogres in the *ggaackkk*. Then the combat "kicks in".]
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