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Session 9 - Belwar Stalks... (clank clank clank)

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 03:43:40 PM

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Ninth Session: March 13th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +15 continued...

Belwar wonders what the heck to do now... Danobar coming along screws everything up.

The column is a full day away already. The column is stopped and resting now; Belwar takes Himo and Brescht aside to get a plan together.

Belwar takes Himo and Brescht to "scout ahead" nudge, nudge, wink, wink, along the road. There is no moon, so Brescht cannot see anything.

Brescht makes a point: The fact that the only people here that can see is Belwar and Himo. If there were to be an attack on the column by creatures that aren't human, as it has been... Tonight would be the night to do it, because no one else can see. Luckily, the soldiers have made 2 good sized fires and torches around the perimeter. Luckily? Now we can't see past them into the darkness!!

Belwar and Himo decide to scout outside of the fire light... but which way to go? They could come at the group from any direction. This was a great place for an ambush.

The two decide that they will scout further down the road in the dark about 40' away from the road. Belwar wants to stay within sight of the fires.

Belwar FAILS a spot check DC15!!!
Himo succeeds!

Himo becomes aware of someone wandering through the forest (His cat tipped him off) He tells Belwar about it. Belwar tells Himo to lead the way...

Belwar Stalks... (clank clank clank)

Rolling a move silently - DC15
Belwar succeeds! (Miraculously)
Himo Succeeds!

The man that is walking about is Dreblar!! The man with the circle of squares! We follow. He turns south... and the east... and then north again... dumb griznuq can't see!

Belwar snaps a stick. Dreblar stops. Starts walking away from the sound of the snapping stick. Belwar decides to go after him. He runs away, and falls.

Belwar grabs Dreblar by the throat. Dreblar pulls out the circle of squares saying Danobar said you wouldn't hurt me!. Belwar takes the symbol.

Belwar interrogates him, but doesn't get anything of use. Belwar gets sick of the man's whimpering and hits him. WHAM.

Himo blows their cover!! He says, "Calm down, it's Himo and Belwar"

Dreblar gets all happy knowing that it's Himo and Belwar. He's blabbing and yapping. He wants to keep Himo and Belwar out in the woods, away from the camp!

Belwar wants to know where Danobar is. Now that Dreblar knows who we are, he is pretending to not know anything, and that he was wandering in the forest to "use the Privy" and got lost.

Belwar drops the sniveling wretch and starts to walk back to the camp. Himo wants to keep this guy alive... Belwar would just as soon leave him in the woods. Himo helps Dreblar along, leading him because he can't see and walks him into a tree! Belwar suggests dragging him.

They start to see fires.

Dreblar wants to stay behind. Himo was leading the man with a dagger to the back. Belwar is beginning to hate this guy. Belwar hits Himo's Elbow pushing the dagger into Dreblar back.

Belwar: You really ought to be more careful with those." Keeps walking toward the camp.

Himo stops and bandages and HEALS!!! This guy!

Belwar has to Roll Spots... DC 12
... 1 Fail
Rolling Spot DC10
...8 Fail
8 YAY!
As Belwar gets closer, he hears screams from camp, sounding like a battle.

Himo drags Dreblar, and Dreblar pushes him away, and gets agitated. Himo decides to leave him alone finally, and heads to the camp.

Belwar sees a lot of Orcan mayhem. Belwar takes out the Circle Of Squares, and keeps it in his left hand. In his right hand is a throwing axe (great axe is too big to be useful in one hand. Belwar is looking for Dannobar.

Spot DC16

Belwar sees Dannobar tending a wounded soldier.

Belwar finds the nearest fight and joins.

Belwar shows an orc the Circle Of Squares and he snarls and Runs. Belwar attacks !! rolls 3...

Belwar sees Danobar healing a soldier, but the soldier dies... Looks like Danobar is helping people DIE!

Belwar sees Brescht amongst a HUGE number of orcs and soldiers. Brescht seems like he can handle himself for a few minutes.

Belwar: "couldn't save him, huh?"
Danobar: "Oh, NO! I couldn't! Where have you been???"
Danobar insists that Belwar go fight someone. He kneels down to "Help" someone else, and Belwar goes and yanks off the Circle of Squares. It disrupts the spell. Danobar turns his attention on Belwar, and suddenly Belwar cannot move!!

Himo Joins the fray, and begins attacking things. Himo Fires his crossbow at a charging orc.

Himo rolls a 16. that hits! for 5 damage. Suddenly a bunch more orcs come to fight Himo.

Dannobar takes his symbol from Belwar, as well as the other from Dreblar. Belwar STILL can't move! He then contemplates what to do with Belwar...

Himo has 5 orcs closing in on him, but Himo's got the initiative. Himo casts a Color-Spray. Himo drops a whole ONE orc...

All 4 remaining orcs attack and MISS Himo!

Danobar disappears behind Belwar, who still can't move.

Himo casts another color spray, downing 2. The remaining 2 attack and miss!

There are a number of orcs closing on Belwar while he stands there.

Himo downs the last 2 and 3 others that happened to be looking!

Belwar is getting attacked by 3 orks. they clang at Belwar's armor... no damage though. Suddenly, he can move!! AND can attack. Belwar kills one!

Himo gets missed once, twice, thrice.

Belwar gets attacked, one miss, one hit (2 points) miss, hit(3) hit(6)

Belwar attacks: and misses

Himo attacks with his master work long sword. Orc dies! he then gets hit and takes 8 points of damage. The other 2 orcs missed.

Belwar gets missed 5 times, but then got hit for 12 freaking points!!

Belwar attacks and kills one! attacks again! kills another!

Himo tries to flee, and is hit. The soldiers engage the orcs that had attacked him. Himo heads out into the woods.

DM rolls some dice... hate that...

One orc drops his weapon and runs from Belwar! Another hits Belwar, bringing Belwar to the ground!!! <-1 hit points>

Himo readies his crossbow.
Rolls a spot dc18, he makes it, and sees Belwar being overcome. Himo attacks and hits an orc around Belwar! They are both surprised to see a crossbow bolt come out of nowhere. They look in Himo's direction, but they are engaged by some soldiers.

Himo reloads and shoots again at a new target.
Rolls a spot DC 19, and fails with a 2.

Himo looks for some fighting that he can use his crossbow in. finds an orc, and shoots. He misses!! He does hit a tree though!

Things get quiet as the orcs all die. Not much to be heard but the groaning of the wounded.

Himo goes over to Belwar, who is badly hurt! He attempts to heal Belwar. Doesn't work though.

Danobar comes over to "Heal" Belwar... not good... Himo says ok... Oy.

Himo tells Danobar about Dreblar, who again pretends to not know him. Danobar says that he can't cast any more "healing spells" today ... good... Tomorrow would be a different story, however...

Brescht surveys the camp. There are only 3 soldiers left. Belwar is moved to a cleaner part of the camp. 2 soldiers make a cot to take Belwar... the group cannot stay there for the night.
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