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Session 5 - Party Crashers

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 03:31:45 PM

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Fifth Session
Sap/ Delver's Moon +4
Sleep late. In the night, the rain has turned to freezing rain and Belwar awakens to find his beard frozen solid and his helm ice-covered. Brescht is still badly hurt and they make a stretcher to carry him. Walk through the night, not stopping until they arrive at the Keep in the wee hours.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +5
Sleep through the day, wake at dinner time. Eat, meet with Coris and fill him in on the details of the expedition; learn that Ensign Smith never returned to the Keep.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +6
Rest, have armor repaired. Upon returning to the inn, B&H find that Brescht is up and about, and he is sitting having an animated conversation with Danobar,  the Keep's resident cleric. A follow-up conversation with Coris hatches a plan to take ~20 men and horses and go to recover the wagons, which were left in the forest.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +7
Leave Keep, arrive at wagons towards night with the contingent.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +8
Belwar, Himo, and Brescht accompany a segment of Keep guards to the site where the brigands were camped. After a cursory inspection, they return to the wagons, which have now been hitched to the horses that were brought, and they begin their trip back to the Keep.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +9
Days are getting warmer, nights are still cold, sky is clear. Travel through the forest with the wagons is painfully slow.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +10
Arrive at road.

Sap/ Delver's Moon +11

Arrive at Keep about mid-day. There is a great cheer rising form the Keep and Coris meets them at the front gate. A congratulatory party is planned in the inner bailey for that night to celebrate.

Several fires are alight in the inner bailey for cooking deer and boar. There is no music or entertainment per se, being that there are no thespians resident in the Keep.
Sometime prior to midnight a cry is heard an one of the guards is thrown into one of the fires. Looking about, it seems that an ogre has found his way into the inner bailey! A fight ensues (surprisingly enough), during which a total of four ogres and five gnolls enter the inner bailey. Brescht is at the forefront of the fighting and gets badly hurt, but his position makes it difficult for the invaders to enter the inner bailey all at once, thus containing them and minimizing the damages due to the lack of maneuverability of the invaders (what a guy).

After the fighting, several guards are dead. Belwar and Himo accompany Coris into the outer Bailey to the main gate of the Keep. All is quiet. The Guard at the front gate says that he had heard the commotion, but thought that it was nothing more than the celebration. There has been no action at the front gate.
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