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Session 3 - A New Fray

Started by Johan, February 23, 2005, 03:30:21 PM

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Third Session: May 23, 2003
The companions settle down for the night, using the camp that the brigands had been using. The tent and the stone structure are too foul to use.

During Himo's watch, a stranger approaches the camp. He appears to be human, dressed mostly in hides, and carries a spear. His features are hidden deep in the hood of his apparently home-made cloak. He warns Himo that Tersuk and the other brigands are planning to attack the companions at dawn. Then the man simply, silently, turns and leaves.

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Himo awakens the others and there is much discussion about what to do. Belwar is interested in this man, but can find no sign that anyone was ever even there. The companions decide to put Himo, with a couple of crossbows (and ammo, of course) in a tree at the edge of the camp. Hopefully, he will not be spotted by the approaching assailants, and can help to mow them down from a point of safety.

Ensign Smith is to be station in the stone building with another crossbow (and ammo, of course). They also fortify their position by arranging the wagons in a semi-circle around the camp (tipped up on their sides) so that Belwar and Brescht can take shelter behind them.

All is quiet as the companions wait for the brigands. Their arrival is heralded by a crossbow bolt that barley misses Himo (just after dawn). Combat goes well for the companions as they find out that the brigands have only one crossbow among them. Belwar and Tersuk clash much to Tersuk's chagrin as Belwar practically cuts the half-orc in two with but one strike.

Himo takes great delight in finishing off the brigands that Belwar is fighting; this pisses Belwar off. Belwar hits Himo in the forehead with a rock. Several crossbow bolts, a few colorsparys, and a bunch of grunting later, all of the brigands lay dead, with the exception of one, who fled just after the first colorspray. Only Belwar is hurt, having suffered a lucky shot from the crossbow-wielding brigand.

After a brief rest, the companions gather up four wagons (the ones with the loot in them) and all the horses and head back to the keep. Belwar sleeps the entire day, riding in one of the wagons.
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