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T'Riad's Time Off

Started by Wildfire, May 10, 2005, 08:52:15 PM

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T?Riad?s Time Off

T?Riad starts the day in the dawning hours washing his face and body thereby cleansing himself of yesterday?s dirt. He stretches out by going through a deliberate routine of steady movements. During this he starts to meditate and puts himself into a trance.

After he finishes stretching his mind and body he goes for a run. Not a jog, but a full tilt sprint around the outskirts of the camp and through safe parts (away from the perimeter) of the flatland above the beach always keeping the camp in sight. He then returns to his tent and gathers a particular weapon in rotation from day to day (Kama, Nunchaku, Shuriken, Sling, Quaterstaff, and Hands?Note: he doesn?t gather his hands but instead will practice with those in lieu of a weapon). He goes through a series of Katas (attacks and defenses) with the weapon and routines that require strength and dexterity.

He then washes himself down again and fills a quarter barrel with sea water and brings (this quarter barrel of water is of course fairly heavy) it to a sparse section of the camp and proceeds to slap the water out of the barrel.  

When he finishes these exercises he sits and plays his pan pipes with his eyes closed and mentally prepares himself for the day ahead?whatever it may bring.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity



One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity