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Session 12 - Death to Dannobar

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 04:11:29 PM

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Eleventh Session: June 5th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +18 continued...

Himo is not far from the entrance, but he has had time to look around a bit. He reports that he saw Orcs, Gnolls, Goblins, Ogres, and ONE elf.

The group decides that they should go up and check out one of these caves up on the wall, and they pick the closest one to them. Entering the cave, it forks right away. Belwar starts to have second thoughts, and he expresses them. His concern is that if they find something from which they have they have to run, it would be nice to know the layout of the camp first. That way, they don't all run right into a larger problem. BUT, since they are already up in this cave, they decided to check it out first.

This cave is a natural one, having no worked walls of floors. The company explores only a short distance before the group begins to hear a slow, rhythmic rumbling; as of a fair sized group of things sleeping and snoring. The group withdraws.

Back out of the caves, the group talks. They say that Dannobar is most definitely in a cave somewhere, not down in the masses around the fires. What they decide to do is talk to one of the drunk humans, and see if we can get some information as to where Danobar's quarters are.

The first human approached by Valen gives the group the general direction. They go that way, and ask another barely coherent human, who points them to the correct cave.

They enter the cave. This cave is worked. It is not up to Dwarven stone masons quality, but it differs from the other one in that *someone* has put some time into squaring the corridors.

Before long, they find a room that seems to be someone's bedroom. There's a very large book on the table, which Belwar takes. They leave the room.

The next room that they come upon has got Gnolls chained to the wall. The room after that appears to be a torture room. In this room, there is a man hanging in a gibbet who identifies himself as Kohr. He is frantically trying to get us to let him out of his cage. He said that he was put there for saying things about the ?boss?. When asked where the keys for the cage were, he said that "Urgoth has them"
Belwar smashes the cage, and Kohr comes out. Valen ties Kohr's hands together, and leads him out, as he said that he can take us to Danobar's room. Kohr said that he REALLY just wants to leave. If they find him, they will kill him anyway, so he's got no loyalties to Danobar. The group tells him that as soon as they find Danobar's room, he can go. He asks for something to defend himself with, and he would be happy with just a torch.

The group gets to Danobar's room, and Kohr said that BOTH doors along the wall lead into Danobar's room. Belwar, Valen, and Kohr stay at the first door, Zurn and Himo go to the second.

When ready, Belwar throws open door whilest at the same time Zurn throws open his.

Right away he notices that Danobar is sitting at a table with Melzak. Belwar throws an axe that heads straight for Danobar, but the evil cleric moves. The axe buries itself in the chair.

Valen, from behind the stodgy dwarf, hurls a magical sling stone at the cleric, but also misses. Zurn and Himo rush into the room. Himo is able to loose a crossbow bolt at the cleric and hits him in the shoulder.

At the beginning of this next round, Belwar hacks Danobar, downing him. Melzak casts a color spray at Valen and Korh, knocking both unconscious, then the gnome flees the room. GM ignores Zurn's initiative and gives it to Himo instead, who chases Melzak into the corridor and manages to shoot him with another crossbow bolt. GM apologizes to Zurn.

Danobar is dispatched easily, but Melzak escapes after casting a color spray. Himo gives chase, and manages to catch up enough to shoot an arrow that his Melzak in the shoulder. Melzak turns around and casts a spell Himo's way. Himo is suddenly very uneasy about chasing anymore, so he comes back to the room.

The group quickly rummages through the room, and finds a small bag of gold, an old scroll, full plate armor, and a large mace. Looking around the room, there is a shrine of some sort, with the circle of squares on it, and a painted circle on the floor in front of it. The bed is small. All in all, the room is very Spartan.

Suddenly, the doors slam shut. Sounds can be heard from beyond. Belwar smashes the door, and most of it goes away. Through the big hole that was left, the group can see dark figures? Zurn recognizes them as zombies.

The battle begins.
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