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Turning Stones

Started by Wildfire, January 30, 2014, 08:51:41 PM

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Turning Stones

The Forest Keepers had traveled this road from the Forest Keep to the Moradin Temple that housed the Garachi quite a bit in the past weeks. The landmarks were familiar and the paths held fewer surprises. It was still the wild though and they were too seasoned in these travels to let their guard fully wane. They had encountered difficulties before and could easily again.

The days leading up to this departure from the keep had revealed much. Melzak was still causing trouble seemingly in the name of Margarath, Durkenwold was under the heel of the Stonehammers, and two journals and Stroud Fireforge's axe were recovered from the gargan valley.

One journal was written by Stroud who suspected a coup attempt by the Stonehammers and the other was written by Bardek Stonehammer. This one interested Zurn a great deal.

On the third days nightcamp Zurn spoke some of his thoughts, "Y'know, there be a few things tha' been going though me head as I read this writin' in Bardek's book." He looked over at Belwar. "Bardek be admitten' his plot against your Da in here. He's sayin' how he and Urguth planned tha' whole foul deed. He believes that Stroud was soft due to him not wantin' to send kin into battle."

Zurn looked at Belwars face lit up by the orange glow of the fire. Growing up a farmer Zurn learned about the delicate aspects of life and its tenacity. Being a cleric sharpened his empathy for that life. Zurn's parents were still alive and talking of the assassination of Belwars father made him feel for Belwar and simultaneously appreciate his own parents even more.

Zurn continued, "In some other parts here Bardek writes aboot bringing tha' kin back ta tha' ol' ways when they be friendly with...some gargan such as tha' ogres, giants types, an even orcs. Thinks our kin were more respected by the lesser races? I wonder wha' he means by tha' ya think? Elves? Humans?" Zurn shrugged with his questions. "tha' may be also why they wanted yer Da gone, he'd o' ne'er gone with that dumb plot."

Zurn spoke further, "They also be finding a temple to the Kharan'Jhul. An' he be thinkin' he's a chosen o' Moradin!" Zurn scoffed. "A chosen o' Moradin an' he's flirtin' with tha' dregs o' Vorntoque? I tell ya, tha' dunna make sense. Moradin not be choosen' someone daft enough to do tha'! I wonder if'n tha' Circle o' Squares being able to look like what you want it ta has something ta do with this delusion, eh?"

Zurn wasn't entirely sure what was going on with this plot but he felt he was getting close to something. He just wasn't quite there yet.

"So anyway, back ta this here journal. We have ourselves some solid stone evidence tha' Bardek an' Urguth planned your Da's death. I canna imagine tha' yer kin at Derkenwold are none too happy on the Stonehammer's brutal ways right now. This journal may be a way o' getting Derkenwold to turn on them and see them for what they be doin'"

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