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Mel Description

Started by Johan, March 07, 2005, 04:24:18 PM

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Mel is a 3'3" tall black hobbit. His skin in the winter is mocha-colored and deepens to a rich brown in the summer.

He is lean and wiry, weighing in under 40 pounds. His eyes are deep brown (bordering on black). He shaves his head fairly often, but when he lets his hair grow in it is afro-like, at it's longest falling is thinck dreads down the back that he would keep in a tube-like leather wrap. Mel's ready smile reveals perfect white teeth.

Mel dresses in a fairly utilitarian manner, wearing tight earth-tone britches and a slightly baggy gray or darkly colored shirt (to hide stuff in) because it's cooler. He wears a sash about his waist (useful in quick get-a-ways for sliding along an out-stretched rope) that he uses for tying together loads that he might have to bear or for other utility. His boots, wehn he wears them, are tall soft black leather with a soft sole for feeling things before he breaks them. He will at times also wear a doo-rag or a bandana around the head. In either case it would be a dark color.

Mel's current employer is the IBEW - the Intra-Borough Entrepreneurial Worker's guild, which is a guild that operates in Dullstrand providing assistance in a wide variety of ways; our members include shippers, bankers, couriers, mercenaries, train drivers...multitudes of aptitudes, as we say.
He has been assigned this opportunity because of his experience with shipping, having worked on and off in that industry over the last few years; attention to detail, ability to tie a tight knot, and manning the booms all of which lend to this journey. Because of this, as well as his frequent tardiness, irascible personality, and penchant for mumbling to himself frequently, his employer has sent him far, far away.  :)  Additionally, Halflings make pretty good scouts, which will likely be highly regarded on "the other side".
He bring with him good cheer in the name of a reasonably good recorder and stories to awe and inspire. Or at least make you laugh. This, along with a short sword can go a long way...
Mel has been living in Dullstrand for almost four seasons; before that he had lived his life in the villages and thorps in the surrounding countryside, doing - er - nothing...nothing at all. J

[color=blue:0d48f60952]Things that you would have learned about Mel during the voyage here:[/color]

He?s a story teller and a musician (recorder, although he claims to play the pennywhistle as well)
Hard to tell if his stories are true or not, although he usually precedes them with an appropriate disclaimer; perhaps he exaggerates. He will at times reiterate a ?classic? that you?ve all heard before.
He?s short (3-Foot 3-Inches)
He?s worked in a variety of industries over the last 2 or 3 seasons that he?s been in Dullstrand, and he currently works for an agency that is tantamount to a temp agency (that?s the IBEW)
He was born to a weed farmer (pipe smoking weed) in the countryside; he talks about several brothers and sisters and it often seems like he?s not sure how many he has, or he has an endless supply of them
He has spent a fair amount of time in the vast territories surrounding Dullstrand, as far as the Rieuwood and everywhere in between
He has a broad range of discussion topics, having evidenced interests in archery, woodlands, astronomy, astrology, philosophy, and a seemingly endless supply of fields, some of which he knows better than others, all of which he seems to know less than the person to whom he?s speaking
Good listener
He?ll talk to just about anybody about just about anything
He mumbles ? a lot. Often when he?s composing a new story and trying to fit musical accompaniment for sound effects, but also when he?s just sitting quietly, when he?s working, eating, bathing, drinking, hacking up a lung?
He is not a drinker, although sometimes he?ll have one or two
He?ll eat just about anything
He is buoyant and optimistic
His living quarters are a mess (even if it?s just his bunk). Not *dirty*, but disorganized.
You?ve seen him carrying: Light Crossbow, Dagger (which he claims is a tool), Short sword, and a number of darts (4, if you care to count)
He shaves his head every so often; probably done twice on the boat
He?s tried to grow a beard, but while you haven?t seen him shave, he hasn?t gotten any facial hair either (or chest hair, or leg hair?)
Given to the occasional practical joke
Not exactly a candidate for Mr. Universe
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