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Session 8 - Collumn or Keep?

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 03:41:36 PM

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Eighth Session: 2004
Sap/Delvers moon +14 (Continued)


Belwar can't decide what his next course of action should be. I can't decide what my next course of action should be! If he is to go with the column out of the keep, he wouldn't be there to help defend the city. If he stays in the city, he wouldn't be there to help defend the column.

The column is to leave in the morning. What Belwar wants to do is take the column out and into the trees, to return when whatever is supposed to happen, does happen. Problem is though, that if there are others in the group who are in on the ambush, they may blow our cover. In the best case, they might just run away.

Coris wants to take Dreblar into custody tonight and try to get him to talk. Belwar likes the idea. Belwar says it would be nice if there were some way to search him without him knowing. Coris likes the idea, and says that what should be done is everyone should be searched, so we would know if there are any others with the symbol.

Sap/Delvers moon +14/+15

Belwar wakes in the night hearing a tapping, so faint that he questions whether or not he hears it. He gets up and inspects it. He realizes that there is a rhythm to the tapping; A pattern. Belwar leaves the inn and follows the noise. Belwar follows it to Danobar's door. The tapping stops. Belwar then hears a bird call, but can't tell which direction it came from. Belwar does not know what he should do. Peeks into the window and sees no movement, but a light coming from the room with the round rug, which goes out abruptly.

Belwar decides that he is going to talk to Brescht. He explains what he witnessed, and why it's significant.

Belwar and Brescht talk, and they decide that there's nothing to do about it but get more sleep. Belwar heads back to the inn, and on his way, hears a door close from Danobar's apartment's direction and a VULTURE flies by!!! Vultures are not nocturnal. Then again, neither are Dwarves and here we are...

Belwar peeks through a window into Danobar's apartment, and sees nothing... He decides to just go to bed.

Belwar gets in bed, and someone knocks on the door... ugh. – Who was it?

The group goes down and there's breakfast waiting. Eat and head to the inner bailey. Much is going on. 30 folks are in line with horses, additional 20 soldiers standing around with swords and spears. Captain Coris is there, Commander Bob is not.

Belwar decides to not explain to Coris what happed at night.

Coris asks how we should do this, just search Dreblar first? Belwar says maybe not. Search a few others first so as not to arouse suspicion.

Two or three people get searched, and have nothing in particular. Next is Dreblar. He's got all the same things, AND a pendant of polygonal shapes, and a VULTURE in the middle!!! AH-HAH! The Circle of Squares!

Belwar tells Coris about the happenings of the night. Coris says that he would think that that pendant would be the one in question, but we should not take it yet, and we should search everyone to see if there are any others. There were not. Dreblar held the only one.

Brescht seems to have a cough... And a head tick that goes in the direction of Danobar's apartment... Strange...

Belwar sees Danobar walking in wearing full metal plate and comes clunking over to Belwar and Coris. He's got a mace and a symbol of the crow over the field of barley, that he had given Belwar. Danobar wants to join the column...

Belwar Casts a glare at Coris as if to say WHAT THE...?

Coris sends Danobar off with a soldier to find a horse for Danobar to ride

Belwar wants to go look in Danobar's quarters. Coris puts Brescht in charge while we're gone. Himo is asked to come along. The group goes to Danobar's, and Belwar bashes in the door again. Nothing is amiss in any of his rooms. Belwar knocks on the slab with the butt of his axe. Knock, Knock! Nothing happens.

Group leaves the place, but doesn't lock the door... If Danobar is leaving town, the next thing to happen would be that some things are going to come out from under the slab. Coris wants a wood right to put a post in top of the slab up to the ceiling to keep the slab from coming up.

It's beginning to look like the column is going to have to just go...

The column leaves. Brescht and Belwar walk.

Brescht seems to be leading the column.

Nothing unusual happens that day. The column stops at the rest area off the side of the road.
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