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T' Riad Shy'Eve "Moondancer"

Started by Wildfire, March 11, 2005, 11:25:03 AM

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T? Riad Shy?Eve is an elf of average build. He has long raven black hair and piercing forest green eyes. He usually has a calm and even look on his face although it isn?t void of emotion.

Everything he encounters he sees as a challenge to be overcome or at the very least understood?after all, that which doesn?t kill you makes you stronger.  He is fervently devoted to his monk order ?The Order of the Eight? and seeks only to come to greater enlightenment by maintaining the universal balance. He wears a signet ring of his order on his ring finger.

His clothes are typical of his order but are also signature to him. He wears a hunter green leather gladiator style kilt that is embroidered with gold thread. His shirt is loose fitting and light brown. Occasionally he wears a hunter green kerchief on his head with gold embroidered symbol of ?The Order of the Eight?.

T? Riad enjoys playing the pan pipes to calm his sometimes troubled mind. He also likes to makes others feel good by playing them. He juggles to help keep his reflexes sharp and ready and stays fit by running every morning as the sun rises.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity