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Session 33- Leftovers

Started by Wildfire, February 02, 2014, 10:54:45 AM

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Session 33 "Leftovers"

Belwar: Griznuq
Himo: Himo
Mirri: Phineas
Zurn: Wildfire

Beginning this session we had a choice of sweeping out the leftovers in the tunnel complex or playing fetch with the Vorntoque pet in the copse of trees. To the tunnels we went.

We entered back into the tunnel complex to where the Shrine to Ehlonna was in the Valley of the Gargan. Apparently there were some leftovers that still spread their foulness. This just will not do! Be gone denizens of despair!

We entered the tunnels and had the choice of left or right; we went left (had we gone right it would have led us straight to that castle- Labyrinth). This route led us near to Ehlonna's shrine but the air was still reeked of death. To get to the source of evil we tried to walk up a ramp covered in a slime of stink that was slicker than snot on a doorknob. There was also  a dweomer that caused fear which set Mirri's fur on end.  Eventually she made it up there.

We entered a room that looked like some sort of laboratory. There was a table with all sorts of boney fragments and beakers full of noxious ichor. The walls were covered with drapes made from huge greasy feathers. Searching the walls behind the curtains we found two hidden doors- one in the northwest corner and the other in the south east corner.

We went through the secret door to find a room. Above the hearth in the room was a huge picture of a man...presumably Vorntoque the Vulture King. He was a devishly handsome man with dreamy eyes and a wardrobe that would have been a killer on the catwalk. Above a black / purple fire that danced in the hearth was a sizeable cauldron of beefy bubbling stew made of blood and various body your heart out Wolfgang Puck, in this case, literally. We dumped the cauldron and decided to check out the other door in the first chamber.

In the other room we found a large dais with money all over it! Unfortunately there were 3 floating skulls above the dais. Like Augustus Gloop looking at the river of chocolate, Himo went for the money. The Skulls didn't like that very much and we began to aggressively negotiate who the money would belong to. Although the skulls were a bugger to kill, we did.

•   1,000 GP
•   250 GP in Arcane Components
•   Ritual Book containing 4 rituals that have not been identified
•   2 scrolls each with a very complex ritual

We went all the way back to the entrance to explore the hallway that went to the left. It didn't take long before we found a chamber that was obviously a chapel to Vorntoque (the last skeleton that had fled to this room).  There was a bone mosaic on the floor and bones scattered all about. At the far end of the room there was an altar. When we approached the altar the bones all assembled themselves into skeletons. They had a serious bone to pick with us. Pick we did. Using all the resources we had left, we turned them into a bone pile that future archaeologists would have difficulty in reassembling.

The air in the tunnels instantly was filled with flowers and butterflies (not really but it's a heck of a visual) and the foulness eradicated! We won!

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