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Session 38 "The Iron Orc"

Started by Wildfire, March 03, 2014, 06:00:46 PM

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Session 38 "The Iron Orc"
Belwar: Griznuq
Mirri: Phineas
Himo: Himo
Faznar: Chassic
Zurn: Wildfire

The following day we, The Forest Keepers, continue to follow the tracks that lead to the home base of Burke the Ettin. Ghering the Orc comes insists on coming with us and we gladly accept his company.

Through the forest we come to a simple network of pointy wooden bulwarks meant to seriously impede accessible progress unless the normal entrance route is taken. Beyond the bulwark is a large clearing in the middle of which we see two orcs, an enormous boar, and a fire roasting deer and a pig. Beyond the fire is a large cave entrance.  A discussion ensues on how best to proceed into the compound, and swipe the glyph with as little combat as possible. We vote that Melzak...err...rather Faznar proceeds in and tries to BS his way through by pretending to be Melzak. Mirri meanwhile will take the road less traveled around the bulwarks and up the hillside that will then lead down into the compound.

Mirri, like a cat, slinks her way past the bulwarks and up the hill. At this point she's discovered by an orc masturbating in the bushes. Battle ensues. The two orcs in the clearing near the fire along with the boar begin to move towards the commotion. Himo follows in Faznar's footsteps which bring to the far side of where Mirri and the horny orc are fighting. Belwar like a gazelle hops the bulwark and proceeds towards Mirri. Zurn and Ghering follow Belwar. The big boar sees Belwar and decides to attack the sweaty toothed dwarf. Belwar is smitten with the idea of having a boar as a mount. Himo and Faznar inflict some long range damage, Mirri inflicts some up close damage, and Belwar, Ghering, and Zurn make bacon. During all of this one orc flees into the cave.

After reducing the threat on the outside of the compound, The Forest Keepers decide to take their ire into the cave.

Entering the cave the passage runs left and right. With no tracks to follow we take a stab at the right passage. An orc shoots Mirri and runs further into the cave. Mirri, not at all pleased with this, follows the wily orc. Amidst a couple of more arrow shots Mirri catches up with not just one orc but two! Shortly after the rest of the party arrives, so begins the battle. It is a battle of much blood with this one orc that must have invested lots of gold in the glyph taking industry because he was damn tough. So tough that Faznar kept asking if he was bloody. During the fracas even Ghering was caught in one of Himo's chaotic spells and took some damage (and wasn't at all happy of it). Eventually the orc could not stand the Los Angeles style beating he was enduring and tried to flee. With a final blow Zurn, who up to this point spent most of his time healing Mirri (because sometimes the price of inflicting awesome damage is awesome wounds), brought the iron orc down.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity


Thanks, WF. I appreciate the effort that it takes to pull these things together.
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I actually have fun writing them even if I do miss a couple of details.

One should never underestimate the stimulation of eccentricity