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Session 30(?) Water and Fire

Started by Wildfire, March 01, 2009, 08:44:57 AM

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Forest Keep

Water and Fire (session played on 28 February 2009)

Sir Whitestrike- Himo
Loopy- Austin
Tavish- Wildfire

-Flower Opal 16 (June 16)

We (Sir Whitestrike, Loopy, and Tavish) are sitting in the inn at the Forest Keep eating breakfast. Whitestrike is briefing Tavish on the last few days findings. Among them a watchtower that Whitestrike and Loopy had set on fire and a shirt with a missing seems it's the shirt that belonged to the button found on the way to the Well Cavern.

An Elf by the name of Targyl enters the inn and approaches us. He is a well dressed elf and carries a finely crafted staff with an owl carved at the top.

Targyl informs us that he is part of a contingent of researchers in the Keep and that they have, in fact, discovered a cure for the poison from the Well Cave that has made us weak. They do not have the reagents though. He asks us to find the reagents for our cure. How can we say no?

Targyl needs the fiery feather of a phoenix. These legendary birds can be found at the volcanoes to the southwest (about 4 days travel). We are cautioned not to eat the birds for they may cause heart burn.

We are given a sack that can withstand the heat of the fire feathers. However, a second bag is given to act as an insulator to the first bag since the heat of the fire may set other things around it ablaze. So, the second bag must be filled with remarkable water found between two waterfalls in the river 1 day of travel east and then almost one days travel south.

Targyl winks at Tavish and secretly hands her his address and departs from the inn.

We finish breakfast and gear up for mountain travel. I am more or less already prepared...the other two spend their time trying to figure out what rope and pitons are. What would they do without me?

Given the fact that Whitestrike and Loopy took soooo much time at Pike's shop, we decide to set out on the next day.

-Flower Opal 17 (June 17)

We travel one day east on the road towards Gorna. We share stories, laugh, and stay alert along the road. At setting time we reach an established outpost of soldiers and bunk up for the night.

-Flower Opal 18 (June 18)

We set out in the morning and the travel through the underbrush of the forest is least for Whitestrike and myself. Loopy, being a Druid doesn't seem to acknowledge the challenging terrain...bastard.

Towards the end of the days travel I, with my unerring sense of my surroundings, smell smoke. Since I'm the scout I creep ahead to check out the source of the smoke. With my keen eyesight I see a few humanoid uglies gathering wood and making a fire. There are three tents and one half finished stone building. I also hear the sound of rushing water...we must be near the river. I begin to move towards the river in a direction that leads me away from the camp. To my surprise a net trap springs up and rusted pots and pans bang together making a ruckus. Hrm...they're pretty cunning for ugly folks.

One of the wood gatherers rushes to the do Whitestrike and Loopy. I continue my path to the river, albeit rushed. Crap, another trap...more pots and pans. Suddenly, I'm I'm only spying...what's the harm? Anyway, he slices me decent enough...dammit. Whitestrike and Loopy enter the forbidden zone and the valiant knight...gets hung up in a trap. Loopy makes the plants angry at two of the uglies and they're slowed down.

Well, to make a long story shorter, we win the fight with the Hobgoblins. We check the camp out and notice they're not very clean...big surprise, eh? However, we do hear some of them returning. We get ready to deep six these guys. Two Hobgoblins arrive with supper...a nice fresh stag. That was nice of them. Whitestrike challenges one to a duel and the other bravely runs away. I shoot the runner down, Whitestrike wins the duel.

We burn the three tents and get the water.

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Excellent Read, Wildfire. I'll hop on communicating loot and whatnot that I promised you.

~Your Deity
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