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Session 36- Tombs, Temples, and Troubles”

Started by Wildfire, February 02, 2014, 11:00:01 AM

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Session 36 "Tombs, Temples, and Troubles"

Belwar: Griznuq
Faznar: Chassic
Mirri: Phineas
Zurn: Wildfire

Trillomore gives the party a scroll that contains all of the glyphs of the Kharan'Jhul. Each outpost of the four branches of the Kharan'Jhul has two glyphs. One glyph is common between all four outposts meaning there are four stones with the same glyph (glyph of Mordin). The other glyphs are signature to each outpost. Both are needed to open the doors to the outpost. The glyph the party has is a glyph of Moradin. Since we now know the location of the other glyph (see Session 36) we can get it and reclaim and identify the outpost. The antmen squatting in the Moradin Temple/Outpost will be happy to have the freshly cleaned gargan valley all to themselves.

The rune that the companions described to Trill is that of an ancient dwarven empire called "Droung'Knaqt" (Drown-Nacht). Generations ago (several dwarven generations...millennia, all in all), there were four such outposts to that empire.

These outposts were used for a few reasons, one of which was the canonization of the Kharan'Juhl (Kah-Rahn-Jewel), who were special agents of Moradin.

The Varn'Khor were Soldiers of Moradin.
The Nicht'Luraw were the Magi of Moradin.
The Marin'Thar were Scouts of Moradin.
The Tareen'Phol were Dispatchers of Moradin.

Eager to get on the road to find the second glyph to uncover the mystery of the Moradin Temple as it relates to the Kharan-Jhul the party gathered their gear and head for the exit of the Forest Keep.

Before leaving, Corris asked if we had been to Dannobar's Tomb since the discovery of Melzak in the Keep Dannobar's quarters. Corris wanted to make sure that all was correct ("Was Dannobar's crypt desecrated?" " the hell would we know?". Um...nooo? Corris wanted to make sure that all was correct. So down to the tomb we go!

Upon arriving we investigate his sarcophagus to see if it's been tampered with. After all, the book Melzak was searching for, though incomplete, had detailed human anatomy possibly for some necromantic means(?). Also, why else would Melzak be down here if not to mess with a redeemed soul that escaped the talons of Vorntoque?

The sarcophagus has not been moved or messed with that we can see. The companions searched the crypt for signs of vandalism or other untoward desecration. Ultimately, Zurn climbs on top of the sarcophagus and called upon Ehlona to consecrate it.tomb. A ghostly image of Dannobar appears and has a worried and disturbed look on his face. He splits into eight tendrils of light and they shoot out to each brazier in the chamber. Investigating the braziers we find little crystal vulture skulls. SON OF A...!!!

Dannobar continues to look worried. He puts his hand on Zurn's bicep and points to the back wall. What's on the back wall? Nothing.

After much searching, it was determined that there was a glimmer of some kind on the rear wall of the crypt.  SON OF A...!!!

Trillomore was summoned for his arcane input, and he dispelled that glimmer, a large rune circle (~10' diameter) was revealed on the wall. This rune circle was determined to be a teleportation circle. SON OF A...!!!

Trillomore enlisted the companions to dispel that too.

We discuss the endless ways and means of fonging Melzak until his outsides are in, his insides are out, his entrails become his extrails. Pain! Lots of pain!

Faznar gave the crystal vulture skulls to Trillomore and we leave the tomb who is excited about studying them.

Now we can go to the Temple of Moradin.

We arrive to find that the door to the temple has a rubbish pile of trees in front of it, effectively barricading the door. SON OF A...!!! We search for the tree that has the glyph hidden in it only to conclude that it's in the pile...SON OF A...!!! We search the pile to find the tree to find it split in half, yes, IN HALF, and the glyph is gone. Say it with me...SON OF A...!!! It was then that it occurred to Zurn that since the Dwarves, Orcs, and Ogres were once allied it could have been during the time of Kharan'Jhul. With the Stonehammers seeking a rekindling of that alliance it could well mean that the gargan are also searching for the glyphs to gain control of the outposts! Zoinks Scoob!

So we figure that anything that could split a tree in half, clear trees with such ease, and move them in front of the door has to leave some sort of tracks. Lucky for us, they do! Mirri follows the tracks and we come across a camp of gargan consisting of four hobgoblins and one cranky orc. This party must have been eating their Wheaties because they were tough! Not tough enough to beat us but tougher than one would expect...or so it seemed.

Searching the bodies we found no glyph but we did find that the tracks continued.

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