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Started by Griznuq, June 06, 2013, 09:33:54 AM

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Based on an instant message discussion I had with Steve: I'm not sure who else played this particular game. I feel like

I recall entering the chasm, and (someone) spotting ogres perched on either side of the entrance, though they were asleep I think... I believe we managed to kill one with ranged, but got pelted by the other.

Somehow, they didn't raise an alarm though... I remember one of the Garachi healing Belwar.

Belwar entered the chasm, while the Garachi stayed out of sight with whomever else was with the group... I can't recall who played that session with us...

There are three fires in the chasm, one surrounded by Humans, one by Gnolls and Orcs, a third by Kobolds and goblins. There seemed to be some in-fighting among one or both of the latter two...

Belwar talked with the humans, and they were some kind of forest clan folk. I seem to recall that they were passing through, or perhaps came to trade or something, and were detained... They were sort of putting up a happy face, but they were very scared, and said that someone* wouldn't let them leave...

*this someone, I can't recall the name right now, but it was the person for whom Dannobar and Melzak worked... I BELIEVE it was Urguth, a prick from Belwar's past, but I could be wrong... I get the feeling that I'm forgetting about someone.I believe Belwar told the guys at the fire, that he intended to get them out of there somehow, to which they were cautiously relieved, but remained skeptical.

I think Belwar returned to the Garachi and ... Mirri? Zurn? and that's where we left it.


People who should have been present:

Saul (possibly)
4 Garachi: 2 "warrior types" (w/ spears), 2 "councilor types" (some healing capabilities)

Chasm was "guarded" by 2 ogres, and 2 ogre magi; these were distributed around the chasm perimeter (and I do recall at least one of the ogres being asleep).

I'll try to remember tonight to post the e-mail that I have from you, Matt. It's a game log from between session 28 in the log area of these forums, and the session that you describe above.
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Okay, having re-read some ICDs (Thanks Johan) The tongues spell was just a one shot deal. I have no idea how to communicate with the ants from here on, unless Himo brought a scroll.


Let me respond for Himo: "I think that I have 4,000 Tongues scrolls, PLUS a number of Permanency spells."
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Zurn was there. We may have staked out in the Shrine of Dannobar (that's what I'm calling it) or that may have been a different session.

Also, on the way to the old gargan hangout did we encounter a giant and some orcs? I recall being proud of casting off a heat metal on the giant and being dim on realizing that it didn't work.

It's not much but that's what I recall.

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