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Moments of HISTORY

Started by Dray, March 30, 2008, 10:24:28 PM

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The following is an account of the known history of humankind as it is now understood. From the Fall of the Human Empire to the military age we now live in, with all the trials and tribulations in between. I would like to thank the Council of 5 for the honor of the charge to write this book, a work that I hope will educate future generations for years to come. I would also like to thank High Priest Senathis for his divine council on all religious matters. This project was truly a blessing from Lord Kaine above.

-   Kyle Silverquill (1969 ESH to 2017 ESH)

Excerpts from the much larger volume are as follows:

- (date unknown) – FALL OF THE HUMAN EMPIRE

For thousands of years the human empire existed as hundreds of kingdoms spread all across the globe. All evil sentient strongholds and individuals had been vanquished. Amongst humankind, poverty, strife and war became unknown after generations of peace. A time known as the Golden Age of Mankind had been achieved.

From this, comes our first lesson in Kaine's Scripture. "Arrogance breeds complacency with ignorance, the child of which is a fool that achieves limited goals with minimum effort and does not realize the boundaries of its own dreams.

And to the people within this seemingly timeless age of peace, this scripture would have been prophetic. For indeed over the many centuries children of arrogance were born. Citizens who had no concept of true suffering or knowledge on the depth of evil. These "unenlightened" meandered unhindered throughout two millenia of their Golden Age. People who dreamed of only heaven above, a heaven without a master, a heaven that allowed entry to everyone without judgement placed upon them for their heathestic past lives.

Leslie rolled her eyes away from the book in disgust. Not only was the biased author's writing style almost insufferable, he was only on page 2 and already losing the primary objective of the text.

'This is going to be a hard textbook to get through if it continues like this,'she thought.

No matter, she was happy to be up, awake and reading while in her brand new[/b] bedroom. No little sister or brother would complain this night as she kept the lantern burning for as long as she wanted. As she lay on her stomach, fully stretched out on the new 'big girl' bed, she stretched and sighed in contentment. She smiled at the thougt that her toes didn't even reach the edge of the bed.

But if she was going to get this huge book read during the summer before Grade-Age 12, she needed to get moving. She put her eyes back on the page and tried harder to concentrate.

Approximately a hundred years before the downfall of mankind, sorcery, was discovered by the affluent members of high nobility in many of the kingdoms across the Empire. Evil, let alone the Karh'Thul, was unknown to humans at that time, and these unwitting humans of such high station were held in check by no man or greater power. They accepted this magic as the new science that would be the next great step in man's evolution. Over the subsequent years it quickly became the 'fashion' at royal gatherings to show off and display these 'wonderful new powers', and  soon it was a race amongst the wealthy in each kingdom to discover the next great spell.
Little did the typical citizen of each kingdom realize that this was all part of an ancient demonic trap, set by the ancestors of the Karh'Thul at the beginning of time. A trap that had been sprung by their foolish leaders and wealthy citizens who only lusted for more greatness. The Karh'Thul had waited patiently, millenia ticking by for them as only years pass by for us mere mortals. Waiting for the day the key to their prison to be unlocked, and that day was finally at hand.

For the Arch Mage in each Kingdom, in charge of all magic for that region, was tricked. Each powerful sorcerer believed they alone had discovered a complicated spell that would summon a direct portal to heaven above. Each man consequentially over the days and nights worked their magics and their assistants in furious preparation of one glorious casting that would make their Kingdom the Gateway To Heaven.

At the pinnacle of an eclipse above the earth by our innocent moon, all the archmagi unknowingly cast a conjoined spell from each high tower in each kingdom, the result opened a rift in the fabric of reality and a massive portal to the Realm of the Damned was permanently opened.

Demonic armies, awaiting their own black prophecy on the other side had stood in waiting. They charged across continents, killing all in their path and nearly committing total genocide of the human race within two decades. Those that survived, became refugees; hiding, fleeing and living like animals, only to survive at least one more day. After two and a half centuries of this limited existence, the hope of our kind was nothing more than a candle light in the wind.


Rewritten cause I am anal like that...04.20.08



On the year now known as I, the year of the Establishment of Safe-Haven (E.S.H.), the mortal human known only then as Kaine, stepped out of the darkness and claimed the Valley of Last Refuge for all of humankind. Within scripture it is represented by the following passage.

'Bloody and torn from his battles with the Karh'Thul, the mortal known as Kaine would flee no longer. Although his logic and experience dictated that he flee from the land he had won in battle of the previous night, he did not...Kaine laid his knapsack upon the valley floor for a second night, thereby claiming that very ground for his own.'

With the surviving members of the founding family ("Lineage of Kaine", Chapter 1) he and his loved ones, already bloodied from battle surrounded the unfolded knapsack, an icon for their new purpose, to stand and fight.

"Oh my word! Could this writing be any more LAH – HAME!" Leslie said out loud, almost shouting. "Worst book ever, you lack all of the romance and drama of a so much better story!"

"What of his mother Symenthia?!"

"What of his Uncle Penthious?!"

"And oh my word, what of his girlfriend who died at Ustag's hands on First Night?!"

Leslie found that in her tirade she had stood up on the bed and was looking down at it, shouting at it in anger. She then giggled at herself, and laid back down to continue reading.

'Book is mating lame,' she thought to herself.