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Session 29 - All along the Watch Tower

Started by Johan, June 08, 2009, 08:26:11 AM

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Play date: unknown

Sir Whitestrake: Hemo
Loopy: Mac

Whitestrake and Loopy are requested to revisit the camp that was discovered north of the Keep (see Session 28a). They investigate. It is clear which direction the inhabitants of the camp came from, and which direction they went in.

The duo decide to investigate the direction they went in. Less than a day's journey, the terrain rises and the trees thin out. Up ahead, at the top of this rising, they spot a small camp of humanoid critters (short and stout, and very ugly goblins).

A fight ensues. It is a hard-won melee (won by Whitestrake and Loopy, employing well-placed entangle spells and challenges).

Investigating the camp of the goblins, the companions find a crude watch tower erected. From on top of that watch tower, they can see the Keep. It seems an ideal viewing spot to keep tabs on the goings-ons of the Keep.

No real loot on these goblins, although one of them has a tunic that's missing a button, and the other buttons look similar to the ones that Tavish found during session 28a.

Return to Keep.
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