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Mel's Free Time

Started by Johan, May 12, 2005, 05:13:07 PM

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Mel generally uses his free time freely.

He has no set schedule, no pattern by which he lives his life. Arising in the morning whensoever sleep may wear off, he goes off somewhere to relieve himself; as long as this is not on anybody or anything of value, he's none too discriminating.

Off to the mess tent for firstsies he'll eat what he can of what is available and eavesdrop on anyone foolish enough to have a conversation nearby.

Should he find someone eating alone he will go and sit with them so as to increase is circle of contacts. He will do a little information gathering, finding their interests and engaging in their own expertise (so as to glean anything that might be either interesting, important, or amusing).

Should that person be offensive or brusque with Mel, Mel will be as pesky as he possibly can so as to annoy that individual out of thier appetite(s).

Should any particular activity capture his fancy (like exploring the chasm) he will seek to enlist allies and cohorts to wander about. In a bored state he would visit parts of Base Camp that he's not familliar with, so as to broaden his diminutive horizons.

He will occasionally wander into a random tent, and if there is anyone there and awake, he will say "What? This is not my tent!" and leave. In this endeavor he takes great care to not walk into a "ranking official's" tent.

He will also endeavor to set up practical jokes on his friends (like the "blood-in-the-bread" joke (thanks, Quartz) and generally cause mayhem.

He rarely passes the opportunity to ask inane questions of T'Riad - the monk's pursuit of balance being so darned whacky that Mel can't resist (But if there's balance in the universe, why do we need levers?)

If at any time during his daily wanderings he should pass near the mess tent, he will likely gravitate towards it for seconds, thirdsies, lunch, midday snack, supper, dinner, midnight snack, and to secret scraps of bread, cheese and smoked meat for early-morning munchies.

Mel will also go out of his way to visit any animal pens there might be. He watches animal handlers and asks lots of questions the way an insatiable toddler might, learning what he can easily learn about any given animal that might be on-hand (horses, ponies, wolves, birds...).

Mel will often participate at Beachstock as a performer (story-telling or instrument-playing), but might just entertain himself dancing and laughing with party-goers of any race.

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